7 interesting facts about Yuri Andropov.

Author: Alex Rudevich

November 12, 1982 the General Secretary of the CPSU Yuri Andropov was elected. "Dark Horse", a long-term head of the KGB, he read the "New World", exiled Solzhenitsyn and Sakharov, valued abstract.

1.Mokraya deck

One of the main lessons learned from the time of Andropov study in Rybinsk River College was: "Life, Jura, this wet deck. And in order not to slip on it, move slowly. And be sure to choose each time a place where to put the foot! ". This advice is given to the young Yura boatswain of the ship on which the next Secretary General went to the Volga, he took note of and rigorously followed, becoming one of the best "players" in the Kremlin power struggle, in the struggle, which Churchill called "the battle of bulldogs under carpet ". Among his successors, Brezhnev and Andropov called, but, in his opinion, Yuri "burned himself at work in the KGB." In fact it turned out that is not burned. The first person who came after the death of Brezhnev's dacha, was Andropov. He just went into the room of the former secretary general, took out the case and, without saying a word, left. After a while back with the other members of the Politburo and behaved as if before it was not here. In a case like Brezhnev joked, when asked about its contents, was dirt on members of the Politburo.

2.Zhizn and literature

Despite its image of a "committee members" Andropov was no stranger to the beauty. He was well versed in the art. Good to abstract and even buy their pictures, I read a lot. On his desk lay the book Hegel and Descartes. When the members of the Politburo Andropov was asked why he this book, Yuri replied: "To be, what to talk to you." Andropov was aware of the contemporary literary process, the binder was reading magazines. He especially liked the "New World».

3.Bludny son

From his first marriage Andropov was the son of Vladimir. Divorce of parents, after which Vladimir was no use, led to the fact that the first conviction he got back in his youth. As a child, ill with hepatitis. He dreamed of being a pilot, but did not happen. As a result, Vladimir Andropov almost did not work and drank a lot, planted liver, and without it suffered from hepatitis. He died at age 35. Yuri came to see his son in the hospital, a funeral, too, did not come. He understood that his son with multiple convictions - a weak spot in the hardware fight, so talk of "the prodigal son" Andropov avoided.

4.Zamkovoe log

Andropov became known for his fight against the dissident movement. It was his initiative was the expulsion of Solzhenitsyn and Sakharov. On duty Andropov understood the dissident environment better than anyone else in the country, but, according to the memoirs of Roy Medvedev, the main suppressor of freedom, he was not. "Andropov repeatedly said that there is no point missed, plant and expel all dissenters. And what you need? He compared it to the work of Lumberjacks when congestion on the river, you need to pull only one "lock" a log to make way for the rest of the logs. " In fact, Andropov gave Sakharov put in prison, Solzhenitsyn - send to Siberia.

5.Vengersky complex

By the time of his gensekstva Andropov was seriously ill. He even asked the doctor Chazova as he left to live. The doctor gave 5-7 years. Andropov began to prepare a program of political change for 5 years, but he had to live 15 months. Seriously undermined his health uprising in Budapest in 1956. At this time Andropov served as ambassador to Hungary. Andropov personally ordered the Soviet troops to enter the uprising, although his colleagues advised him not to go to such drastic measures. Andropov took the decision itself, in those days he had a heart attack. Yuri often thought of as the end of October 1956 Ambassadorial car came under fire on the outskirts of Budapest and at the military attache and a driver on foot two o'clock he walked through the city in the embassy. Andropov own eyes saw thousands crowd the streets of communists and suspended by the feet to the trees. His reaction later, security policies associated with those memories.

6.Pervy Left

Brezhnev did not leave a successor. According to tradition, the future Secretary General should carry the coffin of the late first to the left. With the death of Brezhnev appeared awkward situation of anarchy. The meeting before the plenum of the Central Committee chair wanted to take Chernenko, and even went to see him at the office, but he was stopped by Marshal Ustinov, saying, "Wait, Kostya, you have to discuss." Andropov's candidacy approved without discussion.


The mysterious story happened February 19, 1983. It was an attempt on Andropov. The story is dark and many take for mystification, but shall give the official version. Andropov dismissed for abuse of Interior Minister Nicolas Shchelokova, with whom he was associated not only at work, but their apartments were in a stairwell elite house on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Dismissed liquor understanding that removal from office measures are not limited to, suicide. His wife, blaming Andropov decided to take revenge, went to the elevator to the Secretary General, and fired several shots. Then, following the example of her husband, shot. Andropov, then the assassination lived another year.

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