Men and Women: stage of development

As you know, every person created in the image and likeness of God, and each has a divine spark. Only the degree of similarity is different, as is the level of awareness of this fact. To spark the vision laid down by the Creator, many go for life, and the majority - not even begin to go

. We are all different, and that's fine. Consciousness reveals itself in all possible forms and combinations. But this does not detract from the fact that we are at different stages of personal and spiritual growth.

For many years observing life, I came to the conclusion that there are several such steps for men and women. All classifications contain errors and do not take into account the personal characteristics, but it is generalized types allow a general picture.

The main criteria for dividing up the stairs:

the degree of awareness,
level of responsibility,
level of general culture,
the level of intellectual and spiritual development.

Let's start from the bottom up.

Men of this level can be called a man, the women - the women

. The lowest level of personal and spiritual development - the person, massively replicated and exploited by society and culture. Low level of awareness or nonexistent. The avoidance of responsibility, especially for his life. As a rule, misery blame someone else. Irritation of the word "should". The narrow range of interests and hobbies. Narrowly focused thinking.

This is a man who lives templates do not include your own thinking or includes a minimum. In the belief that personality are strong stereotypes and programs, parenting and collective. "A woman should be so," "a man should ...", "as long as others do not think ...", "what will people say?", "Can not" is not because, but simply can not, without explanation, "be no worse than others" and etc. Many prohibitions and restrictions that are simply there, without thinking and without analysis.

Personality is closed in a lattice concepts of right and wrong, on the due and undue. Such a person knows well as it should, and generously gives instruktsiiokruzhayuschim. Usually this person is the low cultural level, it is of secondary education, with many psihotravm, with questionable spiritual qualities due to low awareness. But the man always feels right and very few people can hear but himself. He inadequate self-esteem, fear of the future and little desire, and accordingly, and objective. "The initiative is punishable", "do not put out", "modesty adorns" - it is out of their vocabulary. Leading motive - fear, "as if not worse"

. Beer on Fridays, at the entrance of the obituary, soup on the stove, repairs and carpets, vydraennaya flat, clean and well-trained children, compulsory adherence to rituals and traditions as the main meaning of life - all indicators of the level

. People at this level, as a rule, dependents or performers, almost never - experts or leaders. They tend to slide into parasitism, or consumerism, become martyrs or tyrants romantics. In principle, we are not able to become a creator.

Mudaki hysteric and live at this level. In this case, it is not an insult, and the combined category - all described plus psychological trauma. People who are not able to create a healthy relationship, in this context - it psychopaths, sociopaths, infantile, abyuzery, daffodils, etc. The same -. And with women

. And regardless of the level of education and social status of a person with signs of mental illness, automatically gets here. Low level of awareness -. Primary

The second level of the bottom - Men and Women

. The level of understanding of himself and his place in the world is already higher than in the previous step. There is an understanding that not everything that inspire as good or bad, good or bad really. In humans, this level already have a certain understanding of the self, he is independent and responsible within the framework of conventional and cultural patterns. Roughly speaking, honors the commandments, even religious, though public, but not yet able to independently determine for themselves the abstract categories, such as freedom, responsibility, conscience, and so on. We need guidelines and indicators.

This person has a sufficient level of responsibility to serve, and provide the most entertaining themselves. His life is so varied as possible, if you do not choose the road and walk down the already laid by someone.

Man level of "man - woman" may have to move away from the imposed roles in family patterns and relationships. There is recognition of a foreign territory, we can try to agree on the important things, over time, can come to the hearing of,

Such a person can be persuaded, if long and hard to give strong arguments. Can undermine his beliefs - they are not as stagnant as in the prior

. The level of general culture gives the feeling the pale and forced to follow the etiquette. For example, swear obscenities improper and impermissible. For such people better when there is etiquette and code of ethics, it is difficult to independently relate "want" and

"possible." This person may have a pronounced hobby or passion, cultivators in it. Often, such people become excellent professionals and experts in their field. Level of responsibility allows to become leaders.

However, the level of awareness does not allow to become a creator of your life, rather these people, developing, tend to choose the best and achieve more of the options granted.

Hearing his deep essence - the category of strange and incomprehensible. Spiritual, rather, it is associated with religiosity than their own discoveries and sensations.

The next step -. Ladies and Gentlemen

The name, as you know, conditional. Relationship to the real status is not only determined by the degree of awareness, particularly in the relationship between men and women.

