Conflicts in the courts

From one of the courtyards in Shchukino asked residents: say insolent neighbors all sorts of ways grab parking spaces. Hang locks, put some constraints and other nasty things make just to always be able to your car 5 meters from the park entrance.
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Fight with all sorts of stops away: you can leave a request on, and after a fairly quick time they arrive and all took to drink (I hope not accuse me now that I'm on the mayor's office and public relations work of the service, but he This issue really works). In such Shchukino demolished in batches, I occasionally write application for the site. But there are more subtle than people. In one of the courtyards someone wrote painted on a parking spot number of your car and puts a plastic cone, when the machine is not

But if you remove the cone and there parkueshsya, the villain deliberately locks your car. It looks something like

Telephone numbers under glass there, and just puts everything. Rooms are exactly the ones that are written on the pavement. I do not believe in such audacity after the story came specifically and parked his car on the site. Watching the evening - locked! He went about his business in a taxi and returned again locked!

Tension around the situation with parking in the yard, there are so severe in the city, and will only increase with the growth of motorization. And the situation is not infinite markup will be saved places and try to make them at the expense of lawn - a dissatisfied demand. If you do not begin to think seriously about how to adjust the story, then after some time in the courts to begin the massacre, people will scratch each other machine to pierce the wheels and, God forbid, set fire to cars neighbors.
In the absence of clear rules (in this case the marked places and the inevitability of punishment) always wins the one who is stronger fist or who have a gun. Without clear rules people begin to try to solve problems on their notions, and they have not always adequate. I once in this respect even proposed a bill which proposed to transfer the authority to determine the places, their prices and fining the municipal level.

But now there are no rules, and so spontaneous parking place here such cases. Putting bricks on the hood and lower wheels - not our method. For it can deservedly jailed, spoil someone else's property is impossible. 02 I called and called the police.

First sent to the district police. They came, made a report, called the traffic police. At the traffic police did not have clothes, they had to wait an hour, but then they arrived and called a tow truck.
I made a few calls to the service of evacuation and found that two of them: AMPP (which shtrafstojanki evacuate) and move the service vehicle that moves the cars on a nearby street during all repairs. First, the traffic police has sent a request peremeschatelyam, I called and insisted to go to AMPP.

After 40 minutes a tow truck arrived

Evacuate did not have time: the owner came out. Remove, unfortunately, not many managed

Violator fined under Article 12.19.4 of the Administrative Code, violation of rules of stop and parking. If you stop or park blocked by another car, it is a violation. Penalty: 3000 rubles.

Such history. Unfortunately, to achieve evacuation or a fine was not easy: I had to accompany the whole process - Up to 02, police arrived, and the matter of traffic police, then he caused the traffic police traced to call up the desired wrecker ... if such problems will be so difficult to solve, then it will be difficult to avoid conflicts in the courts

As a result of this story I plan to do the following:

I write a letter to the chief of police of Moscow to provide regulation of the reaction to such treatment: not a resident must accompany your application. She panel 02 must immediately get in the traffic police, traffic police itself must call the tow truck, to prescribe a penalty and so on. Now all the actors fall into a stupor at the words "locked car»,

Write to the council to have erased from asphalt checked other rooms and courtyards of the district for squatting,

Drawn in the prosecutor's office to verify the legitimacy of the owner of the BMW, there may have signs of violation of article 12.35. (Unlawful restriction of the rights to operate the vehicle and its operation). Here I am not sure of the address, look more (if the readers have lawyers - advise how best to do),

I will write in the next issue of the newspaper u (hopefully this year) about this situation and how it should behave.

If you see squatting parking inhabitants of your yard, do not hesitate to remove the cones and park. In fact, to damage your car, but in reality very few people will go (this ugolovka and you can easily go to prison), and the cutting wheels about various people, of course, like in internetikah write, but actually do very rarely.
If you are so locked or threatened, or even something - call 02 call the police. Sometimes they need to do "to kick" a little, but in general they are in these situations to help



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