75th Annual Strawberry Festival in Florida

In sunny Florida Strawberry Festival is held.

Bright multi-colored lights illuminate the attractions at the Florida Strawberry Festival on March 12th. (CHRIS ZUPPA, Times)

Attractions glow in the night on the Strawberry Festival in Florida. CHRIS ZUPPA, Times

16-year-old Stan Uitchoski of Plant City dozed off in anticipation of the youth competition steers at Strawberry Festival in Florida on March 10. Uitchoski said it was a long day for many children who participated in the contest. "Today I had an evaluation exam - he explained. - Today, many children had this exam, so they resorted to here, fed their steers, then ran to school, and then came back. " On the question of whether he slept well in this chair, he replied: "It's hard to believe, but it's pretty convenient. You can lay your head, stretch my legs. " (STEPHEN J. CODDINGTON, Times)

10-year-old Savannah White holds a chicken named Junior, standing in line to check the suitability of chickens for participation chickens. Savannah with his family arrived at one of the first test. (SKIP O'ROURKE, Times)


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