Amusement Parks: Fantasy Land and Europa Park

We got to Berlin by train without a hitch, making a stop at noon in Warsaw. Next, we had to go by train to Cologne, which is located on the outskirts of Fantasy Land amusement park, and from there by train to Paris. In Paris planned to stay three days: the day of Paris itself, a day at Versailles and the day at Disneyland. Then we ...

moved in the vicinity of Freiburg parks in Europe, and then on the Paris-Munich-Rothenburg-Warsaw-Moscow. But in Berlin, we suddenly learned that the train from Cologne to Paris was canceled due to the hurricane. Questionable Paris-Munich train. In order not to risk, we rented a car in Berlin.

The collateral value of cars amounted to 650 euros, lease itself cost about 400 euros, while we have not rattletrap and roomy Volkswagen Touareg. Roads in Europe are paid, they treated us all the time for a trip to 75 euros. In Berlin, we issued through a bank transfer fee received a receipt, which provided safely at checkpoints fare on motorways. Amount would be greatly reduced if we did not go to France. Prices in the paddling pool bite everywhere, and the quality of service and the other is poor. But more about that another time, now just about the parks ...

Fantasy Land Park is located on the outskirts of Cologne and covers an area of ​​80 football fields. This is a huge complex, divided into 6 zones: Old Berlin, Chinese, City, Mystery, Fantasy, Heart of Africa and Mexico. Each zone has its own Mascot. Every day at different times in each of the zones are theatrical performances involving this mascot designed for children of primary school age. Also, in each region there are a number of attractions, starting with the most peaceful and ending with one, but the infernal.

Familiarity with the park, we started with the heart of Africa. While I fotkala park central square and waited for the arrival of German friends, my mother and her friend stood in line for a certain attraction. I go over and ask, "Where are you even stand?" I replied, "Dunno. Where are all there and we stand. " All 200 people turned out in Russia, this would be all moved 4 hours, but due to the German organization, we overcame it in about 15 minutes End of line wrapped in a dark clay pavilion, which drove sostavchik designed for 21 people. Negros in African national costumes helped people to sit down and buckle up, then drove forward sostavchik the tunnel and disappeared. Denis - is the son of my mother's friends - kind of formidable African scared and absolutely refused to ride. In order to reassure the boy, the ladies decided to take him out and treat ice cream, and at the same time to admire the dance of African dancers. I stayed, waited their turn, sat down, strapped in and ...

Everything that happens in the next fifteen minutes, I remember vaguely. I remember flying upside down at a speed of 180 km / h and another twist from a height of 30 meters, I screamed and mothers all over Europe. All this time my gut were repeatedly overturned and smeared on the walls of the body and the brain simply falling apart. So I ride on the Black Mamba - hell attraction in the heart of Africa. "How are you, darling?" - Asked my mom when I got there. "X evo ... !!!" - I said, and fought in the hands of treacherous Parkinson. "It may be worth it to go away or at least make a break in the rides," - Mom asked again. "A hrenushki!" - I said, and again stood in line at the Black Mamba. The second time I sneaked around me distinguish types of park and walking people, but it does not fit me scream with laughter during a somersault in the loop. "Well, God forbid someone would get me, I dragged it to the Mambo" - I thought. In the next few hours my thoughts come true ...

Acquainted with nowhere for most heart of Africa, we moved to Old Berlin. This is the safest area in the park, consisting of a variety of restaurants and a couple of rides. In both of them we all ride safely, first circled the carousel, and then went on a balloon 60 meters and back. Then ate, empathetic pofotkat and moved in the Chinese city.

In the Chinese city we walked around a dozen souvenir shops, watched the show in the house of a Geisha, and then went to the Palace of the Emperor. There we were loaded into wagons and 10 minutes silently rode through the maze of the palace and watched puppet scenes from Chinese mythology. Denis was delighted, and the ladies wanted water attractions.

So we were in Mexico. Water rides were two: Wild Canyon River Canyon and ice water. On one of them you swim in a canoe, which climbs to 8 people, and the second - in a double canoe. In both cases, it was pretty quiet, except for one sharp drop waterfall with a height of 10 meters. A couple of times we rolled on the wave, but considering that the street was 30 degrees heat, all the showers were very, very happy. Then Denis saw and decided to ride the trolley. We went after him and got to ride adventure in Colorado. This is the same Black Mamba, only without the dead loop, without torsion, at a speed of 120 km / h and into the car, instead of sostavchik. All except me yelled at the top of Russian throat, and I thought: "Heh, is that you still have not been to the Mamba. After that, I do not care ... "naive !!!

