"Operation Y" in detail (59 photos)

On the famous and favorite movies of all difficult to write, and even more so to write something new. The film directed by Leonid Gaidai "Operation Y and Other Adventures Shurik" - these forty years as one of the most popular Soviet films.

We love this movie, and we are. Moreover, the "Operation Y" has become for us the epitome of the 1960s - the time of light, naive, and has such far away from us. We were interested, from what parts make this a wonderful landscape, the streets and buildings as well as cars hit the frame.

On the Internet on this subject could not find anything, except that the film was shot in 1964-65 years in Moscow and Leningrad, Odessa and Yalta. So we tried to do to make this work.

Perhaps we should just note that we do not read about the shooting of the film is nothing but a couple of newspaper articles. Perhaps all we have written already widely known. But even if we did extra work, it does not disappoint - "Operation Y" is worth it ...

Sviblovo. Now at this point the yard of kindergarten

Of course, movies, starred in the Soviet Union, had little to do with reality. But sometimes they only can be seen for a long time changing views of streets, now destroyed home, interiors, cars, subways, trams, buses and trolley buses in previous years. "Operation Y" is very rich in scenery, especially good shot sixties buildings ...

Ironically, the role of the main area of ​​Khrushchev in the Soviet cinema played a Cheryomushki untwisted or other well-known buildings of those years - Kuzminki and Khoroshevo, but much more modest Sviblovo, which did not written in the guidebooks.


Landscape first: bus stop "Knitting Factory»

Thus, the film begins with the fact that the Shura waiting for the bus in the pouring rain. Why the bus was to be expected in 1965.? Diversity was not special, either ZIL / LiAZ 158 or ZIS-155 in the first frame of the film we see the ZIL-158. The inscription on the plate fictional route "Bus Station without conductor N13 - Knitted - district." Also in the frames flash "humpback" and "Volga" GAZ-21 prototype fake bus number 13 could speak bus №267 (now №818). He comes from the Kiev railway station to the farm district. On Skolkovskom highway almost at the outskirts of Moscow, it has a stop "Knitting Factory".

"This episode is filmed outside the house 5/2 of the Komsomol prospectus, on a small boulevard, going to the waterfront. Buses on it never attended stop sham.

In the foreground is seen 5/2 house, built in 1954 with the "native", but a bit faded in 1960 guise. Bakery existed here until 1990, becoming an ordinary product. However, the word "bakery" on the sign can be seen even now, in 2006.

In the background is the church of St. Nicholas in Khamovniki (1679-82), known for its "falling" the bell tower.

Landscape of the second: the fight on the bus

As we recall, Stop Shura got into the ZIL-158, but inside we show quite another bus. The film's director is a small substitution: scenes filmed inside not Zile, and earlier. It is easily distinguished by the oval window above the side windows, and goes down as the trains, frames.

Outside the window is seen a curious landscape: small Empire style houses the first half of the XIX century, and behind them - the new high-rise housing. I spotted the place after being posted this material.

The films with the collapse of the seat Hoosier - yet unidentified street section within the Collegiate Chamber of the shaft. The footage from the future mother - Bolshaya Ordynka, there flashed gates Martha and Mary Convent, a huge building on the corner with the Ministry Pyzhevskii lane.

Another interesting episode: bus shakes the street from the ongoing fighting there. Outside again show ZIL-158 with the number of 63-31 MMA. In general terms, visible, in addition to the City, two small buses.

It is necessary to make a digression. Buses in 50-60 years the country was not enough, so many non-core businesses in the Union republics have mastered the production of simple design small capacity buses on truck chassis GAZ. The prototype served to them usually. It is this bus going to a meeting with Shurik bus and Hoosier.

This bus Moscow Origin: presumably it released factory "Aremkuz." Behind him the bus rides more advanced design: wagon-- brand "Tajikistan" You can see his photo from the collection of N. Novikov) with militia number of IOM 42-39, are made pursuant to the Federal Republic.

Also in the frame flash "Volga" GAZ-21, a second modification (and the usual two-tone) and black "ZIM" GAZ-12

This episode was shot in Novoluzhnetskom Travel. In the picture is clearly visible now dismantled and re-erected bridge Krasnoluzhsky ring road and Berezhkovskaya embankment near Setunsky driveways. Quite far seen Stalin's home Kutuzovsky Prospect.

Now in the place where it was filmed, the bridge is constructed Third Ring. Notice how there were lights.

Combined survey taken at the Komsomolsk Avenue, in the vicinity of the current Youth Palace. From the bus drops the book "Problems of Cybernetics".

Once the frame is visible in the truck ZIL-MMZ-164 based ZiL-164.

Landscape of the third (and final): the police station

The episode filmed at the police station at Mosfilm. In the picture is clearly visible after the war a number of monumental buildings, as well as a typical 1960s canopy over the entrance to a new pavilion. Near the high wooden fence is white lantern 1950s to attach it to the speakerphone.

In the crowd of prisoners stand dude in a pink tie and fashionable sunglasses, be far from good at the wedding of a young man in a rumpled tie and a black eye, a proletarian bully in a ragged shirt and with a tattoo "I want the moon" in the then fashionable space theme ...

