Good and bad Vilnius, Lithuania

First I wanted to make a record of the traditions about the good and bad Vilnius, but changed his mind. The reader might have been a false impression that Vilnius can be divided into good and bad. This is not so. Good and bad are so closely intertwined in Vilnius that separate them did not. They simply can not exist without each other. Chip and Dale, Bonnie and Clyde.

If you see a nice clean yard, then rest assured: the neighboring yard is broken, cluttered and dirty cars. Next to the modern skyscrapers necessarily be rotten, rickety hut. In the first-class carriage necessarily go down n * yany Gopnik. Good and bad in Vilnius can not be without each other.

By the end of the day I realized that in Vilnius, most likely, there are two teams: good and bad mayor. When a good mayor puts the tiles on the sidewalk, bad breaks adjacent road. Two teams compete to see who can first capture the city, but is confident they draw. The intricacies of the Vilnius economy I do not know much about, maybe the mayor then one day he just builds the city, and at night - breaks. Mayor werewolf, a beautiful story to tourists.

Source Ilya Varlamov

01. You walk through the city center, lovely clean streets. Why not Europe? Elegantly simple!

02. But it is necessary to go into the courtyard - and there is a village. Oldest rotten ramshackle sheds. HOW ?! How can they live with facades licked at tourist streets?

03. This Vilnius

04. And it Vilnius


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