How to determine the level of development of personality

Call it differently: personal development, personal level, the level of development of the personality, but when evaluating yourself or other people this is important to us: how the man developed his intellect, independence, responsibility? If it can be called a moral person? How characteristic positive, constructive, author's position, the ability to determine their lives, the ability to control themselves, to be stronger than circumstances? This man is the body or human personality?

Caring about the development of young children, parents are initially more interested in their physical development and the development of their creative abilities: their ability to draw, to listen and to understand music, to sing and dance. It comes time to send their children to school — in school the child gets a secondary education, further the University. As for the personal development, it is usually in this period there is a background: groups, schools and universities development of the individual, we are not yet prevalent. Personal development occurs most spontaneously when (and how) parents teach children the skills of independence when the child is interacting with peers, is the school of socialization, when the child copies the patterns of behavior of those who surround him and who is his authority.

Indicators of personal development:

· The development of intelligence: stupid, adequate, intelligent, reasonable, wise.

· The volume of care, growing up: from man-child to an adult, next big and great man. Stages 0 to 2: 0 the Children. Man-child - need (they need) to grieve and directives. Man-teen is interested in advice and support, but fighting for the recognition of his independence. 2 Held (adult) personality

· The level of development of initiativei responsibility. Namely, stage dependent, performer, professional, responsible officer, middle Manager, Director, owner.

· The level of culture, which includes literacy, psychological literacy.

· The level of mental health: from healthy to neurotic. The ability to be in harmony with yourself and others, productivity, conflicts, love themselves and others.

· Education, aesthetic development.

· Ability to develop and habit to develop.

Each personality has its own set of values that determines how its growth and development, and the style of her life. This is the orientation of the individual. Three main orientation of the individual -its Own growth and development, Personal life, Business-work-business.Anyway adding, different indicators provide the Overall level of development of the individual. While some level of personality development can be developed in one area (field) and is not developed in the other.

The level of personality development and the stages of life of the individual

The level of personality development and the stages of life of the individual — different things. In the process of healthy natural growth, with age, the person goes through certain natural stages: infant, child, teenager, youth, adult — with their psychological characteristics. What? And it always pass? Different researchers describe these processes in their own way.


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