Rock over the Volga in 2011

The festival "Rock over the Volga" in the third combined eminent musicians on the same stage on the Day of Russia.
At the international festival "Rock over the Volga" in Samara set a new record number of visitors for similar outdoor events - 253 000 people. "This is a European record of the last 15 years" - said from the stage leading the festival Tutta Larsen and Gosha Kutsenko.

The festival "Rock over the Volga" was held June 12 to 24 km of the Moscow highway in the "Red plowman". The program of open-Air includes performances of 16 prominent representatives of the rock scene: groups of "Mordor", "CHajf", "B-2", "Night Snipers", a musical project Gosha Kutsenko, "U-Piter", "The King and the Clown" "Aquarium", "The Time Machine," "Spleen», Scunk Anansie, Pyotr Mamonov, "DDT», Tarja Turunen, the groups "Kipelov" and "Alice».

The event was organized by a music agency NCA, with the support of the government of the Samara region.

Musicians are not scared rain blurred black soil: After their speeches, many of the artists without hesitation called "Rock over the Volga" the best of the existing in Russia similar festivals.

1. The road to the festival))

 - It is the largest rock festival, I have so many people have not seen. "Rock over the Volga" is not correct to call the festival and a great holiday, - said Yuri Shevchuk, presented on June 12 the new composition of the group "DDT". Along with the premiere of the song "Freedom" of the new program, the musicians performed old hits: "whistled", "Hippany", "We are».

The leader of the group "Spleen" Alexander Vasilyev commented on its exclusive program consisting of old songs and hits ("Romance," "Come," "Jim"): "The festival was held. We played fun ».

 - I saw a lot of people, and even though I have good vision, the end of the audience, I could not see. I felt like a sailor at sea when the water goes below the horizon. I have seen people in the shade and in the sun glad that our songs sound. On their lips, I realized that they remember the words. For all this and made similar festivals - shared his impressions with reporters at a press conference after the speech of Andrei Makarevich. - But is hidden from the audience, one significant aspect of the festival. For musicians - it's not only an opportunity to address the huge number of people who share our love for this music. It is also a chance to see old friends, with whom it is impossible to see in real life due to permanent employment.

Gosha Kutsenko, playing at the festival covers of famous songs of the "Cinema", shared his impressions with the press: "This concentration of boys and girls I have not seen! What is a strong movement! "Rock over the Volga" is not for the faint hearted! Actually, as I now understand, rock and the Volga in Russia - two eternal things. I have been on "Invasion", but, in the process, "Invasion" merges ».

This drive festival "Rock over the Volga" gave a performance of "The King and the Clown." Sweethearts of Russian punks were given broadcast a selection of their old songs. It has long been familiar melodies lit the audience so much that hardly any of the two hundred thousand gathered no "tearing the throat" with podpevanii. The secret of success lies in improvisation. Prince of Pot and did everything freaks on the scene without thinking in advance. "Our principle - room to be overclocked. Since we mainly listen to young people, we are trying to charge them with energy by means of improvisation and surprise attacks ", - told the musicians after the show, commenting on the extreme improvisation on" flying "high above the crowd scene" Rock over the Volga ».

"This year, on the stage of the festival" Rock over the Volga "we have built a sliding bridge, - said the organizer of the festival Eva Bespalov. - It is a fully computerized control system of screens and the scenes that are constantly in motion. The group "The King and the Clown" we raised with a sliding bridge at a height of 4 meters above the stage, and during the performance Kipelova bridge was extended by 20 meters ahead ».

According to Vladimir Putin, which he expressed in his congratulatory telegram, read out from the stage of the Samara region governor Vladimir Artyakov, "Rock over the Volga" was the "clearing demand for a friendly and professional communication».

 - I heartily congratulate you on this wonderful holiday - the Day of Russia. Your ambitious creative project is already the third year brings together on the banks of the great Russian river talented people, these like-minded, generous giving huge charge of positive energy, good humor and, of course, great music - said in a telegram to the Prime Minister of Russia.

The brightest moments of "Rock over the Volga-2011", which, of course, will be included in a television version of the festival and the DVD of the concert will long remain in the memory of those who on the Day of Russia was in the "Red plowman". Vyacheslav Butusov performed the song "Walking on water" with "Buranovskie grandmothers" from Udmurtia, who also presented in their own language and its own version of the hit band Deep Purple «Smoke on the water», after last year's performances became legendary British hallmark of the festival. Vyacheslav Butusov after the concert, said that with the "grandmothers" he works for a long time and "Walk on Water" failed. "Actually, I propose to do" Rock over the Volga "in the literal sense - over the river. It will be beautiful, "shared Butusov.

For the first time in many years on the festival stage stood Pyotr Mamonov, whose performance did not leave indifferent not only to the multitudes, but also colleagues in the creative workshop. Yuri Shevchuk could not contain their emotions and fell on the stage in front of Petr Nikolaevich on his knees - as a sign of deep respect.

