Top 7 most thrilling rides of the world

Year after year, people are coming up with more ways of getting mad adrenaline. Horrific once roller coasters and skydiving in the past: they were replaced unrealistic exciting attractions. At 7 the most unusual and crazy of them offer view continuation of the post!

Visitors to Iguazu National Park in South America can look to the luxurious waterfalls, not only from the viewing platforms, but also to go to the same "hell" natural disaster. The route of the race on speed boats routed so that unscathed will not be able to leave anyone. The boat is suitable perilously close to the deepest part of the waterfall - "Devil's Throat". The water falls on the participants of the race with a height of 60 to 82 meters per second and the river Iguazu spewing large amounts of water than Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls together. But what kind of wild delight experienced by those who have passed through the test! It should be noted that the participants can see not only men "in their prime", but also women, and elderly couples.

Jump into the abyss

The highest bridge in Africa and one of the three highest in the world has long been a favorite place for bungee jumpers from all over the world. The height of the bridge, "Bloukrans" from the surface of the water is 216 meters. Right it is an attraction Bundgy jump. For $ 20, anyone can "fold" down. Organizers guarantee absolute security - for the lifetime of the attraction since 1990, none of the participants had not been injured. Speed ​​at the end of the "fall" up to 220 meters per second. Just 7 seconds (this is the time of flight) can be impressions that are not exactly forgotten until the end of life. By the way, in Chile ekstremaly jumpers jumping into the mouth of a volcano of hot, but it can be solved, perhaps, only after all the bridges, dams, skyscrapers and towers in the world "conquered».

Dive scooter

See the beauty of the underwater world of the Caribbean can be, not only during a diving trip or dive in a submarine with a glass bottom. Today, tourists visiting Cancun, Mexico, offers rides on underwater scooters. The unusual vehicle encased something resembling a diving helmet - it allows to breathe during the dive. It should be fun as much - $ 75. The duration of the ride - 35 minutes, and the maximum number of participants - 20 people, and each is obliged to indicate their "sore" in the medical record and be trained to manage the underwater scooter. Children up to 12 years participated in a scooter-diving is prohibited.

Guests are invited to many New Zealand cities now fashionable entertainment - Zorbing. Member of the attraction is located in a special ball (Zorb), who face the mountain. The diameter of the ball - a little more than 3 meters, weight - about 70 kilograms. Not hard to guess what emotion a person feels inside the transparent sphere moving with great speed and jumping up and down on each mound. For completeness of sensations in the Zorb sometimes added water: not drown out, but freshen up - easy. Zorbonavta pass a tough selection: the weight - no more than 130 kilograms, and the absence of a mandatory medical contraindications, the list of which is wide enough. Needless to say that "to take on breast" citizens are not allowed to race. But in the zorb ride with friends - it please. The cost of the trip starts from $ 49 and varies depending on the number of people zorbonavta growth and the availability of water in the bowl. By the way, to go to New Zealand is not necessarily because zorbing reached even before Russia (at least to Moscow exactly).

Walk along the ledge

In New Zealand, it seems, are a lot of attractions for those looking for new sensations. For example, one of the most exciting entertainment in Auckland is a walk along the narrow ring encircling the tower Sky Tower at a height of 192 meters above the ground. The width of the "eaves" - a little more than a meter, no railings or fences. Add confidence to participants ride the cable securely connects the upper body with the support of the track, and optimistic instructor, deftly balancing on metal lente- "ledge". For the opportunity to get unforgettable impressions will have to pay $ 145. Wishing - more than enough!

"Shotover Jet»

And in the New Zealand city of Queenstown's most popular attraction is the fast passage on a boat along the narrow and dangerous mountain river. Rocky bottom, rapids, sharp turns, overhanging rocks and shallow water (some sections of the route depth does not exceed 10 centimeters) - all this strengthens the feeling of extreme attraction "Shotover Jet". Adds strength helicopter from a height controlling the success of the route. The final point of the driver puts the boat at the end of the route, sharply turning the boat through 360 degrees.

Free flight

"Why people do not fly?" Even as fly! All the thrills of free flight, participants can test ride organized in Switzerland in the resort of Hoch-Ibrig. That there is a cable car Sternensauser, which is stretched at a height of 75 meters above the ground cable. Dreaming of a rapid descent into a false stall will be shocked: during the "flight" of their only protect a helmet and seat belts. Member of moving at a speed of 70-90 kilometers per hour, carried away to the end point of the route their own body weight. By the way, those whose weight exceeds 125 kilograms to take part in the attraction can not, however, as children under 9 years old. But if you weigh more than 30 kilograms and have a growth of not less than 130 centimeters, welcome! The cost of the trip - $ 78.



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