As I took the exam in the traffic police

The story happened to me when I handed over to the driver's license.
In the family, no one machine has never been, as I said a pioneer of a kind ...

By obtaining the rights treated seriously and thoroughly learned all the rules of the road.
At the driving school, I came already knowing the SDA from cover to cover, but the lesson still always attended (to learn the traffic rules - is one thing, listen to an intelligent man - is another).

Education is nearing completion, driving in the city goes well until we started rehearsing the surrender of city driving - nakatyvaya route approved by the registration authority.

In one of the routes I was confused, "stopping place nearest announcement" screenshot guglMapy - lousy quality, so it said on the 3 points.
on the site of the numbers "1" and "3" - the sign - "3.27 Stopping and parking is prohibited," and the numeral "2" - leaving the surrounding area.
That's what they tell us about the rules of the action zone mark 3.27:



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