10 Tips Donald Trump HOW TO BECOME RICH

A few tips on how to get rich from the owner of multi-million dollar real estate empire, one of the richest and most successful American businessmen - Donald Trump!

Recently, we talked about how to get rich. We have found for you a few tips from the owner of a multi-million real estate empire, one of the richest and most successful American businessmen - Donald Trump!

Status Donald Trump is estimated at 3 billion pounds, let's see what the secrets of his success, he is ready to share. In the book "How to become rich," Donald Trump gives advice to budding businessmen, how to make your first billion. Chapters from the book published by the newspaper The Mirror, and we will publish on their page ...

So, here are 10 tips controversial Donald Trump on how to become rich:

1. Always dress well
Once I was proud of the fact that buying cheap suits and other clothing. It seemed to me that it makes no sense to pay thousands of dollars for a nice suit, if you can buy a suit for $ 100. Who knows about it?

Many years later, I realized that I was wrong. Now I buy very high quality shoes and can wear forever, whereas cheap shoes wear out quickly and always looked exactly as much as I paid for it.

The way we dress says a lot about us even before we Pronouncing one word.

2. Provoke his interlocutors
Offer your interlocutors elaborate information or provocative opinion, to see what will be their reaction. Saying something unusual, you can get incriminating information.

I could make an outrageous comment in a meeting just to see whether the present play along with me or disagree. It's a great way to appreciate the people sitting in front of you.

3. Be your own financial adviser
Many people hire financial advisers, but I often see how these consultants destroyed fortune.

Making a choice to rely on their own judgment based on what you read in the business pages of reliable publications. Reading these publications, you'll always feel what is happening in the market and who is the best adviser. Stay close to the winners.

4. Do not be afraid to hit back
If someone pushes you, respond in kind. When someone offends you, answer him with such force and fury as soon as you can. Eye for an eye. Do not be gullible. I know that this observation does not sound very good, but even your best friend can steal your money or your spouse.

5. Do not neglect the art of hairdressing
I have often been criticized for the way I style your hair. Even New York magazine wrote that my hair - a complex structure, the dream of architectural critics.

I think it looks good, but I never said that the hair - my trump card. However, I am surprised when people ask whether I wear a hairpiece.

The answer is a resolute no. I do not wear wigs.

6. Always avoid handshakes
Some people believe in a firm handshake. I believe the lack of handshakes. I often come across the fact that a cold man approaches me and says, "Mr. Trump, I would like to shake your hand." Medicine has proven that this is how germs are transmitted.

One day a man came out of the bathroom, his hands were still wet. He saw me, came over to my table and said, "Mr. Trump, you're a great man. You can shake your hand? »

In this case, I have decided not to abandon the handshake, because I gained weight a little while, and he knew that if shake his hand, I will not eat his dinner.

7. Follow your intuition
If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to trust yourself. You can have a diploma academician, but without instincts you will need too much time to get up and stay on top.

This is one of those areas that remain a mystery, even for people with high professional qualities. There are inexplicable signs that can tell you is whether this transaction, and whether or not to deal with this person.

8. Stay optimistic, but be prepared for setbacks
Any ups and downs, you can go through if you are ready for them.

The ability to always wait for problems saved me from wasted energy, and it will save you from unpleasant surprises. The ups and downs are inevitable.

Actually, I'm a very cautious person, but this does not mean that I am a pessimist. Call it positive thinking, close to reality.

9. Focus on the details
If you do not know all the intricacies of the business, you are setting yourself up for some unexpected surprises.

I once read about a respected neurosurgeon obsessed with details and organization.

He replayed in my head the upcoming operation during jogging. He could see every detail, everything he knew, every difficulty and complication, which could face. And not have to be a brain surgeon to focus on the details.

10. Conclude the marriage contract
If I had not signed the marriage contract, I would have written this book from the perspective of someone who has lost a lot. We needed a bus to bring lawyers Ivona in court. It was a disaster, but I had a marriage contract.

My friend is married for the fifth time told me, "Donald, I love this woman, I do not need a marriage contract." A year later, the marriage broke up, and he had to go through hell.

He looks like a frightened puppy. I did not have the courage to say what I really thought itself, looking at him: Loser!

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