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Somewhere in the seventies, not in Ireland, not in Shotlan-DII came the final match of professional heavyweight boxer.
 In the first place I relied extraordinary beauty honorary gold-plated cup, and for the second - only ten thousand pounds.
 Naturally, each of the boxers of pure humanity and nobility wanted to leave the first prize of the opponent, and on this basis they flared a strange match.
 In the first round boxers showed excellent footwork, so to speak, shadow boxing, and struck the audience elegant hooks and uppercuts, but each in his corner, so how to approach each other closer than three meters they were afraid of the above indicated reasons.
 The audience quickly "moved" into the situation and awarded during the break brave whistle and whisper. In the second round a nervous boxer exasperated protesters and the audience whooped, did nevertheless a small step forward than the enemy threw into a deep knockout.
 It seems that the fate of the Cup was decided. Referee slowly count to ten, knowing full well that he believes at least an hour - a defeated boxer in itself does not come, and the "winner" in despair tore his short boxing hair, being sure that any one market more than six thousand pounds for the cup I do not get.
 Finally, in a fit of hopeless grief, he kicked cheekily peeping from "knockout" Bole successful competitors, and was immediately disqualified strict judge awarded him for unsportsmanlike conduct second place.
 He sprang to his feet with the news of a second athlete, who believed that the ten thousand he has in his pocket, trying to somehow improve the situation, the judge put a big hit in a real knock-out, but all in vain.
 On Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv the day very heavy traffic. Flashed "Mercedes' latest brands" Toyota "and even the half-decayed" Lada ". As in all tropical countries, in Israel, rules of the road are observed formally; Here and now shabby "Fiat" entered the lacquered side of some American "beauty", the movement stopped, pedestrians and the others crept drivers surrounded the scene.
 Owners facing machines that are in discord corners of the improvised ring, waving their arms, proving his innocence, and doused each other with the words and phrases that I though he did not understand a word, yet began to look around from side to side in search of the potential of the seconds for, seemingly inevitable fight.
 The verbal sparring continued for about ten minutes, but the assault never moved. Opponents are very professional to keep a distance, and if one of them takes a step forward, the other immediately takes a step back, and with it a disciplined and relegated viewers.
 On the part of all of this it was like a well-rehearsed performance. Finally, Maxim Leonids, the former leader of the St. Petersburg group "Secret", and now - a popular Israeli singer and our voluntary guide in Tel Aviv, explained what was going on.
 It turns out, according to local law, the person who hit someone on the street or in any other fight, subjected to an automatic fine of one thousand shekels ($ 400), and if that someone in this fall, the penalty is doubled. Money for the small net of taxes battered victim, and it was clear that any citizen who knows how to multiply by two, by a simple click on the nose immediately fell to the ground in convulsions and lay there until the arrival of peace officers. Well, there was not remember the amazing Irish-Scottish boxing history.
 Our former compatriots at esengeshnoy habit of giving in the "penny" neighbor for any reason, he moved to Israel quickly from this custom dumped, and some still have not found work in the soul, happy to substitute the "sign" to newcomers, calling them bad words. After all, however, pleased to explain to the person that you think about it, and get together with a light slap in the face (of course, it knocks you down) 800 bucks.
 They said that one former Kharkov, decided to earn thus, arrived at the airport and ran there on former odessite, hunted in the same way. Not being familiar with them first, long and subtly cursing, and then split the muzzle each other, and completely free.

From the book M.Kapitanovskogo "It's very difficult"


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