Apartment for a young family in a Scandinavian style

Apartment with an area of 56,1 sq. meter in Moscow was designed by the Studio Geometrium for a young couple who loves to travel a lot around the world, to snowboard, to lead an active lifestyle. The main challenge that was posed by customers to create a bright Scandinavian interior, natural materials and a comfortable environment for living and entertaining.

The space of the apartment according to the wishes of the customers was the most United — was to remove all unnecessary partitions. Bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining area are all one space which is divided by a solid wall and a glass partition. The bedroom area is highlighted by the podium.

As the finishing the apartment were used paint white and dark gray, parquet, clinker brick, granite. The bathroom tiles are a horn and a mosaic of white marble.

To visually unify the space — all storage systems are hidden in the apartment. The main storage is in the closet. Also for this purpose involved the bedroom floor, covered with plywood facing. Sheets of plywood as hatches, as well as the bed mechanism can be lifted and used for storage of various things.



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