Ways to calm down before the exam

Spanning to cope with anxiety is always useful. Regardless of whether you pass the exam at the school, police or elsewhere.

Even if you know very well the theme of the ticket, stress and excitement can lead you astray. In addition, a confident and relaxed man is much easier to obtain from the teacher a higher score.

Occupy yourself in any case

This is the most simple and effective remedy for anxiety. If the big moment left a couple of hours, try to take themselves or anything. Otherwise, the experience you provided. For example, you can rewrite key concepts or formula is at the same time will save you from worries and will help repeat information.

To strengthen the confidence in front of an exciting challenge, many people use old tools like talismans, amulets and happy clothes. When and how does it work? Watch the video!

To lose the upcoming exam If you are afraid of the unknown, you can do it with someone from relatives or friends. Try yourself in the role as meeting and teacher. This will help to calm down. If you have a good imagination, imagine vivid pictures of your success, draw in your mind a good for the exam and your triumph.

To get rid of bad predictions If the subconscious leads, and close with happy pictures pop up of possible failures and troubles, try to get rid of them. Do not avoid them, and try to deal with this situation. Rate – whether so it is terrible and what you lose in case of failure. Think about that, that's not the worst thing that can happen to you. Appreciate what you have and do not exaggerate. Not passed exams is not the end of the world, will learn to distinguish between vital and transient things. Remember that the truly wise man knows the value of true losses and is able to determine the real magnitude of the events.

To breath and drink a glass of water If you feel that you are beginning to panic, tell yourself "Stop!". Water has a beneficial attention to the vessels of the brain and focus on your own breathing will distract and soothe. In any stressful situations breathing with slow exhalation allows you to calm down. The Command "Stop!", best spoken out loud, sober, will stop the panic and take back control.

To be distracted is Often difficult to calm down due to the fact that you are doing, extending the problem situation. Try to start thinking about something else. In addition, a huge impact on the human psyche, have people. Even-tempered interlocutor is able to calm and anxious – even more excite. So if you want to calm down, change your environment to something more appropriate. Also excellent results can be achieved if you start to reassure someone who's worried with you. Your reasonable and calm words in the first place, will positively affect your own condition, forcing you to stop being nervous.

Take a stroll or relax If the tension is felt throughout the body, there are two ways to get rid of it. The first of these involves vigorous physical activity, and the second, on the contrary, offers to lie down and completely relax. Silly just to sit and be nervous.

Fun Good way to relax is sincere laugh – watch funny videos, read jokes, or remember a funny incident from your life – it will soothe and give confidence in their abilities.

To engage in spiritual practices helps in relaxing meditation. Try to breathe deeply, making between each inhalation and exhalation pause. When you do this, close your eyes and concentrate on the sensations. Imagine that all the experiences along with the air leave you, giving way to calm. Let go of all thoughts about the upcoming test, don't think of possible failures, and concentrate on something pleasant.

Think about their Hobbies Exam is the ideal time for this. While waiting, do some knitting, embroidery or painting. Monotonous rhythmic movements, introduce consciousness into a kind of trance, calming and pacifying people it. Great help special Chinese balls, which needed leisurely to roll in the palm of your hand. They are, according to the Eastern doctrine, have beneficial effects on energy points of the palms.

Repeat material If you doubt that well-learned and continue to cheat yourself, treat the repetition of exam questions. Team up with companions in misfortune, and tell every one ticket. Others can clarify and Supplement the information they've heard — this will allow you to use auditory memory. In addition, the discussion process will help you to learn all escaped earlier from you. published


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