How and with whom to live strong woman

The phrase "strong woman" to me, to put it mildly, alarming. Strong in what path and to what extent? Strong, because they always fight back or endure? The force needed to defend their rights, but more force is required to endure the insult and pretend that nothing bad happened.


Strong because can get up at 5 am to milk the cow, feed the chickens, geese and rabbits, to plow the garden and harvest? Or strong, because it will employ "ocharovatel" behind the house and go sunbathing in the Maldives?

Strong, because that will please the whole family and score on yourself, or going to live alone in their pleasure? What is the strength of women? Can be femininity? Or still in manhood?

In fact, there is a strong women who is strong and Mature. And such a person grows out of diapers, and never wears the role of "victim". So terrible if the "strong woman" for men or is it good? Strong – strong. Weak – weak. Take your pick.


What kind of woman would never call "strong"?

The little girl who absorbed the patterns of the ancient society. Progress is moving forward, but the original canons of families remain — the wife gets the husband, the wall, the lives of his interests and performs the role of serving. And any disobedience will be named bitchiness or assign to the woman the title of "strong."

We hammered into his head that a woman should be able to knit, bake pies and wait for her Prince in captivity. And then when he's coming on a white horse, given him the power to obey all his life to throw at his feet. But such a woman is weak and immature man. A strong adult self and need a decent pair.

Yes, "convenient woman" will never be called strong, but in my opinion, she is strong. Yes, strong, but this strength is not good, but harm, not only to her but also to her surroundings. It betrays your Ego, live for others, the result is betrayal and worthlessness. "Little girl", in this interpretation, will be life to fulfill every whim of the environment, and in childhood. For completed lessons and the cleaning in the room will receive a piece of candy and love.


Henpecked and a toggle men

Many invest in the concept of "strong woman" of some tanks in a skirt, generals with bobbins and mothers "of the Chicago mafia clans".

A woman needs to be militant, unyielding, rigid, dogmatic and authoritarian. It is desirable that it and he looked like Nona Mordjukova. But this is very far from the true meaning of the phrase "strong woman". This is not a Mature person, and a rebellious teenager, the egoist who imposes his own vision and demands unquestioning obedience. Such "strong women" usually remain single, and it's completely understandable why. Next to them, every man will be uncomfortable.

And there are two options.The first is when a weak man, as a person. It will completely fall under her Yoke, will be the material from which it is to sculpt. What she wants. And he, in anger, to hate and to take revenge on the sly.

The second variant is a Mature male. He will have to play the role of "father" and otherwise to set ambitious teenager and explain to him the essence of being. Neither one nor the second option fortunately does not. And leads to the fact that sooner or later a "teen-rebel" go.


When a man doesn't really "pulls"


Some women are really willing to give the initiative in male hands, but I can't. Of those hands constantly falls out and they can't bring to an end. The woman consciously or unconsciously chooses a partner "mother's son", "spineless mammal" or "garden vegetable." And she has to be strong. She is forced to single-handedly pull the strap and not particularly complain. These couples quite a lot. She is Mature, accomplished woman with a popular profession, income, housing and car. And he is cowardly, worthless, indecisive, and always listen to mom. And then, the question arises: what this woman found in a "boy"?

Usually there is only one reason a girl had to grow up in because of certain life circumstances. It was nedobachii on the handles, not walking in the parks and circuses, do not read her fairy tales. Unconsciously she wants the child so chooses to couple child. She thinks with him will be to chew candy to ride over the snow hills and watch cartoons. And in fact, it has nurses the silly and be strong.


Whether a man to be stronger than women? A strong woman is difficult to please. It's on all the then rushes toward its goal and is eager to partner not to keep pace, and even ahead of it. But not all men want it. She decided to take the top? Myself and take. And don't expect when you climb Everest, your man will be waiting at the top of the Edelweiss flower in his teeth. Often this is just setting the pattern sought by the woman, without a true desire to purchase. The characters are different. And if the girl your true nature is insatiable, adventurous, determined and fighting, then moving to your Everest, it is primarily to satisfy his Ego. But if he is by nature slow and thoughtful, it does not mean that he is not Mature. Just different temperaments. Don't need all buckled under him and especially to break itself. Women can have more masculine qualities than the man himself, feel comfortable in the relationship. Such an active girl, more passive guy is a great complement. It will not be a Mama's boy, he just let a woman be a leading, primarily for her sake. Well, imagine her in the shower "zero" thrift, but "100%" thrust into leadership positions. He's the opposite. And so the pair try to expel the man to work and woman to bring home – bred. Let everyone does what he is closer.


Two strong personalities in the same boat, not counting the dog

What happens when a strong woman lives with a powerful man? Here, the word "force" denotes maturity, not tyrannical installation, for example, "everything will be as I say!". Such statements are characteristic of immature personalities and rebellious teenagers, which is described above.

Mature people know where you need to be firm, to adjust and compromise. Really strong unions are extremely rare. Subconsciously slipping in pairs one slave, and the second leading. Someone needs to manage and maintain, and Mature individuals not poupravlyat.

When there are two strong men, each of them clearly understands your intentions and feelings. There are no games and Gating. Attack on the forehead – information about yourself, your plans and desires. Not satisfied – free/free. In conflicts, these people do not try to defend their point of view and recognize the value of other opinions and work together to find a solution. They can go their separate ways, unable to compromise. But neither the behavior nor the other, not going to slit their Ego.

In such a pair of partners sexually attractive to each other, interesting personalities, and they have something to share and to nourish each other. And most importantly, they can take weaknesses halves, not to beat on the "calluses" and not to demand obedience. One word – they love and accept each other as they are. This is the key principle. Many "family boats" breaking on the tenet "thou shall/should be/like me". And anyone, nothing and no one should! He/she does because she wants. She is. But he's different. And this is their strength. Be happy!published


Author: Victoria Stellmach

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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