Winter trip to Mount Ai-Petri, Crimea

Once again, hi all !!!
Stock up on warm clothes and tea, I invite you along on the snow-covered summit of Ai-Petri! A long way ahead of a lot of surprises, but also we pass it from beginning to end.

First, a little information about the mountain itself, because we do need to know where are going to name Ai-Petri in Crimea bears and mountain, and a large mountain range, the so-called "mountain pasture" that It translates as "pasture". Mountain range Ai-Petri is located along the southern coast of the Crimea and has a length of 25 km. One of the most famous peaks of the array is the Ai-Petri mountain.

01 - the beginning of a journey, a photo from the window of the trailer cable car Miskhor - Sosnovy Bor - Ai-Petri.

02 - the first thing I saw on top when my eyes adjusted to the light, they were frozen "binoculars»

03 - my van off on the return journey, taking with them down a portion of frozen tourists

The top of Mount Ai-Petri is located at an altitude of 1231 meters above sea level. The geological age of mountains no less than 200 million years, as shown by scientific research. The name of Mount Ai-Petri is translated from the Pontic Greek dialect as Saint Peter. According to legend, it originated because on the mountain in ancient times was a temple of St. Peter. Legend groundless, as the ruins of an ancient temple can be seen on top of the still only 200 years ago. The very same Church of St. Peter was demolished in the XIV-XV centuries, and local residents for a long time disappeared worshiped shrine, composing about her myths and legends. Thus, according to one of these legends, under the mountain Ai-Petri is a spring of living water, drinking from which the person regains youth. According to another legend, associated with Mount Ai-Petri, drills top form gave none other than Zeus to Ai-Petri does not rise above Olympus.

04 - on the eve of my arrival on Mount Ai-Petri there was a real snowstorm with wild wind and tons of snow

Climb the mountain Ai-Petri, many prefer the cable car "Miskhor-Ai-Petri." I must say that in itself is an attraction cable car in Crimea. The cable car was put into operation in 1987. Its uniqueness is the top portion - unsupported and elevation angle 46º. In Europe, there are no more similar structures. Average landing station is located at an altitude of 395 m. The length of the entire road about 3000m, and 15 minutes of it can climb to an altitude of 1153 m, at the same time experiencing a lot of unique experiences. The cable car connects Southshore with Ai-Petri plateau. From the observation deck offers a spectacular mountain views of the magnificence of the southern coast of the Ayu-Dag mountains to the cat. In Ai-Petri plateau has several iconic places, including Ai-Petri meridian, and a monument to fallen partisans Yalta squad.

05 - view of the plateau on top of the mountain

All Crimean mountains are relatively high. That is why the Ai-Petri mountain - a symbolic place on the map of Crimea for tourists and travelers of all kinds - and led motobaykerov, hiking and caravanning enthusiasts, mountaineers and holidaymakers simply climbing the mountain in the cable car. More among tourists and residents of Crimea is very popular meeting dawn on Mount Ai-Petri. Been there say that there is no spectacle more majestic than the solar disk, pop from the sea depths.

06 - frozen road, enough to produce communications tower

07 - open and snowy distance, going down ...

08 - I was dizzy and shaking hands when I photographed

09 - which side do not look - everywhere visible picture celebration of nature. winter - beautiful!

10 - rare visitors hasten to escape from the snow in some of the dozens of restaurants located near the cable car station

11 - I could not tear his eyes and lens of frozen trees

12 - it seems that everything is unreal scenery for a fairy tale The Snow Queen

13 - lens catches the new frame ...

14 - Communications tower

15 - evergreen shrub has become temporarily white ...

16 - interlacing branches frozen

17 - protruding from the cliff land

18 - My way now is through the frozen forest at the edge of the horizon, the teeth Ai-Petri

19 - a few hours later, after passing through an enchanted forest, I walk over to the edge and see the first tooth

20 - clinging to the rock, at the top of the tree grows ...

21 - constantly snowing prevents examine the details fancy stone monument

22 - to the left side of the Yalta and my dry, warm housing)

23 - and my way lies beyond, the highest point of the cliffs

24 - on the horizon you can see the tower of communication, distance traveled seems huge weariness

25 - hard to climb. I look back and realize that the descent would be too difficult

26 - one of the prongs with a cross. or in the memory of the church, which once stood on top of, or in memory of the dead climbers ...

27 - that's the final point of my journey - the mark of reaching a height of 1234m above sea level

28 - again I look back. from the sea - a solid white haze

29 - I turn around and say goodbye with a majestic view of the teeth Ai-Petri

30 - I try to remember every detail before launching

31 - a gap in the clouds and see the slope of the land ...

32 - the last time turn around, take a picture, hide a frozen camera and made his way to the cable car station take their turn on the descent.

By the time the snow and the wind increased, there was a likelihood of cable car trip. Highway was also closed. I ventured to stay the night on the mountain somewhere in the restaurant.
But everything went well for me and I had at the penultimate flight cableway. Below me I was waiting for my bus and warm Yalta temporary housing.

Thank you, friends, that made me a fascinating Photo Tour of Mount Ai-Petri! Until next time!



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