At the police station is one of the iconic cars, which appears in this novel - PAZ-653. This is a police van, which in another episode of "stern policeman" brings lunch Hoosier. Police spetsfurgon PAZ-653 based on the chassis of the truck GAZ-51 and are available from the beginning of the 1950s in the Pavlovsk Bus Plant.

Landscape Four: Construction

Scenes were filmed at a construction site at least once in three places: in the Moscow area Sviblovo (Sedova Street and 2nd Botanical fare); in a newly built pavilion of Mosfilm; in the Odessa area Cheryomushki, and perhaps in neighboring Ilichevske- it just built up rapidly in those years.

In this case, the five-storey block 7/2 and 9/2 on the street Sedova, and now demolished two-story building, standing in 2nd Botanical Travel.

While the foreman tells Hoosier about exciting accomplishments "of our SMU" by passing two trucks on chassis ZIL-164: tractor ZIL-MMZ-164AN (1961-1965gg.), A modification of an earlier ZIL-MMZ-164N (1957-1961gg. ) with prefab-trailer and crane LAZ-690 (manufactured Lviv Bus Plant from 1955 to mid-1960 chassis ZiL-164).

Fifth Landscape Panorama Sviblovo

This is one of my favorite landscapes in this film. In the frame visible krasnobokie five-story building, two brand-new five-storey school, built homes and hiding in the greenery of the Stalinist dvuhetazhki. We have long wondered over this landscape, until we realized that we face Sviblovo. Check on the internet showed the validity of this conjecture.

In place of the five-story building long krasnobokih N2-10, until recently stood on the street Sedova, red flats already built a series P-44T. The odd side of the street is to keep the old building, but how much it will last - is unknown ...

Survey was conducted from the roof of an eight-house N3 street Sedova (he is in the frame and in other episodes of the film). In one of the shots, and in front of us overlook the western Sviblovo.

On the left side of the screen is visible a house under construction N5 / 2, which is often featured in episodes on the site. Perpendicular to it is being built the first floor of the house N7 / 1, which is now placed post. Standing before him the twelve towers N5 / 1 is still not in sight.

In the background on the left side of the screen is visible to gray five-storey building under construction N9 / 2 and has already built N15 / 1. Because of its proximity to the dvuhetazhki it seems a little higher than it actually is.

Between them is clearly visible only surviving to the present day two-story building - 2nd Botanical lane. 8. Now it is sheathed with siding and looks very different. Give prominent three-story Stalin-era building (9/1) in the center of the frame is also preserved, and has not changed (except for the blackened walls).

In the right part of the screen can be seen standing next to school buildings (Sedov, N12-14). They were seen off for Yauzoy later placed under the industrial zone.

In the center of the screen at all the background is visible Sviblovo manor - a white spot has not burned down the manor house and the dark - have not yet restored Trinity Church (directly under the concrete slab, which drags the crane).

Landscape of the sixth: in a house under construction

Hoosier dating scene and Shurika mostly filmed in a newly built pavilion "Mosfilm". While Shura sitting in the barrel, and the big man stretches battery box can be clearly seen in one of Stalin's building a film studio. Scenes from the walled Shurik, a semicircular staircase and probably "explanatory work" also filmed at Mosfilm.

Landscape seventh: stretcher

In the episode with a stretcher, brings cement truck ZIL-MMZ-585 - the product of the Mytishchi machine-building plant. And while the heroes understand who are the first to go past them again passes crane on the chassis ZIL-164 (presumably LAZ-690).

This episode is filmed on the corner houses N3 and N5 / 2 sviblovskoy street Sedova. In the picture perfectly visible with red stripes brown brick five-story building N5 / 2 five-storey building and gray block N7 / 2.

Landscape eighth: food delivery

Police van PAZ-653 siren is racing through the streets, rushing to deliver lunch to the construction site in Sviblovo. In the frame flashed two places: the picturesque hilly crossroads with lots of dvuhetazhek and go down the street with semi buildings. Here, the definition of the place had pretty tricky.

The picturesque crossroads managed to locate about because the shot hit the poster cinema "Strela" (Smolensk-Mower, d. 23/25, the corner of the alley rifle) with advertising the film "Short summer in the mountains." So I was shooting from somewhere in the vicinity of Smolensk. The problem is compounded by the fact that in this area since the 1960's, and were constant demolition of the old quarters were only a few spots - a chance to catch this crossroads in any form preserved virtually no ...

Location of the landscape with sloping street was able to calculate using a failsafe method heruktsii deduction.

Character building - a monumental industrial building, a beautiful fence, two-storey pre-revolutionary mansion and constructivist house in the background - told me that this place is not in the center of Moscow, and, most likely, between the Garden Ring and the Collegiate Chamber of the shaft.

Places with similar slopes in Moscow is not so much, and all of them are located near rivers - the Moscow River, Yauza or Neglinka. Going through the different options, I narrowed the search to a possible area of ​​three districts - Sokolniki and Preobrazhenki at Yauza neighborhoods MIIT have Suschevsky shaft and Khamovniki and Smolenka.

