Iron rule when faced with aggression

We are increasing the chaotic intensity of many complex energy environment, and it increases the impact of aggressive, intimidating and manipulative individuals. These forces are also present in humans, and impersonal negative energies that can come into our personal sphere or get into any group of people.

Impersonal negative energy forces are gathering in the heavy dark clouds of collective thought-forms or thoughts could. Many sensitive and empathic people can experience the thoughts and could feel it as extremely depressing and filled with negative energy.

Very dense area filled with large negative, may involve low-level force. The presence of people that are coated negative, can result in significant depletion because they tend to emotional vampirism.

When we are faced with aggressive and antagonistic forces, and when we are aware of the clear and calm approach, a reasonable dialogue, we can translate the aggression and arrogance in cooperation.

At least, we can establish clear energetic boundaries and serve as an example of acceptable behavior and compassionate communication, being respectful and clear, if a person is willing to cooperate.

How to behave when faced aggression in

Sometimes, self-love, which is present in the aggressive person does not allow him to engage in dialogue in a similar vein. Narcissistic people closed to the resolution of conflicts through dialogue, they want everything was the way they want to, at your expense. If this happens, we have to decide whether to continue this discussion of our energy expenditure, or the need to conclude, for example, set the border closing to you further access.

One of the most common features of aggressive and intimidating dark forces, whether man or the dark forces that use a particular person, is that they are deliberately trying to find an emotional trigger, trying to catch you off guard and off balance.

This manipulation technique called "catch the bait", the person or entity trying to upset you emotionally via barbs and insults, blows below the belt by pressing the buttons to see how you will react. This is done to check if you grab the bait and react emotionally to whether the insult.

If that happens, they will succeed and will have an advantage over you, which will be used to continue to use your personal weakness or vulnerability. It is used in psychological warfare, as well as being energy concept, which is why it is important to understand when dealing with the dark forces. If you are weakened emotional struggle and are confused, they will hit even harder because you are open to them.

This tactic is used in the scenarios of personal relationships, as well as to destabilize communities and organizations through the technology of "divide and rule". Predatory mind preys on weakness and a vulnerability, which can be you, creating among people and communities, victims and executioners.

Absolutely iron rule in situations where aggressive person or a fallen nature seeks to intimidate you, is to stay calm and stay cool. The less you react to the person / entity is trying to manipulate you, or to apply the methods of aggression in order to weaken and control you, the easier it is to stay focused and not react.

The reactions come from your subconscious, and are not the right answer at the time, as you need to quickly protect themselves from danger. Best Answer - saving self-control and confirmation of a neutral position in relation to a person / entity or the circumstances, to give an opportunity to respond better, and having self-control, you'll have more leverage, and personal power to control the situation or to direct it in a better direction
Faced with extremely negative forms of energy and aggression, it is not reasonable to respond to aggression with aggression. This will only aggravate the problem of energy, will increase the chaos and weaken your position. Keep calm and neutral in relation to the negative, it will help speed up the solution to the problem.

When a person or entity to be aggressive or trying to scare you, for a moment think about his motivations and why they want to act that way. Disconnect from the situation as a party, take the position of an observer and look at their actions and behavior of the bird's flight. It will become very clear that the person acts out of fear as a result of hidden trauma and pain, and that this suppressed pain - the result of his own unsolved problems

. Sometimes, this behavior allows us to see that these circumstances teach you self-control when dealing with aggressive forces. Many people act to break down as a result of mind control and can not control themselves. Such destructive behavior give a lot of information about the person (immoral, controlled, cowardly, weak) and about his injury.

When a person is controlled by external forces, it can not recognize them, he is very weak and can be easily manipulated. People who are very weak mentally, emotionally or spiritually, using brute force to intimidate others and manage to get what they want, or end entity that uses them destructive program.

If we look on the other hand, reflects the great spiritual issues affecting the planet, we will learn to reject and neutralize the negative, it reduces any personalization situations. We must not take these aggressive or intimidating circumstances personally, and must remain awake and aware of the hidden motives. Then we can see the whole picture, see what is hidden, and solve the problem by restoring the energy balance.

We live in a society where a lot of people and entities that do not respect fundamental human rights, and this is the essence of control over the Earth Negative Alien Program and the ruling elite. It is important to understand that in dealing with conflicts, we are faced with so many people and narcissistic psychopaths on the planet Earth. Strategy of Deception Archons is intended for creation of psychopaths, and now the planet is a byproduct of the Negative Alien Program, formed a system of views and numerous abuses, is a crime against human rights. These rights - Universal Laws that have been violated, and these negative forces were able to take advantage of and seize control of the people of Earth

. If you do not cause harm to others, you can enhance the understanding of these laws and to apply them in such circumstances as to evict entities or neutralize the dark forces that are present in people who are aggressive towards you. People often show aggression towards you without any apparent cause, acting under the control and manipulation of external forces.

When we understand our rights as human beings, we are well read more clearly understand how to mark and strengthen their personal boundaries. It is also called the ability to manage their personal space. Aggression, bullying, intimidation, and manipulation of behavior designed to get you to give up their human rights and reduce its borders to let others control you.

Faced with aggressive and intimidating people / entities, it is important to be aware of their basic human rights. In this case, you'll know when your rights are violated.

Human rights - a moral principles which describe certain rules of human behavior, which are protected by the laws in the municipal and international law. Negative Alien Program and the fallen nature intimidate and deceive people, violating their basic human rights, and often people do not even know that his rights have been violated.

These basic human rights in the world laid to democracy that reflects the higher laws. Democracies methodically roll to the patriarchal oligarchy run by the Negative Alien Program, as some basic concepts of democratic societies, representing many of Universal Laws, completely destroyed on Earth by these entities.

Human rights, which are the divine natural law:

You have the right to take care of yourself and protect yourself from physical, mental, emotional or spiritual threats.
You have the right to set their own priorities and choose the way of life on earth, as long as it does not infringe the rights of others.
You have the right to express feelings, opinions and desires.
You have the right to be respected.
You have the right to create their own happy, healthy life based on spiritual goals.
You have the right to be divine, sovereign and free and to be responsible for the direction of their energies and life.
You have the right to choose the purpose, harmony and power with the kind of forces that choose.
Of course, we know that in the world there are many people and entities who want to deprive us of our rights to take control of our minds, bodies and minds. Everyone has an inner power to declare that only he, and not the aggressor or the human Negative Alien Program, responsible for the direction of his life and his consciousness.

Confirming their human rights and focusing on them, you are helping yourself to become stronger, to reject any kind of Governors of negative forces, when they appear. Stay calm and learn to manage their personal space, taking their basic human rights.

It enhances your personal energetic boundaries that you set for the respect of their fundamental human rights, when you encounter negative aggressors who bullied you to get into your personal space, and try to take control of your body and mind. Confirmation of their basic human rights and the management of their personal space will bring into your life the highest degree of protection Universal Laws.

Author: Lisa Renee


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