Top 10 most unusual viewing platforms in the world

Typically, an observation deck - this is one of the most popular and visited places in the city or area where it is located. People love to look at the world from a height, people love the broad panoramas and easy highrise dizziness. Today we will tell you about a dozen of the most interesting and unusual places where these experiences can be obtained about a dozen of the most interesting and unusual viewing platforms in the world.

The observation deck of the Grand Canyon Grand Canyon of the Colorado River - is one of the most interesting and beautiful places in the world. And the best at it kind of opens, of course, from the lookout Grand Canyon Sky Wall. Especially breathtaking in visitors this attraction when they do not look away, but right at his feet. After all, on this floor viewing platform - glass!

The observation deck at the CN Tower in Toronto Even fans walk on the roofs of high-rise buildings will be very impressed with the walk under the attraction EdgeWalk. After a walk on the edge of the platform will have almost the very top of the CN Tower in Toronto, at an altitude of 356 meters. However, the risk of break or even fall have no idea! Each visitor CN Tower is attached to the tower with the help of a reliable fall arrest system.

The observation deck, binoculars Being in the town of Merano in the Italian province of South Tyrol, you can visit the attraction Il Binocolo, representing a viewing platform, having a symbolic form of binoculars. Not too high, but still very beautiful!

At.mosphere: most high-altitude restaurant in the world One of the most enjoyable pastime in terms of viewing platforms in the world is located in the world's tallest building - the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai. Playground, this is a restaurant At.mosphere, located at an altitude of 495 meters above ground level - the high-altitude restaurant in the world.

The observation deck in Aurland, Norway Norway - a very beautiful country. Probably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. In the first place, due to its amazing nature. That is the nature and invites us to admire the observation deck near the Norwegian town of Aurland. And, enjoy without any restrictions. It even no railing. At least you will not see them - they are made of glass. And right behind them - the gulf.

The observation deck in the form of the DNA molecule in the place where formerly was the "Iron Curtain", the border between Slovakia and Austria, now there is a reserve, part of the so-called "European Green Belt". Walk there is not desirable, but watching him - no problem. And this will help you lookout Murturm Nature Observation Tower in the form of the DNA molecule.

The observation deck on the icy peak of the Ice Palace (passages and rooms carved into the ancient ice massif) - this is the main attraction of the Dachstein mountain range in Austria. And at the very top of the ice cliff is an observation deck, standing only on the ice cover!

Artificial cloud in London One of the projects that were going to implement for the Summer Olympics of 2012 in London was a project of artificial clouds Digital cloud, skyscraper, which would be at the height of 120 meters are located places for recreation, restaurants and, of course, viewing platforms ! The project is not implemented.

Flying saucer over Bratislava few years ago in Bratislava, Slovakia opened a very unusual bridge called the Bridge of UFOs because of the unusual shape of the observation deck, located on its support. This area looks like it is an unidentified flying object hovering over Bratislava.

Swan Bell Tower in Australia in old European cities viewing platforms equipped on the belfries of medieval churches. The bell tower is located, and an observation deck in the Australian city of Perth. Here are just built this 82-hmetrovoe building called Swan Bell Tower is not a few centuries ago, and in the year 2001. And, on the idea of ​​creators, apparently it should remind the graceful curve of the neck and the back of a swan.


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