Nine cities in the world, which will completely disappear by 2100 the ninth year

Naples, Venice, Bangkok, San Francisco ...

The next time you go on a trip to visit the beautiful beaches of Mali, or take a leisurely stroll through Venice in a gondola, or admire the bridge "Golden Gate" in San Francisco, do not forget to take a better camera. After all, if you believe the researchers, these photos are the only way to bring up your grandchildren information about all these places. Mother Nature has already identified a number of places that are completely disappear from the face of the earth by 2100 the ninth year. It will be linked to climate change, with the change in the levels of soil and sea-level, natural disasters and economic problems. In other words, in the near future places listed below, may become the new Atlantis.

1. San Francisco SSHA

Most people understand the danger of earthquakes for San Francisco, but the enormity of the potential devastation of a major earthquake in this city may be beyond comprehension. Experts from the University of California predicted 75% probability of an earthquake with a capacity of 7 points or higher, which will take place in San Francisco in 2086, the year.

Will there be survivors of this catastrophe rebuild their city? Can they do it? Before the hurricane "Katrina" New Orleans population was about 500,000 people. After a hurricane this number was reduced by about half. Now it is again gradually increased, but the demographics there are much lower than they were before "Katrina." And the population of San Francisco is about 900,000 people. There's a huge amount of high-rise buildings. And none of the building is not completely protected from a large-scale earthquake. Although even now the population of the city is reduced. Moreover, it is a very expensive city, and now many began to wonder whether it is worth while to live in a potentially dangerous place?

2. Venice, Italiya

One of the most romantic cities in the world is sinking for the past millennium. Over the past 100 years, the rate of immersion increased significantly, and the level of the soil decreased by 24 cm. And the vulnerability of Venice in Depending on the level of the sea and the ground water level is very serious. For example, 100 years ago, St. Mark's Square flooded about 9 times a year, and now it flooded about 100 times a year. The Italian Government has developed various plans for the protection of Venice, this will work only if they? Nobody knows.

Save Venice was one of the priorities of the Italian government for about 30 years. Several billion euros was spent on the construction of the largest flood protection systems, this system is called MOSE. Develop it began in 1970. In general, it is a complex system of locks connecting the Adriatic Sea and Venice Lagoon. But the construction of the system proceeded intermittently. He then stopped, then started again, the project deadlines are constantly postponed, but recently it became clear that all of this might have been illegal. In June this year, the mayor and other senior officials have been arrested on corruption charges related to the project MOSE.

3. Detroit SSHA

"Motor City" may soon become a "ghost town" as the population of Detroit continues to steadily decline. If this trend does not change, Detroit in 2100-th year will change beyond recognition. The culprits of this is considered an economic and demographic decline. In the heyday of the city in 1950, its population was 1,850,000 people. Today there live 701,000 people. Global competition in the automotive industry, high unemployment, high crime rates, and the general decline of the city shocked.

In 2013, the year the Detroit became the target of the largest in the history of the bankruptcy case. Today, the unemployment rate there is 23, 1%, and about a third of the population lives below the poverty line. Some areas of the city have become "ghost districts" because look completely abandoned and wild. The crime rate in Detroit - the highest in the United States. The annual murder rate there is 10 times higher than in New York. The report for the year 2012 Forbes for the fourth time in a row called the most dangerous city of Detroit, USA.

4. Mexico Meksika

Initially, Mexico City was the birthplace of the ancient empire, and gradually became one of the largest cities in the world. This modern metropolis live more than 20 million people. And it was built where previously was the Aztec capital - Tenochtitlan. It is here that the legendary Cortes in 1519, the year allegedly met with Montezuma, the Aztec emperor. After the conquest of the Aztec Cortes, the Spanish tradition, placed in the center of the area, around which there were government buildings and a church. Nevertheless, the city became the birthplace of Diego Rivera murals, the birthplace of the most beautiful palaces and cathedrals, literally sinking. The problem in the soil. The bottom of the dried lake - a very poor foundation for the city. The data published by government officials say that Mexico is immersed about 9 cm per year, and for the past 60 years has plunged by almost 10 m.

5. Banjul, Gambiya

Small West African country of Gambia may lose their capital due to a combination of erosion and rising sea levels. Banjul once in danger of being under water as the sea level has risen a meter due to climate change. Gradually, all the settlements will be flooded, more than half of the mangrove forests in the country and fifth of the rice fields will be irretrievably lost. The decline in rice production will have disastrous consequences for the country, as well as changes in the environment, including drought and floods. Since most of the tourist attractions and centers of fishing is just in the coastal zone, the economy will receive a heavy blow. Currently, the government is trying to strengthen the shoreline, but will they be able to save the coast and the city - is unknown.

6. Timbuktu Mali

When the sand dunes advancing on fertile land, there is a serious problem. It is this danger faced city in southern Africa. Age city of Timbuktu - more than 1000 years. He is known worldwide for its attractions, including beautiful beaches with turquoise reefs and many historical monuments. Unfortunately, your grandchildren will have to look for other exotic places for scuba diving, as some areas of Timbuktu is half buried in the sand, despite the best efforts of the local government.

7. Naples Italiya

Naples - the magnificent capital of the Italian region of Campania, and the third largest municipality in the country. By the year 2012 the population there is 960,000 people, making it one of the largest cities on the Mediterranean coast. The historic center of Naples is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city was almost always a major cultural center with global influence, most notably it was during the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. Tourists can visit the historically significant places, they include Palace of Caserta and the Roman ruins of Herculaneum and Pompeii. Vesuvius Volcano, located on the shores of the Gulf of Naples, was a time bomb. It was he who in the 79th BC. e. destroyed Pompeii. Vesuvius erupts on average once every 100 years, the last eruption was in 1944. So that experts expect the next eruption will have in the middle of the 2000s, and Naples is in the "red zone." This means that half a million people may well die if not evacuated in time.

8. Bangkok, Tailand

Bangkok is also in trouble. The city is sinking as sea level rise and underground aquifers of fresh water on the contrary, are depleted. Rising sea levels - a huge problem for the city, according to some estimates, the streets of the past 100 years has become a very real channels. Experts are unanimous that the problem should be solved, but still do not agree on the best solution. But the Thai authorities, it seems, are not going to solve anything. Of course, the city did not flood during the night, but if you want to look at some unique buildings, then you may want to hurry.

9. Other American goroda

Due to global warming and sea level rise, many coastal cities of the United States was in danger. So residents who find themselves at risk, you should consider moving on the hill. Since 1889, the year the global sea level has risen 20 cm, and continues to rise. This increase significantly improves the chances of serious destruction in the coastal area during heavy storms.

In addition, analysis of the situation showed that the damage caused by floods in the coastal zone by 2030 could increase by almost half. Among the cities, which can relate to this problem, such as Baltimore, Charleston, Houston, Galveston, Los Angeles, Long Island, Sacramento, Philadelphia, Portland, Providence, San Diego, Savannah, Seattle, Tacoma, Virginia Beach Norfolk.



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