Traps for drivers

The same applies to the traffic police. Good guishnik will stand near the danger zone and warns the driver, so he slowed down. Poor will sit in the bushes and wait for someone violates that gave him a fine. Such popularly deservedly called "garbage", "cops filthy", etc. People's anger is understandable, since the prohibitions and restrictions on the roads are not always justified, and in some cases without a lawyer at all difficult to figure out how to drive and do not break the rules. Should every motorist to be a lawyer? No. But the city should be arranged so that people would understand how to behave according to the rules.
In Moscow, this business there are any strange things. On the streets as if specially appear trap for motorists. It is necessary to relax a little, did not notice the sign or not to understand the layout and all - get a fine, dear friend. Better yet, do not find their car and drive to the car pound.
See for yourself ...

01. Turn to you from the Garden Ring on Derbenevskaya embankment ... there were no signs of trouble ...

02. There's a sign informing you that you check out of the paid parking zone ...

03. Then the usual markings ... You park ...

04. And why not? No signs, marking parking permits; you come with children in the House of Music.

05. Unwind back a little ... Oh, and it's us hiding behind a sign of the end of the paid parking zone? Signs prohibiting parking.

06. We will drive along the promenade on. The picture is similar. Signs and markings contradict each other. What we are told the SDA? What sign override markup. So if you have not noticed hid behind a tree or a pointer prohibitory sign, the car will be looking at shtrafstoyanke.

07. Go further ... You turn with the Novy Arbat to the Garden Ring. The very center of Moscow ... The government runs. And then it all should be ok. Paid parking, sign, allowing you to stand on the sidewalk.

08. You see the space and park like this Volkswagen.

09. Stop. What is it with us on the road? .. Yellow line! What does the yellow markings? Yellow marking equivalent to 3.27 sign prohibiting parking. Why in one place a number of banned parking nobody knows. As can be seen, there are no entries in the courtyard, a discharge and generally anything because of what it cost to prohibit parking. Classic trap for inattentive drivers. You can not park - put a column or a flowerbed. Why provoke?

10. Go further. The sign that you can park on the sidewalk, but immediately begins yellow markings. Now you see it, and you put the car in the winter, as the Lexus, pay for parking, and then get a fine. Weather, and there we still have a sign ...

11. Oops. The sign turned so it does not bother you.

12. Then go. There are benches and markup slipped. Perhaps you can not park here ...

13. But the sign stands that you can. Put?

14. Once again ... a sign of worth that can be, and yellow markings says that is impossible. Yes, this is another trap for the inattentive.

15. Often parking is totally unreasonable prohibited in some places. And sometimes permitted, where it should not be. For example, here.

16. How can we allow parking for pedestrians when there is no room? Parking on the sidewalk at all one big provocation. On the one hand, motorists are taught that you can park on the sidewalk. And then evacuate those who are used to it and not pay attention to the sign inverted. In this regard, road bollards, which dismantled - a huge wrecking for everyone. Think about how many new traps will be added in the city.

17. Novy Arbat. Can I park on this sidewalk? That I return to the question of whether the motorist be concurrently also a lawyer.

18. Remember, even if there are signs, and you think that you can park, check marks! At the slightest suspicion - it is better not put the machine.

19. Can I put here?

20. No, marking ...

21. Only in the winter so we have a nice clean streets that the markup is not always visible. Fall into this trap many motorists. Evakuatorschik clear the curb, make photos and will take away you. And then will argue that the markup is not noticed. So, every driver must carry a shovel and crowbar to clean the road and check whether there is a yellow mark?

22. Another large field for divorce inattentive drivers - parking pockets. Here is a vivid example. Legal pay parking.

23. Just before suddenly one of the parking spaces appears sign! There is a ramp, there are markings that you can park, but someone stuck a sign and waiting for an inattentive driver. How to call it?

24. Another pocket ... you can put here?

25. But here? No parking.

26. Large parking pocket-trap.

27. And such examples in Moscow a lot.
Once again, I believe that the evacuation should be only when people clearly violates the rules and causes interference to other road users. All disputes must be interpreted in favor of the driver. Forces and traffic police should be thrown Deptransa not for the purchase of new tow trucks, and to bring signs and markings correspond. The driver in the city should not be the question arises whether it is possible to put the car there or not.
Drivers will recommend a very close look at the signs and markings, before leaving the machine.




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