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I apologize in advance for the many letters.
From the deep childhood I did not feel any interest in cars, not fond of racing, not versed in the car make and planned lifetime ride on public transport. However, life in the form of two minor children made their own adjustments. It became clear that the car needed. At the thirty-first year of life I went to driving school for knowledge, skills and driving license. Importantly, strongly influence the course of events, it was the desire to get slaves fairly, that is, without the "safety net". It should be noted that this moment among friends in the main understanding is not met - for one person approves the decision, there were ten to shout: "You're a moron! what do you feel sorry for fifteen thousand? !! ". And all against corruption, yes.
Pray, I began.

The first question is how to choose a school. On the Internet a bunch of smart comments from spammers and competitors. Where to run an honest man with money in his sweaty palm unclear. Ask around among friends, acquaintances taught ten years ago in the oldest city in the driving school on the marsh. Reviews like a good idea, and works by two steps. I call enrolled.
The building of the driving school, not impressed, all shabby, grimy and hidebound. Oh well I do not go for the Eurotas.
Price: ~ 20 000, recorded in late August, promised two months the exam, the instructor all of course highly, complete training on modern car simulators and a decent percentage of the exam in the traffic police among the entrants. «SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY !!!»
Prior to the theory of tickets bought, the SDA, and had studied from cover to cover.
And so began a theory.
Theory read former military. I have a long history of military relations. Even spontaneously in the head with a click turns on a special military language: "Comrade Instructor, allow me to ask a clarifying question," etc. Theory lecturer read brilliantly managed to get acquainted with a large number of valuable stories from life: "I pass, I somehow dangerous turn, followed by two cars scrambled" or "I pass, I somehow along the avenue, and then the car collided with a tram," or even "I pass, I somehow crosswalk, and then knocked down a pedestrian," I learned a lot from the history of his relationship with a former boss. Also I heard a lot about the political situation in the country, the courts and public utilities. In between the stories of life, turns reading aloud the tickets and, under the wise gaze lecturer shared with each other bold guesses about what kind of answers are correct.
On the third or fourth session suddenly became clear that the speaker does not know the traffic rules, then, with a heavy heart, I decided on the theory no longer walk.
After some time, I began avtotrenazhery. A nice young man turned on the simulator showed where some pedals and levers, explained that it is necessary to turn the steering wheel, gear lever inclusion include transmission and left us alone with the trainer. One and a half hours, I crawl along an imaginary site passed like a flash. At the end of the class, the instructor said that I had reached a high level of ownership of the simulator, and then offered me a note passed the course as early. I politely declined and went for two paid employment, where he continued to crawl, and in the end even dare to leave the imaginary site shy and do some laps on the streets of an imaginary city. After that was set off, and began to wait for the start of driving.
Wait, wait. Still waiting. Called the study of the "lessons will start soon, wait for the call." Wait, wait. Wait. "The instructor from day to day come from vacation." Wait. Wait. "It remains only to put the pedal." Wait, wait. Call! "Come on Sunday at nine in the morning to the site, angle and Polustrovskiy Kondratieff." (it happens in St. Petersburg)
Suddenly it became clear that the site is located in the most ass world. For some reason I thought that there must be close to the school. Fatal error. (As it turned out later, it is very uncomfortable when the site in the ass of the world. Try to avoid this)
Sunday morning arrived (me and two minibuses hour road). For Kondratieff market lurking parking, a piece of which is allocated to the area. The car is already sitting one cadet. We met, smoked (I do not smoke), look under the hood shnivy, clicked his tongue, toured the first floor in the back seat, then the wheel, each once. "All done, lesson is over." I liked that the instructor immediately promised that start classes in the city can be from anywhere, with no problems, he will drive anywhere in the city. That's cool, that's service!
After that, three more sessions were held at the site. Parallel parking, loading platform, turning in three steps. Parallel parking, loading platform, turning in three steps. Parallel parking ... At the site, a service station. Two or three times during the lesson the instructor says "smoke break" (I do not smoke) after which, alone or in company with artists delved into the depths of the hood tsokaya languages ​​and slapping his thighs. In the third lesson, the instructor left the interior of the vehicle, and blessed me on independent development of overpasses, parking and turning. It turned out that it is easier.
First impressions of the sad lessons: to ride far killed playground. One consolation: no wiggling eyebrows about the bribes. Cool. We take honest.
At the end of the third class instructor plain text proposed hedge. I politely refused. "OK, then the next class in the city.»
City started briskly: once in battle, at 60, a lot of turns. Now I understand that the instructor drove the route for me. Then just fell out of the car, exhausted, but tuned to the victory.
Then it was not so cheerfully: Each lesson began ten minutes later, ended ten minutes before, in between smoke breaks under the hood, and half the class - Playground. As a result, the city 30-40 minutes. The beginning and end of the route strictly on the site (from anywhere in the city, yeah). A minimum of one session per week was canceled by various pretexts (especially cool when half of the road you will pass on the bus). Classes are mainly in the everyday life in the area dinner (thank God work allows).
