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- Temych, t-s-s-s-s - Sanin painful elbow jabbed in the ribs sitting next to him Topics - Look, there you see, again go up. There he is, Savage.

The topic turned to look to the right, where he pushed his companion. Across the yard of the boarding was at first glance an ordinary, nondescript guy. Look, sliding on it for a neat, though worn-out clothes, was ready to proceed further in search of more interest, but always clinging to his eyes. Subject even contain complete secondary education, he would not call these lofty wolf eyes. But there was in them something ... wild. Not indomitable and fierce, no. Just a wild, defiant even some surprise.
 - Go, look, as if nothing had happened. Nozzles Nozzles, yeah. A Bear-Bull then warmed chair, God forbid. Vidal teddy bear with a bandaged head go? I thought drove him to stick the new Commissioner, well, as in the song of that, so he gave me so vyzverilsya. Bychara in general. - Sanya spoke quickly and quietly, without taking as their theme the eyes of a strange fellow, who passed through the yard, quiet, serene gait, soon disappeared behind a utility room, called in their boarding saraykoy.
 In view of Savage was 11 years, which allowed taking into account the conditions in which he lived and his comrades forced, safely assume that in fact he has already knocked all 12 or even 13 years. Not athletic build, medium height, he does not stand out from the crowd peers, if not to take into account his opinion. Boarding boys living in one of the towns near Kiev, knew little about him. They knew the name, but used to call him by his eyes and in the eyes of savages soon forgot his real name. They knew not whence he was, neither of which he is family. They did not know anything about his past, except for the fact that he, like them, until recently, was the same street vagrant. And he, like them, still lucky in this life, and he got out of the receiver-distributor is in the boarding school. The boarding school, having received scant except for state aid, assistance from one of the international charities. From replica cook "We, heathen non-Russian" they knew that Savage was probably not from the Ukraine. He was just as savage, anyone hardly spoke, he was not about himself. Savage ignored even the ritual of "residence", insidious and severe blow to the head of the chair of the local authority in persuading thought "Well this shibanutogo to bisu." Of course, the teachers and the director knew about this strange kid anymore, but, you know, the reasons to share this information with their wards, they have not seen.
 Maybe they know something about the past of the savage about his family. They knew why he was not told about it. Absolutely. As if there was a family in the life of this boy. But there was something in the life of this cute, in general, the boy that did not allow him to look at other people without vigilance and readiness to immediately rush to the attack. But these were just assuming that they have not sacrificed their heads. And, accordingly, did not hammer head to other wards. Yes, they are almost never referred to them as children. Wards. Well, the children paid them in kind. - You see, - continued Sanka - he turned over sarayku. Remember, we tried somehow there in the attic window open, but broken off, lock it travel?
 - So, - Sanka moved generally to a whisper - I looked this morning, locking the pokotsali be seen that opened it. Only until you climb inside. Stopudov Savage Rushed him. Yeah. Hiding something there. Non-Russians, he can hanka he's hiding, do not you think?
 - I do not know - shook his head in doubt theme - It is necessary to look. Only later, when Savage dump there.
 Later, in the evening, they are trying not to attract attention, it was at sarayki. Sanka stood near the foot of the stairs and carefully inspect the neighborhood, and the theme is more brave militancy and climbed upstairs to the coveted window.
 He had almost reached the top when Sanka, who was supposed to be on the lookout in case of danger to whistle softly, suddenly hissed in pain:
 - I-th-th-th, let go, asshole. Oh, damn it, let the bitch-ah-ah.
 Subject looked down.
 At the foot of the stairs writhed Sanka, who was holding the hand of the inverted neestesstvenno Savage.
 - Get off. - Kind of quiet, but heard he whispered, referring to the topic.
 And the theme is not to argue and to resent. Just come down.
 - What do you want here, goldfinches? - Without mockery and anger he asked, in turn, stared at each of them a strange, frightening look.
 Guys sadly silent. Then Sanka could not resist:
 - Let go, I say. Please. We look like, what are you nykat. Anything bad you do not like. Bitch, well let go, ah-ah-ah?
 Savage chuckled, carefully, very carefully looked them in the eye, let Sankinu ​​hand. Then he pulled out a pack of cigarettes and by not offering them lit a cigarette.
 - Well ... I will not be saved from you at lyubasu. Okay. But - silence, or to the hospital zagremit.
 He again looked at them and they dutifully nodded.
 - Remember, you have a cat living there at the kitchen? - He asked, and without waiting for an answer, went on - of course remember. Her last week hit by a bus.
 - Yes, - inconsistently intervened Sanka - we Temychem her and buried the same!
 - I know. Saw. Otherwise, there would be telling. So. I whelp it 3 weeks before. Well, or whatever it is called the cat, I do not whisking.
 Savage paused, letting the smoky wisps in the sky vechereyuschee.
 - Here. Mummy brought down, and the kittens were. That's it, goldfinches. And they do not have a boarding school.
 He took a couple of puffs.
 - Come on, I'll show them.
 Zabychkovav cigarette on the stairs, he playfully flicked up. Sanka with a theme of silence followed.
 On top of it was, despite the looming night, light enough and therefore, going to a small cardboard box, without obstruction may consider its contents.
 The bottom of the box was lined with an old jacket in the corner of the box was a liter carton of milk, bottle feeding infants. And in the very middle lying folded scarf, warm meanders which slept three fluffy lumps.
 Sanya Tema looked at them and at their faces one by one appeared timid smile.
 - Kittens - breathed Sanya. - Very little. Without mom.
 Sanka stood.
 - And let's look after them? Let them instead Nurse them, eh? And then there was a small miracle. Savage looked at them and somehow suddenly, somehow suddenly cracked his face a mask of alertness. And it crumbled.
I showered at once. And instead of it on his face appeared simple, so childlike smile.
 He held out his hand and said. Just.
 - Lech.

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