Best photos REUTERS September. Part 2.

We offer you the second part of the selection of the best pictures from the September news agency Reuters. The first part can be found here.

1. Reflection of a woman in the office in the business district of Pudong, Shanghai, September 22, 2011. (REUTERS / Carlos Barria) 81,538,993

2. Soldiers of the 2nd Regiment of the 27th Infantry Division of the US Army's firing at Taliban positions from a 120-mm mortar rounds from the outpost Pirtl King in Ghaziabad district, Kunar province, Afghanistan, 26 September 2011. (REUTERS / Erik De Castro) 37,934,698

3. Zeli Ferreira Rossi lies in a coffin in his own house in Santa Terezinha, Brazil, and his wife keeps the lid. Rossi sleeps in a coffin every Friday for 23 years, in memory of his friend, who died in 1988. Russia's friend bought him a coffin when he thought that he was killed in a car accident when a friend agreed that whoever survives the other, buy him a coffin. (REUTERS / Nacho Doce) 12,823,913

4. Rescuers evacuate a woman, were injured in clashes metro trains in Shanghai, 27 September 2011. According to the workers of the subway and this news agency Xinhua, the disaster caused the malfunction of equipment on the 10th line. (REUTERS / Carlos Barria) 84,071,832

5. The boy at a hospital in Peshawar September 13, 2011, after receiving first aid. Unidentified persons fired at a school bus, killing three children and a driver, fifteen children were injured. Age students, who were traveling in the bus was about 9 years old. (REUTERS / Fayaz Azi) 45,732,818

6. alcoholic crying during the haircut on the first day of stay in a rehabilitation center Nosotros Unidos in Caracas. (REUTERS / Carlos Garcia Rawlins) 77,755,323

7. Model posing before the show of hairstyles in Moscow, 28 September 2011. (REUTERS / Denis Sinyakov)


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