Received zvezdyuley, Denis said that now is ride on something quiet. "And here there is an entrance somewhere - I said. - Let's go there. " Seeing the scenes on the walls of Maya mythology, all agreed that see attraction in the Chinese palace, and went there together. We got to hell ... Imagine a thick rod to which the two sides attached chair. You sit there, you are tied on all sides, and then the rod moves slowly and hangs over the precipice, studded clubs. Then the rod starts spinning on its axis at a speed of 150 km / h, so alternating head-butt and butt-head becomes two minutes very blurry. Deniska sick, my mother and her friend were numb. Needless to say, that zvezdyuli this time I got ...

Tousled from Taloqan and parental reprimand, I appeared before the German friends who came safely to the appointed meeting place. "To where you were, I'm not going !!!" - said one Richard, poking a finger at me. And I readily believe it !!!

Decided to go into the zone of Mystery. Stood in line to ride the River Quest. It is a huge complex with moving streams of water, which move pontoons with people. You can pick up on vysootu up to 15 meters, and then abruptly falls to throw down. Since the water beneath you, you do not feel fear. Podvizgivaesh in the total mass for fun and get wet a bit, but not much more. Next, the path led us to a beautiful castle with a hundred meter tower, which was about a lot of things nafotkal. The castle fell from shelves books, creaking doors and appeared laser ghosts. So we went along, until he fell into a small room with cones and retorts, the path into the second room in front of our nose blocked the door. Looking around in the dark, we noticed that the mothers, aunts and Tanya Dennis no. They were in the room at the oak doors. In the next few minutes out of the room muffled op, so all decided that a super ride. When the doors opened, we found ourselves in a room where there were chairs on the perimeter with protective mounts. Our was not, apparently already left. I sat down, strapped in. On the one hand from me sat Rishenka, and on the other, Oliver. And then on top pulled chill. When I looked up and saw over a hundred-meter black and empty tower, then immediately realized that now is. But it was too late ... Welcome to hell !!! To a height of 50 meters, we soared into the darkness in three seconds. Maximum! Next, we turn on the backlight, we saw the twisted horror behalf of all present, the backlight is off and we raced with a whistle in free fall down. On earth we breath, thinking it all and then soared over the same 3 seconds to a height of 100 meters. At the top of the tower operation dark-light-fall in the darkness repeated. I screamed very loudly, for about 15 minutes then throat ached, but his ora I did not hear. All the space around me occupied inhuman cries terribly afraid of heights Richard. His face was stone, mouth open, eyes glazed, tears flowed down her cheeks. "And I told you that - my mother said her friend, seeing white as death and leading us to a dead Rishenku 99%. - That's right, we have done to you, that this nonsense is not climbed! You look up what these tyrants father of two children brought !!! "Oil Painting !!! Ladies, just seeing a blank space at the top, slipped through another door to exit and save the throat and nerves, and we were. We got !!! 10 minutes recovering and explaining how and what happened there, got to the point that one wise guy named Cree said: "A little more time?". Well we're cool, we have no weak !!! And the four idiot went to ride again. When we left, no longer white, but still pale in Rishenki with varying success twitching right eye and inarticulate sounds began to take shape in words. After the castle tower and I have nothing bad. No-thing !!!

Richard finally moved in 40 minutes when we had time to eat, sfotkat area and sit on the Swan Mountain attraction, where slowly circled the surroundings areas Fantasia on cable car. Then we moved from the top down, where floated silently in the petals of a lotus on the same neighborhoods. Next, the body, which, after the castle with a tower has been shit on all perepitii fate wanted thrills. Finding in the latest fantasy zone your hell, we moved there. On the strength of the attraction Witches went all the same four most crazy. The attraction was a monorail, goes down under the dome from a height of 25 meters, with numerous twisted and a noose. In the trailer for four sit two pairs, back to back. Next, the little wagon shall be accelerated and you start to move on the monorail, and the joke is that in addition to the rotation on the road, the trailer revolves around him. In other words, you're flying in the face of the void, the booty. There was no squeal or squeak. In response to the question "How ride?" Stay down got an answer: "Complete garbage. After the castle (and in my case also Mamba) ...... "From the mention of the castle in Rishenki began to twitch and the left eye, and then talk to the topic of free fall covered.

In the street began to rain, the time was half an hour. We chose indoor attraction called Castle Nighthawk. The name "Castle" guarded, so at the request of the workers, I asked the custodian of the attraction, he dreaded. "What do you mean, it is for children from four years old," was the reply. Began to be loaded into the next carriage, there's room for six. In addition to all of the same four sat down with us Denis and his mother. Trailer slowly crept into the dark tunnel, in the dark began to rise slowly in the dark, and then ... And then we in darkness Mota government at prerestroyke! Same Adventure Colorado only in darkness. All the way my thoughts were not with me, but in the trailer that went behind us. There was a mother with toshnotstvom transports the fast race, a couple of friends, and most importantly ... Richard Guardian odnovremennno Special Mother and Herr Richard, the others were laughing together in the side. Looking up at the keeper, Rishenka said that once outside shower and children will ask how it rides, it is better to die, but the face in the dirt does not hit. So we went to visit the hawk again ... and then again ... And everything was fine, even Richard did not shout. Probably used to, poor fellow, and maybe was involved.

