Annual examinations of humanity

We all pass the so-called annual exam. So what is it? This exam is as follows. Here you live in society. Society is where you in addition to your family manifest themselves. This is usually study, work, friends, visiting some places of entertainment, or even any. Even the same store — it's society.As you are in this society manifest themselves as you with sellers behave as you defend their right, if you are rotten potatoes gave — will you shout or will to throw it out, or else... let's See how you behave. This is the manifestation of man in society. And when a person in society lives a year, then he passes his exam. What is the exam? He lives according to the laws of God, or in violation of the laws of God. Well, God, the absolute, Cosmic Intelligence — whatever you call it. It refers to the order that absolute left in a certain of such meropriyatiya — on the road you will not be anyhow to walk, drive, or there will be disaster and chaos. Well, that was not the chaos, was He such laws came up. These laws need to know and to live by them, and then you in life in order. And for the year... you once lived this year. And usually what...look Here ... When the influenza epidemic start? You say: Yes, because rotten weather... Nothing like that. The fact that microbes and viruses on Earth not so much — they just transmuters, they are changing — they have changed the program, they are new to the program begin to work.And their inclusion is precisely this period — the middle of the exam. The exam is a month for the year. This month starts from 25 November to 25 December. It seems to this exam, and there is viewed, it may be said.Everyone has a book of life, which contains all your, shall we say, blunders and your achievements. No longer look upon the merits and failures — what failures, and how they were strong, and how it happened. And as a result, if the person is a lot of violations were made, it is necessary that these violations would have diminished. They decrease? They are reduced through illness — then the person and gripped.This is usually what? Based on what? First is the head, and the head is responsible for the way a person relates to the world and how the world manifests — with pleasure or without pleasure, the claims of the world or no complaints, and the like. Plus all these laws. Can a man not get sick. That is, any disease — it is as a result as a result of the accumulated violations of any laws, that is, the same law repeatedly violated ( the laws are interconnected ) and as a result, violations of occurs disease. But if it breaks permanently, and even the family had a Soul, where the Soul is the karmic tasks are the same, accumulated in other lives, then this person must work and work like a bee, as a bee to work and work without stopping every minute, every second. And people are lazy. They don't want to work on yourself every second. Try to work every second: you always want to relax, you always want to make defiance — against the fate.Know these words — in spite of fate, for evil. Some say: "I will do evil".Who for evil? Why evil? Why evil? Why not good to do? Ie there are such nuances, and that's all that's for rent this month. And in this month to control your destiny. How? And you do take and analyze.And here you in a month can view your life in a year. And, please, look where the Soul was restless, where you felt remorse what the problem was. If you know you are guilty need to repent. To repent before God, before himself sabouri in front of a man is to repent sincerely, as they say, to the depth of Dushii try not to do, and to do the right thing as you believe it should be.And then be sure this month will create a situation where you need to be, and the situation is similar — maybe with another person, in another place, but the situation is close. In this close situation, you should act differently — not the way you did, for which he repented. And if you are so this month's live — driving... ie there are Hierarchs who read your book and look, and then already included the germs, and then they begin to work in you, right? And then you need to get it all burned out. Why is it necessary? When you can make a difference — to transform themselves without any worries, problems, no stress. Don't need the stress.Comes a familiar situation, you know you have repented, but it is necessary to understand the essence of this situation. An altercation in the store, have a fight or something. The situation is similar, but not in the store and in some other instance — myself differently now. You know you have repented, you understand, you realize, then you different come. And now, enrolling in another, you have disappeared it is a violation of the law, which was in the course of the year. One thing after another — a whole month you are given. It's 30 days, you know, you can, in principle, control their own destiny. And it's this man. But man... the few who enjoys it, and very few people do this in life applies. The second month is. Second month — before the birthday. A month before the birthday.Here for example, Dima — 1 Nov. October 1, he began the examination.But this exam is already on my personal life goes.So you when you pass this period of the month before the birthday — personal life look. Personal life — a family. In the first place that in the family.Personal life is your relationship with the opposite sex.Personal life is your inner state, attitude to yourself. Some people just do not love yourself and treat yourself disregard. Women do not take care of themselves — they don't care what they look like. Men are not watching their words, it's like a sock on a leg dressed, and if there's holes or the like.That is, people must be neat. He should take care of yourself — your body, your thoughts, the quality of his Soul — that this all relates to the personal life, the inner state of a person. So, for a month you're already starting to see — and what a year you had in this direction. But the scheme is the same: understand, acknowledge, repent and passed the stage, what's that thing called redemption. When this occurs, the situation is similar —and you have it differently is to live. And thus you dissolve. And it so happens that you dissolve deep karmic nodes. Because you came into this life already accumulated in past lives something. On the Ground, in another place, does not matter. You have gained it. And this heaviness, the heaviness of the Soul. Well, it happens when the exam is the same — personal and of society, right? Well, then you have to work twice more. Anyone have this test match by date of birth.But if these are — there in January, and there were born in June, you have time, shall we say, a little more is given. Here at the society you analyze yourself, change yourself, transform. Doing it all yourself. Nobody does, do, take and make. Here you go. And as you work on yourself this month, you are infected or not — that is the criterion.Not sick — well done. And you can see that by the New year you come joyful, you are all going, everything is fine, no problems. And then, or some teeth are broken, usually before the New year, right? Enough usually always many. What is teeth? You have clamped it, clamped some energy and give this energy to pass through. Something you feared a crash of some sort, something scared, something clamped something did not happen or something... ie. stiffness and energy will certainly affect the teeth. And usually, here, it is clamped in this month of exams myself, involuntarily, not knowing on a subconscious level. And when you know it and manifest it in your life, right? And then, absolutely, you and the teeth will be healthy. Two times a year to pass your exam, pass it consciously is an examination of life, life exam. But you consciously control this process, you are in the process live. You know how the Hierarchy will be easier? They do not have, they know this person copes. They will only watch from the sidelines. Here you do, and from the Hierarchy observes: what is done, how well he is doing. He's good, Oh, what a student is great, huh? Teacher-it is easier. And teachers will have something else to show itself in care person. And here's the man — a smart man, a wise man becomes blissful person becomes. Yes, because he controls his life, he controls his destiny.



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