 - For me Mamonov - a sample of the rock musician. One with a guitar on a huge stage, he was truly free, he did what was pleasing to his heart. And freedom - is the main thing that a person needs to be happy, - shared his impressions with reporters leader of "DDT».

Rather risky decision to the organizers of this year not to invite foreign main headliner undoubtedly paid off. Reunited after a ten-year break, the British group Scunk Anansie was able not only to surprise the audience with memorable vocals and colorful appearance soloist team skins, but unequivocally fall in love with a very conservative fans of Russian rock. Initially greeted the audience with a certain wariness charismatic singer by the third song has managed to make two hundred thousand spectators, and she was left literally on top. After the execution of one of the songs she jumped into the crowd, a little reviving almost forgotten among the Russian rock musicians culture stage-jumping.

"I was holding the hands of the tabernacle," - wrote in his micro-blog in one of social networks visitor of the festival, which at the time happened to be the historic jump in front of the stage.

One of the most anticipated numbers of the festival "Rock over the Volga" was the duo Valeria Kipelova and the ex-soloist of group Nightwish Tarja Turunen. The owner of opera singing is not only performed his solo composition, but also paid tribute to Russian music, singing in perfect Russian duet with Valery Kipelov his ballad "I'm here." "The best voices of the world met on the stage of" Rock over the Volga ". The uniqueness of the duo Tarja and Kipelova and its success suggests the possibility of more joint projects in the future ", - the organizers of the festival.

 - Tarja is especially difficult given the word "foreign". So when she was able to sing it without any accent, we thought it was our little victory - smiles after speaking Kipelov.

By tradition, the festival closed ETS group "Alice", which ended with a fantastic fireworks beauty who became a bright final point "Rock over the Volga-2011". "I like to start or end the festival. So it will be at the "Invasion" and "Rock over the Volga". I believe strongly that this festival "Invasion". The only difference is the number of groups and duration, the number of scenes, - told reporters the ideologist of the festival "Rock over the Volga" Konstantin Kinchev.

"We are particularly proud that perfectly worked together with the Ministry of Health of the podium for people with disabilities, because this year we were able to take up to five times more people carried them to the podium on special ghazals - we are pleased that to us in the field are not afraid to come to the people for whom these adventures so far been impossible, - says Eva Bespalov. - Two weeks Samara flooded by rain, and the field turned into liquid oil. We have made a titanic effort, all prayed, we asked for help from the Volga River, and now understand - it was a test of stamina, physical and moral. And we won! »

Festival "Rock over the Volga", which was held for three consecutive years on the Red Ploughman near Samara, look for a new site, - told reporters the Minister of Culture of the Samara region, Olga Rybakova. According to the organizers, next year the audience is waiting for the updated "Rock over the Volga" - a festival to change their place of residence, but the fact that it takes place, no one there is no doubt!

2.Utro cold ...

3.He dancing and he is well))

4. group "Mordor»

Volunteers)) They have done so to the guests of the festival Mr. walked through the mountains of dishes and cans. Individual and huge thanks to them.

6. "CHajf" Oh lit and made a positive sea ...

7. tired, lay down and went to sleep ....

8. "B-2" Leva

9. "B-2" Shura.

10. "Night snipers" Diana Arbenina

11. "Night snipers" Diana Arbenina Sting hand fans, and just wishing

12. First, it was so

13. And then because otstutstviya proper count of toilets (there were only about 60-70 and all had to defend from 30-60 min) it was so.

14. "U-Piter" Butusov

15. "Buranovskie grandmother" from Udmurtia

16. The exhibition of AvtoVAZ.

17. "The King and the Clown" pot

18. "The King and the Clown" Prince

19. "Aquarium" Boris Grebenshchikov

20. "The Time Machine" Andrei Makarevich

21.Gosha Kutsenko and Oleg Garkusha (AuktYon)

22. The close-knit ranks))

23. Dumps

24. Scunk Anansie. Uhhh they lit ...

25.Scunk Anansie soloist was not afraid and climbed into the crowd ...

26. Peter Mamonov. A legend ...

27. Pyotr Mamonov

28. Pyotr Mamonov. Alone with his guitar ...

29. Yuri Shevchuk and DDT. New songs of freedom is something))

30. DDT Yuri Shevchuk

31.Tarja Turunen. She is very talented and very beautiful ... One word queen))

32.Tarja Turunen

33.Tarja Turunen

34.Tarja Turunen She even sang in Russian with Kipelov ...

35. The groups' Kipelov »

36. The groups' Kipelov »

37. Fans Alice ...

38. Fayer show during performances Alice

39. Finally the band Alice and Konstantin Kinchev that traditionally close the festival ... it was GREAT !!! Thanks to the organizers and all the people who tried to keep us comfortable. We wait for all on PHB 2012)) Urrra ...



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