How much is moving to different city

Recent statistics showed that about every second of the five thousand people surveyed would like to relocate in the next five years, he moved to another city. In this regard, the experts decided to analyze the cost of the move and the first month of life in different cities around the world.

The website shares with his readers those very interesting and useful data. Click on the images below to see a detailed list of necessary expenses.

Note: the data on prices current at the beginning of January 2017.

  • The rankings are based on the cost of the first month of living in the city.
  • The cost calculation was based on the exchange rate on 30 January 2017.
  • Rents were calculated from the average cost for an apartment of 35 sq. m.
  • In the average cost of telephone charges included: buying a SIM card and its activation, and a monthly Internet package with a volume of 5 GB.
New York, USA

Zurich, Switzerland

London, UK

Kong, China


Tokyo, Japan

Oslo, Norway

Paris, France

Stockholm, Sweden

Dublin, Ireland

Tel Aviv, Israel

Milan, Italy

Brussels, Belgium

Madrid, Spain

Beijing, China

Vienna, Austria

Berlin, Germany

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Moscow, Russia

Lisbon, Portugal

Bangkok, Thailand

Athens, Greece

Hanoi, Vietnam

Riga, Latvia

Sofia, Bulgaria


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