How to build a car Park near his home

Everyone who owns a car dreams of having her own Parking lot. If you purchase a private house — the problem is solved: now in your yard there is enough space to Park one or two cars.




General recommendationsfirst, the machine should not stand on the ground. If you live in a region where 300 days a year good weather — just to keep the car in the yard is not very convenient. Need more Playground, which will not be collected puddles, as well as a shed to your car not fall snow and rain and does not stain the clean surface of the car otherwise you will have to wash its hardly daily.

In addition, perhaps in the future you need any repair work associated with your car. So, if you have no garage, it will be useful to consider the possibility of building pits under a shed on your plot. The hole can be closed at a time until you are going to use it, and in a room equipped for inspection, keep everything that is related to your car.

If building a garage is not yet included in your plans — consider creating such a shed. It can be a great alternative to the garage and to protect the machine from rain. As the material to create the canopy will fit polycarbonate. It has various colors that will match the design and style of the overall picture of your country house.

Carport you can make any shape and decorate with forged parts. Support, for example, run out of metal, and the top is made of plastic. As a material for the manufacture of canopy can be considered tree, and for the roof — use tile. Not less successful and more economical idea is to use corrugated Board.

The roof of the canopies can be convex, flat and straight. The awning can join the house or be constructed separately next to the gate — it all depends on the design and spatial possibilities of your site.


Go to the construction of the Parking lotand so what is needed for the construction of car Parking on the plot? To do this you first choose on the seat area with a minimum size of 2.5 x 5 meters for one car. The place should be smooth, not have biases (if there are none, then you need to align what is available). Future Parking space must be above ground level so that water would not flow and under the wheels are not standing puddles. That is, you will need to build a Foundation. For this you need to dig a deepening of 10-15 cm around the perimeter of the future Park, there to fall asleep sand and to a small bias of 1.5 — 2 cm. However, if you plan for your Parking canopy, the slope do not necessarily.

If the platform for the car will have a concrete base, you need to make the formwork and carry the screed. The concrete will need to be spread on the surface layer is not more than 5 cm, making sure that he laid on a base of sand evenly. On the first layer of concrete you put reinforcing mesh. If the site is large and you have multiple grids, then they are overlapped. Then again you placed a 5 cm layer of concrete.

You can smooth the concrete so that it forms a uniform slope to the edges of the site, and then it will not gather water. Not to be mistaken with the height of the platform and slope — set your beacons. After installation you can get them and level the hole with a thin layer of concrete.

To ground was more durable — can be applied on top a thin layer of cement. You must do this as evenly. To dry your Parking will be a few weeks, so better engage in its arrangement, and preferably in the warm dry season.

The Parking space will look stylish and expensive, if you equip it with the use of paving slabs. This material is more expensive than concrete, however, perfectly fit into the ensemble with the brick house under tiled roof. If to lay tiles on a sand-cement mixture — it will last you longer due to the more adherent materials.

Also, around the Parking lot on three sides, you can build a small curb, thus giving it a finished look.

Here, in General, and all that need to know for the arrangement of beautiful and reliable Parking for your car in a country house. published


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