Balancing stones

At a time when many people are unable to find common ground and points of contact with their own kind, an American painter and sculptor Michael grabs (Michael Grab) is able to negotiate even with kamnyami.
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In the hands of an artist, under his guidance, stones, bricks, boulders and river pebbles can prodelyvat breathtaking stunts, overcoming gravity and the incredible lining installation. It may seem that here was not without glue, rope or wire, but no, Michael works honestly, so that the stones balancing his land art held literally on fair slove.

Children's interests to put a handful of pebbles into the sea and piles later turned into a large-scale art project Gravity glue, which for several years in a row the adult Michael grabs devotes all his spare time. His specialty - a land art, only stones and nothing but nih.

Taking a walk along the rivers, lakes and ponds, sunbathing on the coast, he always finds the opportunity to build from stones lying near the water a few intricate figures astounded bystanders and those who came specifically to observe the work of the master. Few believe that there are no tricks, and Michael does not use any aids to strengthen stone installations. But after he built a tower in front of them, doubts dissipated, giving way to admiration and vostorgu.

The artist likes to work at home in Colorado. There, he has already become a local celebrity, and the banks of reservoirs have seen a lot of installations, built in spite of gravity. Michael grabs the handles gravitational force as if they were good friends, and she is always ready to make concessions to the old fellow. And if she protects the delicate structures of stone, without letting them fall, and fall to chasti.

However, be that as it may, the land art can not be considered durable, and even installation, managed to overcome gravity, soon lose their shape, succumbing to the effects of water and wind, rain and snow. But their pictures are stored for a long time, giving people the opportunity to again and again to consider the amazing work of American artist while admiring and disbelief.

The site art project called Gravity glue you can see numerous installations grab Michael, built in the years of his hobbies land-art. A video will be the proof that they really built deft hands of the artist, and really only stones.



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