Too strong and Too good

When a person has bad things with his career: low salary, low position at work to be less upset about it, the person uses the crown "too honest".

Too honest to flatter the boss and grovel just so a low position, too honest to deceive clients and colleagues, and therefore only a small salary.

Too honest a person is forced to sit in the professional and financial ruin because of their virtues.


To avoid upset from a love failure, men and women often use two crowns.

Women believe that they are "too strong", so none of the men are not needed. And men think they are "too good", so don't women.

Too honest about their problems at work we'll talk some other time. But in the meantime come on too strong too good women and men. Two of these crowns often conceal two border bug. Two bugs, the problem is not limited to this, but these two are particularly bug.

The crown is "too strong" often hides the bug Navigator, and the crown is "too good" hides the bug Beggar.

To remove these crowns and other crowns also, it is important to learn just one idea. Never one virtue could not prevent a man to be happy. Virtue is the correct configuration of the personality that makes a person harmonious in the external and internal life, socially adequate and emotionally balanced. Virtue is the middle circle of the ego, which is nothing more than an internal support person.

If you get the feeling that you are "too good" and this is related to your failure, take the crown and look at her weak spot, your hole, your bug and your problem, not cover this place with stupid flattery to himself, not to dazzle yourself.

How are things in the case of crowns "too strong" and "too good"?

I must say that "too strong" is not only a women's crown, men such too happens. But men such crown more often than not prevents to have a relationship though and prevents them from developing normally. Similarly, the crown is "too good" — not only men. Women have too often, but women in this crown is not sitting in a vacuum, they interact with the men, albeit unsuccessfully. But if a man wears this crown, it is often difficult even just to start a novel. As a woman in the crown is "too strong".

Too strong — that's how women call their aggressive tackiness, teaching and sturminster. They do not ask, and they give advice, teach, instruct, criticize. They aren't, and they are imposed, and they invade the borders and pressed. From this border bug border the sides are closed tightly and people are starting to back away. This is especially true of men and romantic format.

In all other areas suffer is a little better (not good, just better), in friendship and at work people are often ready to give to the driver the reins, reasoning: he does, just so cheeky.

Navigator necessarily runs into problems, but not immediately, and something for which he still gets sometimes gratitude, though not as much as I would like. But in the romantic sphere of navigators willing to tolerate only women (not long and not much, but still), and men carry navigators very bad and run away almost immediately. The exception is men with symmetrical boundary bug. Those "too good." They some time suffer. But they are then.

If the Navigator recognizes its sturmanite, he has a chance to get rid of the border of the bug or reduce it. It will track that constantly aggressively invades the borders, all the while pulling the wheel fills the whole air, often comes from the top and there comes the man on his feet, not letting him pass and busy. This bug has gender overtones, it is similar to an exaggerated "male behavior", with the difference that "real alpha" steering wheel pass voluntarily in the expectation of custody, and the woman-the Navigator all the time trying to take the wheel and don't want to take care of.

If a woman meets a infantile man with the position of the trimmer, he can react to a bug loyal and give her the opportunity to steer, but he wants for it and care, but the care women navigators to provide usually don't want (until he went to a big minus), and if you have, are indignant about it and feel used.

Looks like a woman-the Navigator on the first date? She talks about herself so that her companion (if he didn't run away even when corresponding got-bye) there is a strong feeling that he want to sell stale, expired or even defective goods. Sometimes women navigators resent what they perceive as a commodity, recalibrating it in the interlocutor. But that's the way they present themselves. They describe its merits in detail, like making. It seems that their clock is ticking deafening, even if the children they already have.

If the woman is the Navigator itself begins to ask questions, she literally bombards the man, trying to find out how he is serious and ready to invest in a relationship with her in material and emotional sense. She describes to him their plans and outlines the place that she wants him to take.

Such attacks cause the person a feeling of the trap into which it is driven and pressed. Romantic mood disappears libido drops, the desire to continue the dialogue disappears. But to formulate their failure men can polite.

"You're too strong," they may say, not to hurt unattractive and obviously lonely woman.

If men have the bug the Teacher, he can read a woman a long lecture about ladylike behavior. Here a female co-driver can solve her problem in an active position in life, enduring leadership will, which is discordant with the female gender.

Dear navigators. And active your leadership position must be on your living space. It is not necessary to invade people's boundaries when you were not invited and was even covered by the door.

Whatever you weave your good friends, you don't look strong when you impose your sturmanite. You look hungry, unclaimed, lonely, longing for love and that is why the stick is so aggressive and so impatient. Your OZ drops, face looks uglier, visible body muscle clamps, you every flaw, physical or mental, clearly emerges and increases several times. This is what happens during the invasion of closed borders men. Plus it is growing, and with the advantage of growing negative perception of you and disgust for you.

When male sturmanite this also happens, but the reaction of most women on men sturmanite softer. The borders are closed so tightly, the fear of invasion is not so great, the woman immediately begins to figure out how much care will take this Navigator. She can perceive sturmanite work taking care of her, as consent to take over her material waste and domestic problems. Therefore, these border bug men-navigators costs a little bit cheaper, women do not flee from them in all directions, consider a while, sometimes even aloof. Over time most often go to plus and put navigators in the service area, where they belong. "Don't teach me how to live, better help us financially". Remember?

