10 most unusual parks in the world

Nature - the best artist, but sometimes it interferes with the idea man, and thanks to this union there are amazing places. We offer you a selection of the most unusual parks in the world.

Green Lake, Austria

This park is located in the Austrian town Tragoess, amazing, above all, in the winter - it is a regular park here with broken beds, walkways, trees. People come here to sit on the comfortable benches, picnic and enjoy stunning views of the mountains and the lake, where the water has an unusual green color. But summer lake poured, and the water level rises in it from two to ten meters. Then the park is flooded and completely disappears under water. And then here from all over the world come to divers. Perhaps this is - the only place in the world where you can see the familiar world under water. All plants, park paths and benches are in place, and you diving floats past them. Among terrestrial vegetation in the crystal-clear water floating small fish. And so it goes, until winter comes again.

Park 200 Buddhas, Laos

200 Buddha Park was established relatively recently one of the religious leaders of Laos Bunlya Sulitatom. It took a lot of time, and he Sulitat finish it and could not, as crazy. However, the park is amazing: a relatively small area collected more than 200 sculptures of Buddhas, snakes, gods and heroes of the Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Thanks to meticulous planning, the visitor can come close to each stone statue, explore all the features of the thread, or, if they wish, to look into the faces of stone from a distance. The amazing thing is that each carved in stone hero inherent in his own face. Everything worked out every detail of the statue: scales on the snake bodies, folds in clothing characters, attribute, entity ... The height of some statues reaches 20 m in height and some do not exceed the five-year growth of the child. The park is located just five miles from the town of Nong Khai, and if desired, can also be reached by bike or even on foot. In addition to articles, it has picturesque ponds, manicured flowerbeds and open to the public glass sphere, where lies the embalmed body of the founder of the park Bunlya Sulitata.

Park sinners, Thailand

The park is not recommended to visit people with unstable mentality. The fact that Park sinners in the territory of a Buddhist temple 40 km from Bangkok is filled with sculptures of people, pierced with spears hung consumed by mythical animals and other dead, no less terrible ways - a sort of visual demonstration might look like "hell on earth ". In addition, the set of speakers throughout the park now and then comes the muted psychedelic music and eerie voice, which tells about the various horrors of torture and things like that - fortunately, in Thai. By the way, the Thais often come here with children - apparently for educational purposes. But we would like to bring to the place of the child is not advised. And adults should visit this park only in the event that they have a mental or iron, or a specific sense of humor.

Park space reflection, Scotland

According to the plan of the founders of the park spouse Charles Jencks and Maggie Chesvik, this place should give visitors a glimpse of the universe and man's place in it, and that the whole of modern science - no more than a step in the process of learning something quite extraordinary. The usual flower beds or comfortable paths in the park is not. But there is quite futuristic objects such unusual form artificial hills, bridges and stairs. Everything is so harmoniously that the landscape perfectly fit aluminum sculpture most bizarre. The visitor can even get into the "black hole" or be in the Klein bottle, to reflect on complex mathematical formulas or wander inside fractals. Bird's-eye view of the park all man-made objects represent the whole picture. This is - one of those amazing man-made places on Earth that are definitely worth a visit.

Creation Museum, USA

This park was primarily created to show people that God's creation of the earth (as described in the Bible) is in no way contradicts the theory of evolution. The collection includes the giant dinosaurs moving figures, adjacent to "reconstruction" huge Noah's ark. For glass windows near the bones of prehistoric animals and biblical artifacts. Park staff argue that the existence of dinosaurs is not contrary to the Bible - God could create them in the same way as all other animals, but for some reason they did not survive the Great Flood. Regardless of your religious beliefs Park is certainly worth attention. The fact that the majority of dinosaur bones and reconstructed skeletons - the original archaeological finds. And the idea is to combine the biblical story of the science is interesting enough in itself.

Flower Park Keukenhof, the Netherlands

Keukenhof is world famous primarily due to growing its territory huge fields of tulips. On 32 hectares there are more than 100 varieties of flowers. Of course, except tulips growing in the park and other colors: lilac, orchid, rose, lily. Spring is coming to the park more than 800 thousand tourists - the fact that because of the "fastidiousness" tulip park is open only during the period from March to May. Every year in late April in the park parades colors through the streets Lissa move huge platform made entirely from plants.

Francisco Alvarado Park, Costa Rica

This park - a real miracle of landscape design. Taking a walk in his paths, you will see made of cypress living elephants, monkeys and other animals. But the main thing in the park - it is a mystical maze of living plants: hanging over the visitors countless green arches beneath their feet stretched intertwine the track, and on the way to meet a lot of surprises - which is only the giant figure of a sleeping woman, the body and the face is carved from a moss-covered stones .

Jurong Bird Park in Singapore

In Dzhauronge collected birds from around the world. Most of the feathered inhabitants of the park is, of course, the birds from Southeast Asia, but there are also many kinds from Europe, America and Africa. The main feature of the park is that the visitors created the illusion that the birds live in the wild - in the park not find any enclosures or cages. For each group of birds created conditions that mimic its natural habitat area: for example, to the penguins made air-conditioning system, and for the flamingos - large artificial pond. Most visitors like to explore the aviary with parrots - is home to 110 species of these bright intelligent birds. No less interesting is the pavilion with an artificial waterfall, where they live 1,500 species of birds from around the world. You will be able to watch in real time of their lives, to see how the birds feed, sleep, grown offspring. Only here you can not feed them - park staff warn that this could adversely affect the health of the birds.

The Kingdom of dwarfs, China

In truth, this is not the park. Rather, the Kingdom of dwarfs can be called a village, where they live exclusively dwarfs. In the park has its own school, hospital, shops. But from time to time the door opened for the visitors of the village, and dwarfs dress up in fabulous costumes and carried to their homes for those wishing to tour. At home, by the way, very interesting, made in the form of spawn or trees. All subservient to the park is only its residents. From the point of view of public morality park is some doubt as the Europeans and the Chinese. But, anyway, the place is popular and good source of income deprived Chinese authorities are in no hurry.

Chess Park, Japan

In the Japanese city of Osaka on one of the channels is a park dedicated to board games. Paths, tables, slides and all other objects are made in a chess theme. Of course, the park can be found directly chess boards, and table games such as backgammon and board for a game of checkers or. Tourists park is very popular not enjoy, but it is very fond of the locals who often come here with their children. The park is amazing by the fact that the creators were not so much money, so that all objects are made of cheap and environmentally friendly materials such as pressed wood and cardboard. If you find yourself in Japan - go, you will not regret, because Chess Park is a great example of how to be interesting and useful to make a place to relax right in the city.

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