11 reasons to wonder Lithuania

Lithuania in vain lurks in the shadows hyped European neighbors. In this country you can spend one of the busiest holidays in my life: here you and year-round Spa, and mystic mountains, and ancient castles, and the devil himself! And the fact that in Lithuania, few tourists and no sky-high prices, vacation benefits. Find out where to find the swings of Fate, where better to photograph Vilnius and how many zeppelins can you eat to Lithuanians took over her.

1. Explore Vilnius on foot and by air

To fall in love in Vilnius with the first steps, straight through the ancient gates of dawn, head to the Old town. Here are all the treasures of the Lithuanian capital: the medieval houses and magnificent cathedrals, ethnic restaurants and charming pastry shops, tiny bookstores and souvenir shops.

Admire the paintings and frescoes in the Cathedral, listen to organ in the Church of St. Anne and climb up to the Castle hill: it offers wonderful views of the city. Admire the panorama of the possible and the height of the Vilnius TV tower — book a table in the revolving restaurant and enjoy views of the city.


2. Visit the Republic within Vilnius

The Bohemian quarter of Uzupis has long become a country within the country: Lithuanian Montmartre has its own Constitution, President and even army of a dozen people. Gradually užupis being built prestigious houses, but until the artists ' district has not lost the rebellious spirit. The first thing I should say Hello here with a bronze angel and download the statue of Jesus-a backpacker, and then to sing along with street musicians and the swings of Fate. And of course, of Uzupis sin to come back without a souvenir from designer shops and art studios.


3. Hold your breath in the dunes

On the Lithuanian part of the Curonian spit breath the disaster felt around in the cold salty spray, in a delightful pine fragrance and in the vast sandy expanse. When all sides of the dunes, you feel like a pioneer: and the only footprints in the sand remind you that it was untouched by human hands.

Like admiring the scenery, take a drive along the spit is on a Bicycle, make a romantic photo of the lighthouse on the Urbas dune and find out what the view from the window in Nida inspired by Thomas Mann. To fall in love with this place from first sight, take the ferry — a little more expensive than the bus, but the view from the deck is worth it.


4. Look for a visit to pagan idols

Witch's hill near juodkrantė as a magnet to attract all the unusual. Once there worshipped the gods of the Gentiles, then generation of Lithuanians celebrated on mount Resos is our Midsummer, and in the twentieth century, the Nazis tried to revive the old Germanic cults. After the Second world war there began to gather Lithuanian wood carvers. Every year they go to the local legends, and on the mountain there are new sculptures of witches, goblins and devils.

More pagan idols can be seen in the Garden Orvidas, where there are hundreds of busts and statues that Kazys Orvydas and his son Vilius was created for the village cemetery. The Soviet government was not in awe of the mythical and religious subjects, and a collection of times I had to save it from destruction. Your creations wizard had been brought to the family HOMESTEAD in a half-hour drive from Kretinga, where he continued to work on a fancy Museum. You can get here by car or by bus that goes in Skuodas. Go one stop to the town of Salantai: from here to the Garden Orvidas kilometer.

5. Stroll through Lithuania 18-19 centuries

If the word "Museum" can you imagine a dusty cramped room, immediately go for a walk in Rumsiskes. This whole Museum village, where you immerse yourself in the life of Lithuanians in 18-19 centuries. The buildings were brought here from several regions of the country, so for a couple of hours walking you can literally go to different places of Lithuania.

Look at the Church, barn and school, learn how looked the old water and see how Lithuanians decorated the house and set the table for the holidays. Adults and children will love the wild deer and horses, where you can pet and feed hay. Yourself, reward yourself with a sausage and a brew at the tavern and don't forget to grab Souvenirs from local shops: a great choice, from handmade toys to embroidered clothing.


