5 best parks of Moscow 2017

Moscow's rating has identified five of the best parks of Moscow 2017. Evaluation criteria were such factors as: the Area size and layout, the Area – how it is landscaped, the Theme – Yes or no, Events – what events take place, the Location where the Park is and finally how it is suitable for celebrations with children. The final five of the best parks of Moscow in 2017 looks like this:

5th place. "Elk island"
One of the first in our country's national parks. Is a huge forest in the middle of the metropolis. The Park is divided into 3 parts: the most-guarded, educational excursion and recreation area. A great place to study animals and plants. Here you can ride the horse, feed the squirrels. Elk Island is great for walking with children outdoors. And the Museum of "Russian life" will talk about the lifestyle of peasants in the XIX century.

4th place. The Park
A popular place among residents of the capital. The main attraction is the estate Vorontsov, which preserved group of buildings from the 18th century. The Park is a favorite place for newlyweds wedding photo session. Surrounded by greenery, ponds with water fountains every year attracts thousands of visitors. In summer there are rental boats and catamarans. For younger visitors, built two playgrounds and a number of rides.

The 3rd place. Sokolniki
One of the oldest parks of the city of Moscow with a rich history. Its special feature is the layout in the form of rays emanating from the circle. Sokolniki is a popular place for a stroll on roller skates, bicycles and ecological vehicles. Rentals located within walking distance of the main entrance. For active holidays there are different sports clubs, playgrounds, Panda Park and a large sports complex. In winter the whole area turns into one big skating rink with natural ice. On the stage "rotunda" are dance programs at various destinations for visitors of all ages. Proud Sokolniki is a large and a small rose garden, gathered a few hundred of rare species of flowers. Young visitors are always excited to see at Luna Park, innopark, the house of children's creativity. A nice feature for moms is the availability of rooms for mother and child that makes the stay with your baby long-lasting and comfortable. There is also a Congress and exhibition centre "Sokolniki", where interesting conferences and exhibitions.

2nd place. Izmaylovsky Park
This green ocean is situated between the metro stations are partisan and Highway Enthusiasts to Izmailovsky Park. The abundance of wildlife combine with places for recreation. The Central part of the Izmailovo is a Round pond, a summer variety platform, and a set of kiddie rides. A large Ferris wheel gives you the opportunity to see the Park from a bird's eye view. On weekends and holidays there are interesting interactive activities for the whole family. In the square of Courage organized by the Museum of military equipment of times of the great Patriotic war. In winter, the Park features a skating rink with artificial and natural ice. For all visitors there are landscaped eco-Park.

1st place. Gorky Park
One of the largest and most popular parks in the city of Moscow. In it you will find something to interest both adults and children. Here is the epicenter of the biggest events: exhibitions, festivals, presentations, concerts, workshops.

In recent years the Park has significantly changed. In place of the usual attractions come playgrounds for practicing various sports, including extreme. Are very popular available and a well-equipped rental equipment. Variety of playgrounds, a free dance marathons bring together hundreds of fans and onlookers. For a convenient and comfortable stay there is a free puffs and sunbeds, wi-fi, places to charge various gadgets. In the summer time is particularly popular sandy beach and outdoor cinema.


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