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Having seen and read a lot of stories on the internet about the various surrounding us is inadequate for life, plus the Mayan calendar is not optimistic , I finally decided to issue a license for the weapon itself. Actually post is aimed at those people who are interested, but because of its natural laziness or fear that this action is very complicated and dreary is not decisive and lay hike in OLRR (Department of licensing and permitting work)
In fact, not all that difficult and scary as it may seem.
What do we need to obtain a weapons permit:

1. A photocopy of your passport (page with photo and registration),
2. Medical certificate 046-1 (with marks narcologist and psychiatrist),
3. Receipt of payment of non-recurring charges
4. Photo 3x4 ( matte paper),
5. The report of the district inspector checking the conditions of storage of weapons in the community (metal box, safe safe storage of weapons)
Actually 5.1 follows from all this that you must have already purchased a safe.
6. Statement by the citizen.
7. A copy of the original certificate or a certificate of training completion Safety regulations for handling weapons do not remember as precisely is called

Well, now the points:
Photocopies a result, I did a little more proper passport photo page and residence permit, medspravka certificate school, where he studied and took the exam in the handling of weapons, the act (certificate) of exam and a document that the courses taken.
Medspravka, that this document was to get very easy, making a little sad (to be honest much sad it becomes) received medspravka I'm there where a couple of years ago, do yourself a reference to the traffic police, in private clinics on Tverskaya Street, the address will not spread, so was not considered advertising. Time to get this important document took me 7 minutes two doctors examined me, one asked me to repeat all sorts of different squiggle why it while fleeing for the door, then checked my eyesight and book with colorful pictures, in order to understand if I do not colorblind . This quest, I successfully passed. Who was the second doctor I did not understand, he looked at me and wrote something in the card and sent to the reception, where they gave me a certificate that I have done)
For myself I will say himself twice honestly took the medicine when it was necessary to obtain a certificate for the traffic police, but it is hemorrhoids, 1 day mental hospital the other day narkodispaser, and located in different places and work on different days plus 1 day (for some reason it seems that on Wednesdays, well, everything for the person) is itself a medical board in the district hospital. On this last times I prefer to do everything in one place, even for money.
Receipt of payment of fees, it is the last element of the quest, they will give them to you after the receipt of all papers from you, filling applications, based on: Number of weapons that you will want to ask.
Photo, why it seems to me that they have yet to be 4 instead of 2. But just do not remember.
The report of the district, here it was the most difficult quests:

I caught his district for 5 consecutive days, and I caught him twice, but his ignorance, for the first time come to him unprepared. I caught him with the documents in the safe, so as not to bother this IMPORTANT husband visiting my apartment. So I caught up with him for the first time, and it was not easy, for operation with customers, ugh population, they have from 18 to 20, and oo oo, but catch him in the soft starter is unrealistic. So I found it, please write a report about what I'm all of a such a good, all bought, all prepared) And then I opened the sacral secret, the report appears to take the need to OLRR and then to the district in general will take place fibroids, pass tovarisch. Again OLRR (do not know about yours, but my work Tuesday and Thursday) and two more days to catch the precinct. D has zhezh.
A little about the safe, paradoxically, safe at 2 shotguns and a compartment for a gun, was not very expensive, only about 3200 rubles
COURSES, here I thought it would be an ambush, but also proved to be very simple, telephoned, signed.
Appointed on Monday at 16 o'clock, 4 o'clock we broadcast what and how, I wondered, seasoned web spat hunters and mothers. The courses offered to buy a booklet with questions and answers to the exam, the price of 100 rubles. Saturday 10 am appointed theory exam, all night teaching (read and memorize the correct answers), 10 questions, you can make one mistake. Wednesday was a test shooting, first taught the theory, then there was shooting from margulina and Saiga by Mechain. As if the hands do not grow out of the ass and you know how to listen to what you say, to pass no problem. Course fee 6000 rubles.
Actually you can now and OLRR that I had with him
A pile of photocopies, medspravka, CCA, a certificate, a document about the training report, photos
The statement issued in the OLRR then receive a receipt for payment of the license and wait 20 days with something.
In general, I have gone to this event 6 days, but I really was while on vacation. But I did not know how to do and explain to hang OLRR not very comprehensible, otherwise I did not have such a jamb with the district ....
I hope that this opus will be decided by another interested person.
All can now kick) only please do not much, for the first time yet)



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