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South Africa has all that many travelers crave from your trip: fine weather, gorgeous scenery, great beaches, modern comfort and excellent cuisine. Southern Africa also offers plenty of exotic adventures from the thrilling Safari to diving with great white sharks. It's hard to name another place that offers as much diversity as South Africa. In this photoblog You will be able to admire some beauty of South Africa.

Johannesburggauteng is the economic heart of Africa and the place where first begins the introduction with South Africa. With 3 million inhabitants it is also the second largest city on the continent. In Johannesburg earned the money and built the fate. There is a stereotype, if it's a brutal concrete jungle, teeming with criminals, but in fact all this is greatly exaggerated. Among tourists is becoming more popular visiting criminal district and suburbs of Johannesburg — Soweto.

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Vineyards Cape Pointilliste vineyards of South Africa is located in the lush Boland Basin around 80 km North-East of Cape town. The valleys of the rivers flowing into the pool, perfect for the growth of many types of grapes, including Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. The scope of the Toe, Manhattan is also home to five-star restaurants, exclusive shops and charming hotels. A trip to the wine country of South Africa is a great option for travel.

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Addressonly national Park in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, the national Addo Elephant Park — one of the largest parks in the country. The Park is known for its population of elephants, which has a special, brownish skin color due to the red soil. Among the elephants can be spotted other animals such as ostriches, antelopes, and warthogs. As part of the Park, a group of lions and a group of spotted hyenas were presented to the Park in 2004.

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Germanyrmany on the South coast of Africa near the garden Route, Hermanus is a great place for whale watching. Protected shallow water attracts southern right whales who migrate here every year during the breeding period. You can explore the route length of 10 km, with multiple sites, telescopes, and benches for observation. This place offers visitors plenty of opportunities to consider these amazing animals floating along the shore. Wishing to be in close proximity to the animals can go in a special tour boat. In any case, Hermanus — one of the best places for whale watching in the world.

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Urbanware largest city of South Africa — Durban is located on the East coast of Africa. The subtropical climate of Durban, the scenic beaches and close proximity to Johannesburg have made the coastal city a popular destination for both South Africans and visitors. British Colonial architecture that once dominated the city, was animated by the Zulu connection frescoes, Islamic mosques, Hindu temples and Christian churches. The city is situated among the sights of Africa that are worth a visit.

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National Park Calgaryloanpayday national Park Kgalagadi is located in a region of the Kalahari in Botswana and South Africa. It originated as the official merger of the National Park Antelope Oris in Botswana and the Kalahari National Park in South Africa. The Park opens endless majestic red dunes from migrating herds of wildebeest, antelope, Oris, Springbok and Eland, as well as many predators such as lion, Cheetah and leopard.

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Road Shadowdrake Gardens — a picturesque road along the South-Eastern coast of South Africa. It extends from Mossel Bay in Western Cape to the Storm river in the Eastern Cape. The name comes from the diverse flora and numerous lagoons and lakes dotted along the coast. Here you can find some of the most important sights of South Africa, including Knysna, Plettenberg Bay and Nature's Valley. The garden, definitely one of the most beautiful road journeys in the world.

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Drakensbergkamberg — mountainous region, which forms the border between South Africa and the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. The Drakensberg is famous for its awe-inspiring landscapes. The name ‘Drakensberg’ is derived from the Dutch, meaning “dragon mountains”, as the Zulus called it Quathlamba, referring to the ‘Wall of spears’. The Zulu word is a more accurate description of this mountainous region, but the Dutch title better conveys something otherworldly atmosphere of the Drakensberg. This is one of the most popular Hiking trails in the world.

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National Park Rogerpenna a huge area of Savannah in the Northern parts of South Africa, covered with bushes, Kruger national Park includes the countries of Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Because of its dense animal population and diversity of flora and fauna of the Park is considered a true jewel of the natural system of South Africa. Numerous well-groomed gravel road made Kruger Park favorite destinations for expeditions and travel, as well as one of the best Safari reserve in the world. In addition, Kruger is home to the famous Big Five African animals.

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The capital of South Africa — Captionlistentry in the South-Western tip of Cape province, Cape town, the most popular tourist destination in all of Africa. The capital enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate, good infrastructure and spectacular natural splendor. The Cape town city centre is located in a relatively small area between table mountain and Table Bay. The city also serves as a good base for exploring nearby attractions including various beaches of the region, and hills and wine valleys of the Winelands.

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