War hero, whom we all know as Fyodor from the film Operation Y

Premium list to the order of a third artillery division on September 15, 1944 brief, "accompanies" the first order of Glory Alexei Kravchuk:
"June 20, 1944 near the height of the power of the enemy 283 to 40 the Nazis attacked the battery. Comrade Smirnov, inspiring fighters rushed into battle, repulsed the attack of the Nazis. On the battlefield, only 17 Germans, personally captured 7 of the Nazis ... »

One can only imagine the battle. Chetyrehorudiynaya mortar battery hardly has more than a dozen fighters. Yes, and in a counter to go - no artillery bread. And how in the melee can be alone "tie" just seven - are unlikely to explain the current master of martial arts.

The second "glory" he received for the battle near the village of Postashevitse. Mortar, apparently did not cover the infantry, and some cover on the offensive? Again was a German attack, and a close - doling line in premium sheet:

"Comrade Smirnov with three fighters rushed to the Germans, and personally killed three of the machine of the Nazis and two captured. January 22, 1945, despite the intense small-arms and artillery and mortar shelling, counting on himself ferried mortar on the left bank of the Oder River, in the battle destroyed two machine-gun and twenty-Nazis ».

In winter, drag yourself to swim the 120-mm barrel with a cast-iron stove and mine - it's like? Oder, among other things, not the narrow creek ...

In 1946, the reserve of his army - the effects of a severe concussion. The post-war poverty, the only close person - a sick mother ...

But gradually began to build a life: the actor, who had no hearing, no voice, was invited to the Leningrad Theater of Musical Comedy - for the unique texture. Followed cameo in the movie: Fritz, bourgeois and servants. He managed to play in 47 films. But he discovered and glorified actor Leonid Gaidai - "Operation" Y "and other adventures Shurik" look to Russia will always be.

He was born in 1920 and came from the war young neozloblennym. He liked to carve wooden toys and give them to children. In his later years, after the death of his mother, he was very lonely. He died May 7, 1979, a little before reaching the Victory Day.

Director Leonid Bykov met with Smirnov long before the filming of "go to fight some" old man "- another" Lenfilm ", on samples of the film" Bunny. " He invited the artist to his painting at a time when Alexei Kravchuk going through hard times.

 - On the sidelines of the artistic council Curves: "Why do you need this type?" - Says the editor of the film "go to fight some" old "Kiev critic Emilia Kosnichuk. - It was said that Smirnov tightly sipping, removed a little, why do we need the additional complexity ... But Lenya anyone but Smirnov, as the mechanics have not seen. And what a brilliant alliance emerged! How to improvise on the fly! Remember - the mechanic baptizes departing aircraft on a combat mission? It was not in the script, but it's the truth of the war.

At the studio we bantered: Smirnov looks at Bykov adoringly, like a mother to a newborn.

 - Or how Turgenev girl - smiling Kosnichuk. - However, a different attitude to Bykov did not feel anybody. "Go to fight some" old "- more than just a movie. It used to be and still find incomprehensible weave cinematic and real destinies.

The story of how he died Alexei Smirnov, Emilia Kosnichuk heard from colleagues who starred in the crowd. When the Bulls in a car crash near Kiev, Smirnov was in the hospital in serious condition, and others do not dare to tell him the bitter news. On the day of discharge Alexey Kravchuk, generous nature, he decided to thank the doctors. And the first toast offered for his best friend and a great director Leonid Bykov. Mol, without Leonidas and would not be worth living! Someone dropped in confusion: "Do not you know - Bykov died ..." Smirnov stopped, got out of the table, returned to his room, lay down on the bed and died.

 - I will not say that this story - one hundred percent true, - says Kosnichuk. - While Alexei Kravchuk remember as a very sincere person and think such a strike could stop his heart ...

These films with Smirnov, we will always look

"Striped flight" (1961)
"Walking the Streets of Moscow" (1963)
"Welcome, or No Trespassing" (1964)
"Operation" Y "and other adventures Shurik" (1965)
"War and Peace" (1965 - 67)
"Aibolit-66" (1966)
"Three Fat Men" (1966)
"Wedding in Malinovka" (1967)
"Go to fight some" old "(1973)

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