10 things that are forbidden in San Francisco

In each country, as you know its laws. What is prohibited in our country, could easily be allowed in the United States. And vice versa. Take for example San Francisco. Where local officials are prohibited to travel to Arizona. Why is that? Reply Read under the cut.
Carbonated drinks
Vending machines located on the municipal territory are prohibited from selling sodas and any other drinks that do not contain natural juice. The law is aimed at improving the health of people and the fight against obesity.

Happy Meal "at McDonald's with a toy
In a study of Technomic in 2009, American children overwhelmingly chose McDonald's as their favorite fast food restaurant. Studies show that it is a toy in the Happy Meal is part of the reason for this trend. The overwhelming majority of children said that they love to get a toy with his children's food.
In an attempt to stop the ongoing marketing of unhealthy food to children in San Francisco made a bold move by banning the sale of Happy Meal. However, McDonald's had a pretty savvy lawyers, they knew how to get around this limitation. San Francisco can not ban the sale of toys, as such, so that if a child wants a toy, you can just pay for it extra 10 cents. Fighting is still going on.

Plastic bags
Currently, plastic bags banned in large chain supermarkets and drugstores. But the authorities of San Francisco plans to extend the ban to all shops of the city. This measure is a response to the problem of global warming and exhaustion of oil reserves on the planet.

Bottled water
In 2007, the city passed a law banning the use of the city budget for the purchase of bottled water. In addition, bottled water is not available in the parks and in other territories, owned by the city. The ban is the next step of the authorities towards the achievement of the targets of the program in 2020 for zero waste production. San Francisco plans to gradually move towards a total ban on the sale of bottled water in 2016.

There is a joke about the laws about smoking in California: "In fact, in California there is a place designed for smoking. It's called Nevada. " All public areas non-smoking staff, including bars, restaurants and offices. Outdoor smoking is not allowed within 6 meters from the entrance to the building. In San Francisco and other cities of this prohibition also applies to the parks. The fines are as follows: $ 100 for the first offense, $ 200 - for the second and $ 500 for each subsequent.

In San Francisco, is not allowed to use a segway on sidewalks and bicycle lanes since 2002. The official reason: to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

The following decision of the mayor sounds pretty strange, but to protest against the strict immigration policy in Arizona, all civil servants are prohibited official visit to the state. An exception is made only for police officers investigating the crime.

Firearms in advertising
The advertisement on the territory of San Francisco banned images of firearms and violence of any kind. Censorship exposed even movie posters.

In order to prevent the annoying begging, in San Francisco it is forbidden to sit on the street between 7 am and 11 pm.

Kinder Surprise
And this prohibition applies not only in San Francisco, but also across the country. "Kinder Surprise" banned for import and sale in the United States under the threat of a fine up to $ 2,500 for each egg. US law prohibits the sale in 1938 of sweets with inedible inserts, unless the Office of Food Inspection and Drug Administration has not determined that such inserts have a functional purpose. In fact, the United States banned the sale of candy with toys or souvenirs inside.

Source: travelwatch.ru


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