How to calm down before the exam


How to calm down before exams or other important events?

Really don't need to calm down — a bit nervous before the exam helps. If you drink a sedative pills so anything more you worry not, there is a high probability that in the exam you will be as calm and blunt. Easy excitement mobilizes and sets a good mental work.

The easiest recipe — he's the most effective: you just need to get down to business. If before the exam you have an hour, use it as much as possible. Will go on things will start to get worried. Rewrite in this hour of need main wording — the worry will be less. No matter how much you'll learn — but at least you taught, you have to use available time in the best way, your conscience will be calm.

By the way, don't forget to sleep: to be in good physical shape with a clear head is more important than to reread what you already seem to read...

If you are worried for the situation that you are afraid of the unknown: how is it? what is it?, then start the test or interview with someone from your friends or relatives, having been in the playing the role of both student and teacher. It helps. If you have a good imagination, take him with pictures of success: draw in your mind as everything goes well, and let the most colorful will be the final picture of your successful ending. You are happy, you are happy, it worked, yay!

If suddenly next to the picture good luck much pictures pop failure, failure, trouble, and to get rid of these thoughts fails, use the great principle: "I can't cope — head". Don't run from the picture of failure and deal with this situation — if she's really so terrible? Ask yourself this question seriously... that's not gonna pass, now, I'm late, here we meet — are you sure that it seriously is worthy of the title "Horror"? Children love to be afraid, and you log in as an adult and say to yourself quietly: even if the unpleasant outcome of all the most important thing in life will stay with you. It's not the end of the world. All remain alive.

The worst that will happen to you if not delivered exam is that you come home and drink coffee with muffin. You have a house and you will have a coffee. Please appreciate it and not make plays, as if you are deprived of life. Learn to distinguish between vital things — and the things are transient. A wise man, unlike the man-child is familiar with these losses and use them as a benchmark, knows how predestinates the magnitude of the incident.

Sometimes — rarely! — when exams is not just an ordinary event, but is associated with the alignment of the whole destiny and your life or someone else's. Clearly, that's another story, and then read the Declaration of acceptance of reality. People will help for sure.

If you suddenly start to panic (anything can happen!), to help you, at least three keys: say to yourself "Stop!", take deep breaths and drink a glass of water. A glass of water is useful for blood vessels of the brain and distracts, however, the work is done focusing on your breathing: deep inhale — slow exhale, deep breath in — slow exhale... as long as you need. Always helps when you start to worry about breathing with slow exhalation soothes. And the word "Stop!", said as a team, even better aloud sobers you from the panic and returns to you a possession. All will be well.

Another important fact: sometimes it's hard to calm down because you yourself make at least themselves with the problem situation. If you started with someone swearing and "start", you do not always have enough skill time to calm down. But to change the subject easier. And to leave the room under any pretext (or to leave) is a much easier and more efficient. We are influenced by the condition of the people around us — relaxed, calm, excited — excite. If you want to calm down, you can just change the source on you more suitable. Another great way to start yourself to reason with and reassure someone who is worried with you. Obviously, your words will not be to him most compelling, but on you they work really good. The rest.

If agitated the whole body will help two things: either vigorous physical exertion or, on the contrary, lie down and relax (if you can relax). To sit and survive — that's silly. Or go for a walk outside, or lie down and relax.

In General, remember: the sooner you sleep the better. Tomorrow is another day, in the morning you will get up fresh and do new cases, leaving all the old behind. When all the difficult and bad goes, there is only good.

Everything will be fine!


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