Parklets in San Francisco-a "green" car Parking in the urban jungle

Everyone has seen huge car Parking, for example at a cafe, public gardens or other public places, which is going to a huge number of cars, and that sustainability of urban space is not attached. But San Francisco went the other way. The motto of the American city – "parklets". Рarklets is not just car Parking. It's a tiny oasis between the roadway and sidewalks.

Рarklets designed today are emerging all over the city. In San Francisco has already built more than two dozen of these tiny Parking lots, and their construction is included in the program of the city authorities on improvement of the city.

An important role in the development of the concept of "green" spaces played a local design Studio that tried to make Рarklets not only convenient for motorists, but also attractive and environmentally friendly.

It all started with 2005, when the San Francisco in action introduced the city program "PARK". In this program, architects and designers worked over the vibrant areas of San Francisco, where almost no opportunity to leave the car in the Parking lot, find a place for them. The Park needs to be not only convenient, but also a kind of art installation. It should be noted that the designers managed. Рarklets become a trademark of San Francisco.

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