The kitchen in Scandinavian style with simple lines and minimalist details

Scandinavian style in the interior is the abundance of wooden objects, extensive use of natural materials, a large number of different light sources. The inhabitants of cold countries prefer the simplicity of lines and minimalism in details. All this retains a connection with nature.

As the base color is almost always taken for white. As a rule, and the walls and ceiling and kitchen furniture painted white. Decorative elements are designed to dilute the interior bright spots. Fresh flowers are also decoration of the premises. Their greens looks especially beautiful on the white background of the situation.

As in the Nordic countries short light day, interior designers focus their efforts on the creation of a large number of light sources. That's why on Windows sometimes there are no curtains, and if there is, it is made of lightweight, transparent materials. In order to hide from prying eyes use blinds.

Scandinavian style in the interior is directed to the expansion of space. Therefore, it will not see unnecessary bulky furniture, overloaded with decorative elements. Practicality and pedantry are the main criteria of comfort of the inhabitants of the Nordic countries. Kitchen appliances are often built. The Scandinavians don't like to show off kitchen utensils, so everything is hidden behind the facades of cabinets. The cabinets have large roomy drawers, all storage systems are carefully designed.

Kitchen interior in Scandinavian style suggests the presence of furniture or any items of design of unpainted wood. It emphasizes respect for the tree, which is the main resource of the Northern countries.

The kitchen interior design in Scandinavian style is created on the contrast of white color with any bright tone. Such combinations easily turn a mediocre kitchen into a work of art.



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