20 facts about Norilsk, which we did not know

Norilsk - the most northern city in Russia, and there is very cold, the temperature drops to -70 degrees in the winter! And still there is the polar night and polar terrible wind. And there are arranged plants Nornikelya.Eto anything in the wording of Website know about Norilsk before read a compilation of myths and facts about it. But now we know everything, and it's very interesting!

1. Norilsk always cold h3> Myth. in Norilsk is not always cold. Around 9 months of the year. Winter is around the middle of September until mid-May.

We, in Norilsk, of course, share this winter season and on call "autumn", "late autumn", "early" and "late" in the spring. But -19 ° C, snow knee-deep, wind, winter clothing ...

So what I mean? A! No, not always cold.

2. In Norilsk there is no summer h3> Myth. In Norilsk summer there. But not for long.

Typically in July. Ten days, sometimes a week. What is summer? Fry: + 30-32 ° C.

Even +36 ° C.

As a rule, the summer comes sharply.

For a few hours the temperature can rise to 20 degrees. For example, +12 ° C. All around wearing shorts, t-shirts, walk with bare feet pale, fanned panama. The wind does not blow, the asphalt melts. But no one is offended. All the suffering and try to jump out on the street, the sun substitute any part of the body.

Often, it's the summer, while you were at work. You go, then down the street in demi-season boots, bear jacket under his arm, and meet the people naked and slapping. And if you look at the sides, then immediately clear who is going to work, and who has long been at home, and even sunbathing.

In the yards often drifts over the summer and did not have time to melt. And the formation of ice are lying up to the autumn rains. Are you bosonozhechkah gently runs on them - and on the sunny side. It's all right.

Sometimes all the heat ends up in three days. Anecdote "The summer was, but I was working that day" - just about Norilsk.

3. In Norilsk in the winter can be frozen on the street h3> True. In winter the temperature drops to -50 ° C. And for death from hypothermia enough and -3 ° C. Chtoda So, in theory a person can freeze to death at such a low temperature.

But in practice, life in extreme environments form a special code of conduct and norms. In Norilsk in this sense, everything is clear, and no frost was not joking.

Norilsk to you on the street must come out to tell a stranger that you seem to be frostbitten cheek. If you see the tip of your nose, white, be sure to tell or potrut mitten. And, of course, completely foreign, totally unknown, perhaps even unpleasant drunken man would not leave on the street. Lead into the entrance of the store, or to bask, or call a taxi and go home.

4. In Norilsk, do not clean the snow in yards h3> True. Here this is the case ... in Norilsk phrase "snowed" and "fresh snow" means something quite different from that in Moscow.

In Norilsk it drifts. Right. Foot-and higher. And tomorrow the snow will fall as much again. And the day after. And so every day for the next six months. The snow melts. Due to the low temperature and high wind it becomes dense, hard, compacted, not stick together in clumps and snowballs, and snezhnokamennye lumps. Fallen snow remains lying in the yard. Only clean roads, sidewalks, walkways to the entrances. After the blizzard does not janitor with a shovel, and a healthy tractor.

5. In Norilsk, do not use chemicals to combat icing h3> True. In Norilsk, no one knows what chemicals. Here to fight with snow and ice do not use them. That is, if ever.

To avoid slippery roadway and sidewalks in Norilsk sprinkled slag. Slag - a waste rock. Empty, light, squeaky black baby. It looks not so. Sometimes visitors with horror ask: "Is it settled onto the snow combine emissions?" But in fact this thing is generally not harmful, dog paws, shoes, car tires.

6. In Norilsk, everyone can go skiing and skating h3> Myth. It is a pity, but the traditional winter sports in Norilsk does not "cult", "folk" or "favorite pastime of residents."

7. Norilsk walk the streets deer h3> Myth. Do not go. Deer brought by helicopter from the tundra to the feast Big Argish. For beauty, atmosphere and take pictures.

8. In Norilsk, eat raw fish h3> True. There is such a dish saguday - make it from raw fish: whitefish, whitefish and cisco. Delicacies and delicious. Served in the best restaurants of the city. But no matter how I tried to attach nenorilchan friends they are, and some are even just looking at him can not. This dish of northern cuisine. And it did not seem, for example, the Japanese sashimi.

9. Norilsk no trees h3> Myth. Trees in Norilsk is. These are numerous trees in apartments of citizens. What ficus! And what trees! And what lemons are grown in the offices!

As for the trees in the streets ... well, actually, too. It's just a dwarf tundra trees. They look more like bushes. So our trees - it's the bushes on the lawns.

10. Norilsk is similar to Peter h3> The truth (if you are romantic). In order to see that Norilsk is similar to Leningrad - it has always been just about the architecture of Leningrad - you need to go to October Square, to visit in the arch of a house: 1 Lenin, or Lenin, 2 (they are located next to each other), look at the opposite side and a little up and smile.

11. Norilsk homes have no basements h3> True. Let's say that in Norilsk "basement" name brand is not something that people on the mainland.

Buildings in Norilsk built on concrete piles. No one digs a pit, respectively, do not have any ground floors, basements, Norilsk had no way of storing potatoes with onions or bicycle in the basement.

