Illegal parking (18 photos)

In Russia, as we know, two misfortunes - fools and roads. Sometimes one trouble captures another so formed illegal parking. Unfortunately with parking in big cities there is complete chaos. In Russia there is still no law that would clearly regulate the municipal parking.

Before parking in Moscow was headed by the bandits. Then, city officials have long tried to find a way to relatively honest take money for parking, but in the end it never came up. Today in Moscow officially paid municipal parking lots almost none. Fortunately, there is no valet parking, which used to extort money from unsuspecting drivers. But a lot of illegal parking. In the city center already overburdened streets seize restaurants, cafes, clubs, shops and even different departments and ministries take under his own precious parking meters curb. You've probably seen in the center of the cones, ribbons, bars and metal barriers that prevent parking. Most motorists simply pass by without even thinking that you can move the barrier and quite legally leave this place where his car. We decided to look Dima Ternovskiy. In the next post we will teach you how to deal with illegal parking. Our ultimate goal - to clear the city from invaders, valet parking and free the road for ordinary motorists. In the meantime, I suggest to go with us in the first introductory raid on the streets of Moscow. After meeting at the monument to Yuri Dolgoruky, right in front of the City Hall of Moscow, I tried to find a place for their car. Machines here are in three rows, and the windows are phone numbers in case someone will have to go. At the same time Glavmosstroy guards put up iron bars, taking a dozen parking spaces. Without hesitation I decide to remove the column and put his car.

Security immediately stands up for the main weapon of the invaders - a metal bar. I ask the guards to show documents proving the legitimacy of the exposed fences. We say that they have leadership, but all are now engaged, and to us can not get out. Of course, no right to such a territory-wide capture Glavmosstroy have not. Protection of long talks about what it is their place of leadership, he Oleg Deripaska, the owner of "Basic Element", in whose composition includes Glavmosstroy, leave the car here. According to the security service, that person probably agreed about these places. But ns one law for all. "Contract" and pick up a part of the citywide parking impossible. After 5 minutes of disputes with the protection they give up and I leave my car at the site of Oleg Vladimirovich. The first victory, park - you can! With regard to legal and illegal parking. Under the parking rent a particular plot of land, but not "a piece of the street." This land should have a cadastral number. Land lease agreement for parking is made in writing by an authorized executive authority of Moscow. This park is to be entered in the Register of urban parks, which leads the Department of housing and communal services and improvement of the city of Moscow. The fact that many owners of cafes say they are currently rented out, is likely to mean that the land they rented a cafe, but not for parking. As an employee at the request of the driver's parking should show him the warrant, confirming entering a parking space in the Register, the driver who is going to park near the cafe, shall require the employees of a cafe, which prohibit parking to present registration documents. In case of failure to produce such a document, the driver has the right to apply to law enforcement agencies. This should be regarded as illegal parking, a parking device is unauthorized occupation of land, limited access to public land, the use of land without title documents. Next stop - the Federation Council. Parking sign denotes "a / m of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation." Often set in legal parking signs or plaques, that this or that parking "only for staff ..." depriving citizens of the right to park at a given location. All existing traffic signs and additional signs are listed in a special document - GOST R 52290-2004. Any other signs (signs) indicated Guests are not provided. Therefore, the driver has the right to ignore such signs. At a party I have found that there may be any exceptions for parking only certain machines.

We put the car on the free extreme place, just behind the sign 's Federation Council of the Russian Federation. " Immediately fit the employee FSO and asked to clean the machine. The base - this is the territory-secured area and in accordance with the law on the Federal Security Service, they have the right to restrict the presence of vehicles in such a place. Federal law on state protection, Article 15, paragraph 10: "The federal bodies of state protection for the implementation of state protection have the right to, if necessary, measures for temporary restriction or prohibition of movement of vehicles and pedestrians on streets and roads to prevent vehicles and citizens individual terrain and objects, as well as towing of vehicles; "Even though the sign itself does not meet the state standards, the requirements of the employee FSO absolutely legitimate and understandable. Same story with the General Prosecutor's Office, exhibitor fence along its buildings, occupying the roadway. The first defeat, impossible to park! The truth at SF nevertheless found a violation, the place for people with disabilities took the police. I am very pleased that we have started to work at the police station with disabilities. "Russia - a country of equal opportunities!»

After a hundred meters we find a great parking spot, forced guards. We leave and move them away. After standing for five minutes, and not wait until samoupravtsev. The message is clear - if you want to park, take and park!

We go further. Machinery standing in several rows, and suddenly a couple of empty seats at the front door of the establishment! It turned out that we got to the place of the head of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications. Suitable policeman on duty in the street. It turns out that the legitimate rights of these places have no agency, on demand of a policeman chasing and he just asked us not to put the car here. - We can not clean? - You can, but I ask you to remove.


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