Saying that taught bad I can not say what is good, too, can not. One way. Driver's mudrotoy instructor in no hurry to share. Maybe the best. Has experienced several bouts of greed instructor, attempts to convince me of the absolute necessity of a safety net. I was afraid that I have it at the end of classes on chest burst into tears out of greed, but nothing happened. Nedokatali lessons probably paid six examinations, and here and school exam arrived. Exam at eight in the morning (ie it is necessary to get up at six, well, OK)
We arrived and sat down. First theory: (theory taught himself, and the SDA, and tickets. Plus download on tablet tickets and pumped before bedtime. As a result, flipped like a zombie, but the norm of 45 minutes on all tickets fit.) Shoot first, both tickets minute somewhere proreshat: guessing 100%, went to the street to wait for the rest of the group in the rain. I did not give up the theory, by the way, six classmates.
He handed over the first pad. The rubble because of the stupidity: darkness, rain, flashes of lights, people walk with walkie-talkies. Passed the stop line before the start (the car a meter from her house) she passed the overpass, stopped, no commands does not come, he began to lower the window, twitching, his foot from the clutch, stalled. Anger blunted at the turn in three steps. I did not give up. Well, all is fair, he asshole.
800 rubles, Retake three days. Retook the area without problems. The city did not go.
It turned out that two weeks in the city, I did not go. I begged a ride to the instructor exam, offered to pay his own time. Did not work. Very busy, it is necessary to repair the machine. Rubbish.
The exam in the traffic police on the road of the Revolution.
History repeats itself. Theory passed first. All I guessed. We are waiting for the site. While waiting, tongues loosened, it turned out that the three did not pay. We were called by name. I first. Playground nobody passed. The site, by the way, is much easier than the school: far below the overpass and the asphalt is not so dead. I have a feeling that it was not brought down. But concerns rather formally. Parallel parking ruined himself without assistance. Strangely, in the school playground I did everything almost with my eyes closed, because each lesson went. To say that I can not very nervous. It is not clear.
The next day, I took the papers started calling the school to fit in with them next week. I found a school near the work area next to the house. We agreed to take a ride with an instructor once to feel the car. It turned out to be a great man in the raccoon. In addition to the overpass, parallel parking, and a reversal in three steps even showed me entering the boxing backwards and snake.
The city ride with him failed, before the exam are all very close. Total three weeks I have not left the city.
Again, MREO, waited until the group otsdaet theory came to the site. Languages ​​loosened, it turned out that not paying somewhere 50%, no one is persuaded, but timid and did not refuse to provide services to corruption. What is characteristic shaking all the same, that the board did not pay. I'm not an experienced shaking, all calms down. Further revealed differences in the approaches of different schools: before the exam the entire group was brought to the site. The instructor has fulfilled all the exercises ("Look what I can!"). Inspector answered all the questions: "we go on the pitch, on the handbrake can not put».
I rent again first: Sat, he moved quietly surrendered. The rest of the group as a whole is also normal otsdavalas. To the surprise did not pass a few of hedge - knowingly shook.
Along the way, discover the secret: how to tell the inspector who paid and who is not - cards' insolvency put up, and tell the inspector did not pay much. Therefore, the instructor was very nervous in any attempts to violate the order.
Otsdavali area, went to wait for the city, long, cold and damp. They waited. Please pass the 'insolvency' turn left, turn right, turn, go out - handed ».
My turn: moved well and asked to turn left, well reconstructed, hammered at the intersection did not go, turned around, missed all - hunk. Next - Woe from Wit. I'm going to the left (third) row hanging sign 40, I think that will be asked to turn to the left, so do not pull easily and vomiting 40, asked to turn to the right, starting schemitsya interfering "output is not passed».
The next day, I call the school, are recorded on the following week. Give instructor - great guy back, but this time on the Lanos without gur. Twice ride, he showed a lot of things that the previous instructor does not (reversal to a location nearby, riding in the ring). By the way big plus that all routes in your own area - a double benefit for the same money. On the eve of the instructor volunteered to take the exam in the morning (living with me).
Again native MREO. Eight in the morning. Very long wait until otsdayut theory and playground. I go to the place of collection, the instructor arrives, let the car warm up (cool guy). Long wait for the inspector. About three o'clock in the afternoon the inspector arrives. I'm second in line. The guy in front of me to touch, passes 50 meters, do not miss an obstacle to the right - free. I sit down, moved, turned around in the unregulated crossroads - unfolded. Turn right - turn. Choosing a place to turn - around. Come on out - passed. A total of 3 minutes driving.
Then a long yearning to MREO. PHOTOSESSION. Driving license.
1. Pay for the safety net is not necessary: ​​
- It is illegal;
- It is immoral;
- The instructor is normally kills the incentive to learn.
- A guarantee that you will hand over the site and there is a theory;
- A guarantee that you will hand over all there;
- If you do not pay, you still will not bring down;
- Tasks for exam quite simple, if you can not come and go with no gross violations of three minutes, then the road is off limits for own safety;
2. The inability to pass without a safety net, screaming ssyklivye comrades who honestly did not try.
3. Schools need to choose wisely, but how - is unclear. In the same price range, the quality of service very different.
4. In general, the system of training and examination of drivers need to be changed: it is necessary to teach longer, asking stricter procedure for putting organize humane.
5. In the cold season, it is advisable to bring a support group with a warm car, a thermos of tea, and a selection of crossword puzzles, otherwise there is a chance to shake a few hours on the street with their feet soaked.
6. The first time to travel is still scary.
7. (a year later) - Trains year, I realized that I was in a driving school so plainly learned nothing.




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