At this level, the relationship becomes the game. This is known to both men and women. If the previous steps, the person acted, rather, for a given scenario, the stage of personal development "lady-gentlemen" people understand that everything in life has rules, but the movement on the stage of life determines the director, and they really want to become. Man is already able to perceive what is happening with the position of the observer, evaluating and tracking patterns of the system: "I wonder girls dance"


All life on this stage of personal development seems game. Comes multivariance understanding of roles, scripts, and other elections, and with it comes the knowledge of their own limitations. And then a person begins to learn a lot and actively, whether on their own, whether through teachers and tutors.

The man opens a world of the unknown, investigating what caused his internal fears and beliefs, is looking for ways to change their own lives and to go beyond the program. Man actively expanding their personality, gaining more and more knowledge and skills, at the same time starting to feel that the most important knowledge is not outside but inside. There is a need for immersion in his inner world, in the expansion of your consciousness.

From this it is born an understanding of how to operate all other systems from work to personal life. The level of responsibility is so high that a person determines for itself the prospects for professional and personal development, puts its own goals and sooner or later reaches them. It seeks to become a leader in the belief that by understanding the laws of the systems, he can easily manage them, correct them and develop.

However, there comes a point when it comes to the understanding that any system - too small and narrow for the realization of their own potential, that sometimes it makes sense to leave a successful career in a large company, to become a freelance artist or creator of a lone. The desire to become a creator of his own life becomes persistent and more confident.

Rules and norms of social life affect human life so that he feels it as a given, as a condition, but not the absolute truth.

How to behave with a woman or a man how to behave like a woman with a man, they define themselves as part of the time and situation. They know the traditions, norms of decency and decorum, but prefer to listen to your heart and communicate with each other in the running wave. The ratio tends to partnership, because at this stage is highly developed understanding of the value of each person, and respect for its uniqueness and its unique way.

Manipulation possible. But this is not gross and barbaric manipulation previous levels with the suppression of the will and humiliation, is a game of equal partners that delivers mutual pleasure.

Spiritual - it is not a religion, on this level of spirituality - a dip in their own sense of the universe. Man tries to understand what God is, independently determine the categories such as God, the cosmos, good-bad, right-wrong.

And here it is, happiness, top, in my understanding, the level - Creators and creatrix

. This person, as fully and effectively implement their abilities and inclinations. They have a daunting experience, including work on yourself, so seek manifest itself in the world by all available means. They have overcome many of its limitations, therefore have greater opportunities for self-realization than the vast majority of people.

They may be rich and poor, it ceases to be relevant. In the foreground the need to follow his path and the best of its implementation. That's life in accordance with the profound hearing itself. This stage of the adoption itself, with all its weaknesses, achievements and losses.

Not a problem to accept any name yourself from other people. With bitch? Well, I will be with * Coy. Asshole? Yes, I'm asshole. There is no desire to beat someone's rude person, because there is an understanding that everything a person says and does - it's about yourself, not for others. Mostly internal locus of control.

Man at this stage of development is no longer think of ideas "good-bad" and evaluate others. He understands that people - too many-sided structure to simple definitions. Even the personal qualities of people do not wear a shade of advantages and disadvantages, they are treated just their features.

That is why evil, as a category, losing an awesome sense for these people. They are well aware that everyone is able to manifest as the light and dark parts of the personality. They can be called as the builder, and the Destroyers with the same degree of certainty. Each creator carries the destructive component, at least because to create a new need to destroy the old, including a.

The level of cultural, intellectual and spiritual development is so high that these individuals are going around the group and the community. They are able to influence the beliefs and outlook of other people, their charisma and attitude to the world allow you to do it without too much difficulty. They live.

The level of responsibility is so high that they are not just the creator of your life, they participate, contribute and help others create their destiny, while clearly aware than their word resound. Big respect for each person's unique way does not allow creators and creatrix interfere in someone else's life, helping where it is not requested. They are by the very fact of its existence and self-actualization are a guide and support for many other people.

Relationships between men and women at this level are based on the principle of unity and togetherness. Is important is not even the proximity of values, principles and beliefs, and certainly, not household compatibility and acceptance of personal way to each other, spiritual relationship and, ideally, following a big goal.

Spirituality this level - it is passing through itself knowledge of world religions and philosophical teachings and through prayer, meditation, and the feeling of the moment of opening their own knowledge. Given not just a determination that there is a God, there is a distinct feeling it, almost constant sense of Presence.

Communication with a most profound, and his spirit becomes stable and decisive. These people are truly delicious and love life, his whole being feeling it. After this comes the connection with the cosmos, which gives a completely different understanding of the world and their place in it. The period of this creativity: from the creation of works by the incoming stream before the creation of their own lives

. True freedom and true flight.

Author: Lily Ahremchik


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