But the bug Beggar is costing men dearly at once. Especially if he is not reflexed and covered with a crown "too good".

Looks like on the first date man-beggar? First of all, he whines and complains. And if to tell him, he will be surprised or offended (and zanoet even more), that is, his narration he is whining does not consider just "describes the facts" and "tells it like it is".

The beggar complains that hardly parked, what's on the menu what he wanted, what the weather in the morning is bad and the climate is generally unsuccessful that women on tinder are too materialistic and not too feminine.

Secretly Mooch wants to convey to her than she could be useful to him if you want. But unfamiliar the interviewee may feel an attack on their borders and pulling themselves from the emotional and material custody, plus why her growing impression of the man becomes extremely unpleasant.

Pulling care women suffer as acutely as men attempt to Rob them of the wheel.

Please pay attention. Everyone in the world can not tolerate all border bugs interlocutors, just depending on gender, some bugs are transferred a little easier (more time is necessary for the accumulation of irritation on the growth plus), and some more complicated (graft rejection fast).

That's when the man begging, the majority of women (including navigators) are pushed away. Not like a woman, when care pulled. And men a little care to give ready, but don't like it when they pull the wheel.

But whining in the background, by which men are Beggars seeking sympathy, they are still in a hurry to share sensitive details. Dealing with the Beggar, you may wonder why he tells you about his torn socks, uncomfortable pants, too full hips, about heartburn from beer, about their childhood diseases. He can share with you is unnecessary physiological details of her past sex life, saying that his ex was repulsive stretch marks on Breasts, and some women categorically do not suit him smell. By the middle of dinner with a Beggar, you can start to feel sick, they have no one better able to kill the female libido and spoil the appetite.

No matter how pretty the Beggar in the photo, in the process of communicating with him, the woman begins to notice his flabby weak cheeks, pursed lips and offended effeminate figure. The paradox is that even Beggars with a manly figure appear effeminate and lethargic, although I must say, Beggars are rarely powerful figure. This is because by themselves weight training do character and persona (the image of) men are stronger and more brutal. Still, Beggars are even pitching, if you are unable to get rid of the border of Baga and habits to see in every woman a mom who wants to feed him Breasts and ready to love for good appetite.

Please note, the begging of men surrounding the women perceive it as genophobia, just as sturmanite women men perceive as agentconnect.

As I wrote above, these border bugs nasty at all, but gender roles create for them the focus. Men pity can tell a female co-driver that she is unfeminine because "too bossy", as the man-beggar often say he looks effeminate, because "too soft". Due to this, sturmans conclude that they are "too strong" and beggars decide they are "too good".

But the power is not expressed in aggressive tack and obsessions, on the contrary, it is expressed in the autonomy and respect for others ' boundaries. A strong man is not the need to squeeze into someone else's territory, and so he too often open doors and call as many want to rely on him, seeing his power.

Seeing really strong woman (that is confident and bursting with energy), any man wants to approach her. Strength not only deters, it attracts all people, regardless of gender and age. Weak people see a strong man, I want to stick to it. Strong people have an interest and sympathy, want to interact with.

Strength — the stronger the magnet. The actual magnetism of personality consists entirely of force.

But a weak woman feels insecure, suffering from hunger and the need to merge so it tries to invade the borders of men in ways that are available to her. Some stick from the bottom, some are trying to take by storm, but most often weak women, alternate methods, the Mat is spread, the tongs get. But the tongs were rebuffed more, so the "I'm too strong" and stuck under the crown, instead of working on border bugs, and become stronger.

Similarly, the goodness can not be expressed in vampirism and infantilism. She is the opposite. This generosity and respect for other people's subjectivity. That is, a good man is definitely not a companion to smear their saliva and feces, to load their problems to failure, gentleness will not allow him to behave so self-centered. Beggars were never good, but always somehow consider themselves such. If I didn't think could get rid of the bug. But they think that their kindness is reflected in the fact that they show all their weaknesses, demonstrating their "soft soul", they are good, because "gullible", because "not afraid to reveal himself." But alas for them, "women like violent scum and don't appreciate a gentle and open-minded men."

That is, the extortion of someone else's kindness beggars consider their own kindness. When self-centeredness is replaced constantly due to the I-projection. The other is your personal part. Do you expect his kindness and tenderness to you, and it seems that you gently and kindly refer to it. Actually is the opposite. To show kindness to a man is to lend him my shoulder (not imposed by force, and to substitute upon request) , if necessary, and stick, to pull and ship — this is not kindness.

Thus the crown is "too strong" is the weakness and dependence of the Navigator, and the crown is "too good" — cleft palate Beggars.

These are mind games played by the crown. We can say, that crown is... well, just a cosmic Troll. Yes?

What would happen if a male beggar you meet a female co-driver? Nothing good will honestly. Bug on a bug does not give compensation, and double the bug, but first it may be a slight delay due to difficulties in calibration.published


Author: Marina Komissarova

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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