What Norilsk called "basement"? This space between the floor of the first floor and the ground, even in the height of a half or two floors. Everything is arranged so that under the house walked wind, frost promorazhival everything as it should be. And in any case, not teplelo. All this in order to frost, which hammered piles, not to melt.

Still, Norilsk has two houses with the real cellars. They are built in the 50s. There were organized real bomb shelters in case of war.

12. Norilsk does not happen inedible mushrooms h3> True. So, in order. In Norilsk, or rather, the country grow mushrooms. Yes its true. Norilsk summer go to the tundra to collect these mushrooms. Too true. In the tundra do not grow inedible mushrooms. White, aspen, brown cap boletus, however, also does not happen. But any volnushki and the fungus can eat.

13. In Norilsk can only be reached by plane h3> Myth. Nonsense! You can for example, take the train from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk - 4165 km, for three days. Then by boat from Krasnoyarsk to Dudinka - 1989 km, four days. And from Dudinka to Norilsk within reach by car - 90 km, half an hour. However, such a trip can be accomplished only in the summer when the Yenisey open navigation. In winter the boats do not go. In winter - only by plane. To fly from Moscow 4:00.

14. During the winter polar night all the time h3> Myth. The polar night lasts only 45 days. It starts on 30 November and ends on January 13.

To be honest, as it comes, do not feel. Day of "X" is no different from the previous one. This is because at this point a month last night, "Twilight." Day becomes shorter gradually. In homes and offices is always on the electric light. The streets are very well lit and beautifully - like you do not notice anything. You live yourself, you live. Just do not get enough sleep. Tired. Tension some emotional.

The polar night "daytime" lasts just an hour. However, even this hour, it is impossible to hold, not including in flat light.

After the polar night another 30 days the gray twilight. But when in February for the first time at 5 minutes there is the sun. ABOUT! Yes! That was then, and you know all about the polar night! You know how lousy it was as difficult without the sun, some incredible power, it turns out, fatigued.

Without the sun, life is very hard man.

And the polar night - it is the only natural phenomenon to which the body does not get used. That is every year the same amount of fatigue, no habits.

15. Norilsk winter outdoors people eat ice cream h3> True. Yes. Why not. At -24 ° C and -26 ° C it is possible to eat ice cream on the street. But! Only if there is no wind. When the wind does not work.

16. In summer, when bathed in the lake, you can not get up to the bottom h3> True. Norilsk like to relax on the tourist centers in the country. And, of course, know that even in the most that neither is on a hot summer day at the bottom of any lake in the tundra - the ice. The water has time to warm up, and it is possible to swim. But the bottom is icy. So the bottom is better not to get up. All currently froze.

17. Norilsk never sleeps h3> True. It's not a figurative expression. "Never Sleeps" - literally. Companies "Norilsk Nickel" are working in three shifts. Production never stops. Therefore, in the city at any time of the day there is someone who is going to work, and someone who has just come home from work. In someone's windows are always lit the light, someone coming by bus or taxi. Be sure to open a couple of grocery, convenience a lot of flower shops. In this sense, a small Norilsk living habits, rather metropolis, than the average Russian city with a population of 200 thousand people.

18. In winter, the city will not let the car if you do not present a policeman shovel h3> True. from Norilsk to Kayerkan, which was once a separate town, and is now officially considered to be the area of ​​Norilsk, can be reached by car in 25 minutes. From Norilsk to Dudinka for 1, 5-2 hours. The road is straight, flat on both sides of the road - nothing: the plain, the snowy wilderness. And if suddenly the wind begins blowing snowstorm, the snow desert grips the road in minutes. Seine instantly hide asphalt, landmarks disappear, the driver loses direction. To go further in this case is impossible. The machine stops at the curb, waiting for them to come tractor. Sooner or later the tractor appears. It paves the way for the swept road. It was then, and drivers need a shovel: while standing in the blizzard, the machine sweeps up the glass.

19. Half of the school year, students do not go to school h3> True. It's about younger students. Norilsk meteorologists many years ago created a special table. It has some indicators of air temperature and wind speed, in which the children in the street is dangerous. For example, in itself temperature -36 ° C degrees is perfectly safe. But if this wind of 20 meters per second, the child from the home is best not to release. Meteorologists refer to the table, and if the parameters wind / temperature raises concerns color, it is called day or aktirovkoy. There is a gradation at which aktirovku announced for the junior, junior and middle classes, as well, absolutely raging element, the school is not going to no one.

20. Employees of "Norilsk Nickel" go to work columns h3> True. during strong winds or severe snowstorm closed roads, vehicles can not walk. Get to work - not an easy task. Option in this case was invented long ago: forming columns of buses. First on the road is a couple of bulldozers - they clean the snow, then the traffic police car with flashing lights, on - column of buses. The bus staff "Norilsk Nickel" look in the window. In them - entirely white milk.

21. House numbers written on the buildings of two-meter figures h3> True. Do so because the storm is not always possible to come closer to consider the room. A huge figure seen from afar. All panels are numbered nine-Norilsk.

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