The last area was the most preferable - I already knew that the number of episodes was filmed there.

Choose the right lane on the map it was a matter of technique. Coming in 2nd laborers lane, I immediately found a place where there was a camera operator. Although the pre-revolutionary two-storey house built on the third floor, and in the middle of the alley was built multi-storey building, the alley is still recognizable.

As soon as I found the second shooting, and I came across the first - it was a joint 1st and 2nd Vrazhskih lanes with 7th Rostov. From the cozy corner of Moscow and Hoosier Shurika times here there were only four-storey house on the hill fence (without posters) and noticeably grown poplar. All the old dvuhetazhki were demolished.

Landscape Nine: Lunch

Dine heroes have not been in Moscow and Odessa. Well marked rustic kind of five-story building, not faced with "capital" ceramic tiles, turning into steppe wasteland, which is engaged in building.


Landscape tenth: the pursuit

Finally begins the famous chase gaydaevskaya using came to hand construction equipment.

Odessa. Before beginning the chase

Sviblovo. The lift in the building 3 on the street Sedova

Odessa. Balconies

Sviblovo. Balconies

Mosfilm. Ladder

Sviblovo. Jump into the bitumen

Odessa. The bitumen

Sviblovo. At the corner houses 7/1 and 5/2 on the street Sedova

Sviblovo. On the corner of the house and 3 5/2 street Sedova

Sviblovo. The lift at the house on the street 5/2 Sedov

Odessa. Pipe

In the "pursuit" involved bulldozer D-686 based on tractor C-100 Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant.

Frames with a bulldozer removed even at some construction site - it is visible on the panel, rather than block, five-story building.

The episode of the shower and the "natives" filmed on a vast field, which was in 1964 on the site of the current kindergarten to Sedov, 9/1.

In the picture perfectly visible five-storey building block N7 / 2.

Sviblovo. Striped five-storey building N5 / 2.

Sviblovo. Striped five-storey building N5 / 2, five-storey building block N7 / 2 and 9/1 trehetazhka in the background.

Sviblovo. Striped five-storey building N5 / 2.


Landscape first, "Polytechnic Institute"

This landscape filmmakers 'blind' from several shot in different places.

"Polytechnic Institute & quot ;, as I told the people well remember the Moscow of the 1960s - is the Institute of Organoelement Compounds, Russian Academy of Sciences. Nesmeyanov (INEOS) on Vavilov Street 28 (the building was built in 1962). In this scene, it is worth paying attention to as stylish machines soda water "Kharkiv" - red, with chrome accents.

In the courtyard of INEOS, little has changed since 1964. But when the camera is looking out of the courtyard of the Institute, the form does not open to the street Vavilov (there was and is stylish, but for the film boring carpool "Akademavtotrans"), and some almost resort landscape.

"Resort" near the path the Institute filmed at Mosfilm. This simple conclusion I made after repeated viewing of the episode: one of the staff was able to see in the background is a small pond and the fence behind him. I had a long time to remember where in Moscow it can be such a place, until he realized that he had seen a pond right next to the studio.

Without leaving the house, I was able to finally confirm this version, check the plan area, and houses dating. Earlier in appearance house across the pond - it Mosphilmovskaya, 6 (1957).

Characteristic of the late 1950s house with a slogan on the roof - it Mosphilmovskaya, 2, built in 1958.

But convenient for the study summaries spreading trees filmed, apparently, in Yalta.

Another clearly recognizable place - a sculpture student with a book at the main building of Moscow State University, which tries to spy Shura answers to the exam. When shown the statue in the background is seen the bus ZIL / LIAZ-158. Alas, good screenshots with him failed.

Landscape Two: tram

"Obsession" - a romantic story. And if it was romantic, it is the most romantic form of transport - a graceful tram Tatra-3.

Starred in the film car Tatra-3 under the N530 has been attributed to the Bauman depot, located at the Agricultural Street, near the Exhibition Center. It was there - in the 1st Agricultural Lane, near the place where, in the late 1990s, was now ruined Museum of public transport - and filmed the episode.

Tatra N530 was one of the first batches of Czech trams arrived in Moscow: a narrow window, two doors, wide destination sign. In Moscow, two-door Tatras no longer exists, but in some Russian cities, they still go: Plate route N5, which is mounted on the car - sham. On it is written the same simple route "Station - District" as the bus from the "mate".

Notice how beautifully smokes a pipe for Agricultural street - probably stoked with coal. Sit down on the tram and Shura Lida near the house for 5 in the 1st The Agricultural travel and go almost around the corner - the house of the N2 outside Sergei Eisenstein (the background is seen the house on N 129 Prospect Mira).

In the next shot, they are already on the square of Struggle, not far from the metro station "Novoslobodskaya". In the background is clearly visible on the house N11 Perunovskaya alley. This is the place for forty years is not very much has changed - except that in the square, a monument to the heroes of the story Benedict Erofeev "Moscow-Petushki».

By area, tram rides MTV-82A - the most common of those years Moscow tram. Pay attention to his coloring. This is - a classic native coloring of these cars. Subsequently, the standard has been changed and repainted. MTV last tram left the streets of Moscow in the early '80s.



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