6. Relax on the beach

In Lithuania don't have to choose between a holiday by the sea and trips to interesting places: from the resort of Palanga half-hour drive to Klaipeda and one hour to the art Museum in plunge. The local beach is happy posing for tourist brochures and integramod: white clean sand and gently sloping entrance into the water, and the longest pleasure pier — the perfect combination of nature and civilization. In Palanga not ears pop from the music of the cafes, and the scent of salt and pine needles are not clogged with the smell of fried fish. While the beaches have changing cabins, and for your safety following a rescue.

In between sunbathing pay a visit to the exhibition of amber in Palanga. In the amber Museum you will see frozen in the stone of ancient insects, admire fine jewelry and walk to the manor house of count Tyszkiewicz.

  7. You can ski in the summer

Ski resort Druskininkai welcomes guests year round to hit the slopes here even in July. Three tracks have enough space to all: experienced and novice skiers, snowboarders, stunt-thrill-seekers and families with children. Do not have to carry the gear with you — at the resort it can be rented.

To keep warm, go to the other side of the Neman river to swim in the mineral pool. Water Park and Spa in Druskininkai work even in winter. Try a vertical bath, Indian head massage and underwater massage of the whole body and return from vacation a new person.


8. Learn archery in an ancient castle

Half an hour's drive from Vilnius red tile roofs Trakai castle. From afar graceful towers on the beautiful island look absolutely fabulous. In order to verify the reality of the Palace, poplulate through narrow stairways, look at a suit of armour and ride around the island on a water bike. Or rent a boat: feel like a Prince or Princess for a romantic walk and make postcard photos.


9. Put a cross for good luck

The hill of Crosses near šiauliai is impressive both believers and atheists. And the crosses are very different from established by Pope John Paul II before more than a makeshift, wooden from giant to small piece goods.

The origin of the hill of Crosses is not less mysterious, than the atmosphere of this place. According to one version, first there was a pagan temple. During the transition to Catholicism was born "folk religion," and with it the tradition to put crosses on the site of pagan rituals. Other historians believe that the first crosses appeared here in honor of the Lithuanians who died during the uprising of 1831.

There is another legend, popular among the common people. She talks about grieving a father who was desperate because of the illness of his daughter and put a cross on a sacred place, where once stood the sunken monastery. After that, the child immediately recovered. The locals still believe in the special power of this mystical place — you can also put here your cross and make a wish.


10. Visit the international gathering of devils in Kaunas

For devils of all stripes in the second largest Lithuanian city built a Museum. The first instance of a super special collection of the Kaunas artist Zmuidzinavicius gave in 1906. Not a folklore character bored alone, not eccentric artist decided to have some fun and seriously interested, but 60 years later the devils were already 260. Today, they live on the first floor of the Museum. The second is a horned fairy heroes works of Lithuanian artists, and on the third sit, the delegates from different countries of the world.

You will be surprised how different are the devils: the inhabitants of the Museum evoke the laughter, the fear, the emotion. If you want to join, leave your representative at a multinational company of fellow Museum accepts gifts.

Photo: Usien; CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


11. Become a real Lithuanian

Folk wisdom says that every Russian student knows a hundred ways of preparing potatoes. Lithuanians can teach a few more on top. What are some famous zeppelins! This hearty potato zrazy with meat, cheese or mushroom toppings with different sauces. Say, more than two zeppelins at once osilivaet only a native Lithuanian, but you can practice. Even potatoes do vederi sausages, dumplings, potato pancakes, and puddings. Lithuanian kugelis was a normal casserole, but in combination with lingonberry jam will surprise even the most experienced.

Photo: Diliff; CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In addition to potato dishes, in Lithuania it is necessary to taste beer soup, salami skilandis and spicy pig ears. Favorite dessert every Lithuanian — cake "Shakotis" herbal tea. The cake is baked in an open fire on a spit: egg batter drains unusual "branches", so the dessert up like a Christmas tree. Usually the "Sakotis" decorates wedding or Christmas table, but you can easily find a cake in any confectionary, whenever came to Lithuania.published


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