And then I pulled the devil "Damn, it would be desirable for the Black Mamba" - I said. Naturally we had to explain what the Mamba and how to treat it. "Yes, your garbage Mamba," - said the Cree. And then he was caught on the weak from mambovskogo sostavchik its attraction after trying to pull out two Negro, but he clung to the barrier, like a drowning man to a straw, and yelled that all cattle, and to the dregs. Five minutes later, with cries of joy rolled a second time. Ten minutes later, while driving gave pozdatylnik sitting in front of Oliver. After 15 minutes, said the Mamba it no longer inspires and want real extreme, but the offer again to go to the castle with a tower refused. Oh, it was necessary to further Taloqan zatoschit !!!

In this introduction to Fantasy Land has ended. The night we had dinner and a hotel in Cologne. In the morning, a little walk around the city, took a second car for the kids and went to France. This stage of our journey, and I will miss the second switch to an amusement park - Europa Park.

The park is located in the vicinity of Freiburg and covers an area of ​​more than 140 football fields. The park is divided into 15 thematic areas: Germany, Italy, France, Spain, UK, Russia, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Holland, Iceland, Portugal, Africa and the world of childhood. In each zone observed architecture of real historical regions, vendors and souvenir shops are dressed in national costumes. In other words, a state within a state. In the park we spent 10 hours, but it is, believe me, to saturate the soul a little !!!

The main attractions in that we are interested in - it's horror-nightmare. After Mamba, Taloqan and Towers us all on the same w ... So we moved in the zones from one hell of an attraction to another, alternately riding a soothing boats and airplanes. Reached Russia. In the Russian part of the park were built five towers, similar to the business center in Moscow. The height of the largest of about 36 meters. Around the towers laid vagonetochnaya road, with hinges and torsion. Booting into the van - 4 people in each, 2 for 2, back to back - we started by cosmic music spiral climb up inside the tower. And then - oops on! - At the very top left outside and began to rush at breakneck speed around the towers, the rising and falling from a height into the abyss. At the same time caravans revolved around her and again flew down the person, the priest.

After some very impressionable Russia said that more on any top bunk not climb for any price !!! And kept his promise, although looming two megakoustera - French attraction Silver Star and Icelandic Blue Fire. Last Predsavlyaet a roller coaster with a maximum height of the arc of 38 meters and a length of more than 1 km., With a noose, 3360 torsion along the entire length, with the speed acceleration to 100 km / h in 2 seconds, etc. Blue Fire went on I'm alone, about 20 minutes standing in line, while everyone else in the area of ​​Portugal riding on boats. At the middle of the lineup, I itch to the toilet, but I decided that the best confused than turn back. Everything worked, though, and shook me poperevorachivalo specifically

Next I went to the Silver Star. This ride starts with the fact that you are in a trailer meeeeeeeeedlenno rises to a height of 73 meters, poslechego at over 130 km / h drops down almost to the ground, again shoots up to 50 meters, and twist again like rushing through the waves, the soaring, then falling. Length of route 1, 6 km. When I slowly crept up - one, by the way! - I thought: "Figure it surrendered to me ?! I was so young! I want to live! "At the height of 50 meters, I decided not to, I came over 2175 km, so as not to feel it! At a height of 60 meters, I proudly gazed at the mountains which lie in the area of ​​the Black Forest. At a height of 70 meters took a deep breath and started ... It was awesome !!! Nearby sat a German guy who cried all the way Scheise! (It. "Shit") and yelled scream.

When my family asked me how I responded that, in my opinion, of all the amusement parks in Europe, the worst - Russian slides. And it is indeed true !!! Yes, on the Blue Fire're cool and Werth, and Silver Star uhaesh into the void, but it somehow predictable. In addition, the design of trains made so that you all seem strong. At the same Russian rollercoaster at an altitude of 36 meters, when the trailer is rotated around its axis, do you think that he is that and look to the dogs fly and carry the side of the Black Forest. My admonition to calm people and instill a huge share of curiosity, drove three crazy for the Silver Star. We sat down just four in a row and raced. Once gone, all together surrounded us our stated: "Russian Hills, Black Mamba, and the main castle with a tower in mulёnstotyschpyatsot times worse."

Further offers detailed photographic and video report about the trip. Some photos and video taken from youtube and myspase to reflect the experience complete. Enjoy !!!

Fantasy Land
1-Colorado adventure

2-Mystery Castle

3-Mystery Castle

4-River Quest


6-Winja's Force

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7 In Colorado

8 In Chinatown

9 Behind the castle. The tower is not climbed)))

10 Panorama Zone Mystery

11 Castle Alley

12 Way to Taloqan

13 Panorama zone Mexico

14 Donna Anchita



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