Ideas for interior design the country house

February — the purely non-building, but to talk about the construction project are eligible. Especially because in the winter it is most convenient to do project documentation. And the interior design of the country house is better to develop before pouring the Foundation. Here on the last point we wanted to walk in more detail.

First specify what is meant is not a Villa or a cottage, namely a small country house, where we come every summer to do a little work in the garden and relax.

Well, now directly on the styles.


The most appropriate interior for small country houses, of course, rustic style, such as Provence. Yes, it is understandable. Few people can resist the atmosphere of a provincial French village. Everything there is full of calm, warmth and real comfort.

What is important, creating the design in this style, you will not have to run to the Bank for a loan, all the materials used does not differ a great value, and the furniture and all, you can use the old one, only lightly refined.

The main thing is to observe the basic signs of the interior, and it is:

  • Carelessly plastered walls should be painted in light pastel colors. If you decide to use Wallpaper, then do not go bankrupt on a silkscreen, a simple, "washed" the paper will be.

  • The second is beams. They can be of timber or logs, painted or keep the natural texture, but without this element, and Provence, not Provence.

  • Finally, the final touch is antique furniture.
As a result, you should get a simple, slightly faded things done in pastel colours.

Most importantly, remember that the Provence style is calm, the peace, the sharp contrasts or bright accents is prohibited here.

Colonial style

But we all have different ideas of relaxation and comfort. The opposite of provincial Provence is a rich colonial style.

In such circumstances, you may feel prosperous planter, the owner of all surrounding lands. And most importantly, this style, though requires a house with an attic, but small squares are not fussy.

One of the main features of colonial design that should be considered during the development of design documents are the high starting right from the floor of the window. They concurrently often serve as doors.

If it is, for example, the design of the second floor, then there is a frame in the Georgian style.

Second thing is live plants. Should get the impression that all these potted palms and ferns were leaked to the space directly surrounding the house with green garden. Incidentally, the latter just has to be. Without the window about any colonial design and the question.


And this style is alien to concepts such as hallway or corridor. Exit to the terrace, usually located right in the hall. It is understandable, because in the colonial countries was not severe Russian frosts, but if you come to the cottage only in the summer, you too have nothing to worry about.

Now about the furniture:

It should be understood that we are dealing with one of the most expensive designs. Peda stools will not do here. So, in the room have to have the sofa area or can deliver stylish rattan furniture.

The bedroom is the best to buy a solid four-poster bed. Believe me, this will only fit the item you are composing a story.

 Boho Style

If you are a creative person and you have a great sense of humor, you can equip your house inside design. This is quite a good choice for small spaces.

As such rigid rules in the interior in this style does not exist. It all depends on taste and Hobbies. The basic idea is to expose your inner world on display.

So, in a mandatory manner in the interior will present the collection of the owner of the house. Things he would be reminded of the places where he had been or certain periods of his life. All this is not hidden in the trunk, and becomes an integral part of the design.

If the interior is empty, additional accessories you can easily find at a flea market. If you find something noteworthy, buy and bring to the country. Let you not afraid that this thing will be if torn from another world — this mosaic is boho.

But what can I say, better take a look at the photos and you will understand everything yourself.

 What styles can not be appliednow let's talk about what styles will be in the country inappropriate.

The first in this list minimalism. There is a misconception that this design is suitable for small spaces. And I know this opinion is really wrong. The basic idea of minimalism is unloaded interior. That is, to the General background, the proportion of the furniture seemed insignificant, but this effect is only possible in large areas.

Another style requires a scale — it is loft. It is certainly possible to cram into the size of a garden small house, but it will look pathetic. Converted into housing, industrial objects have never been known for their tightness.

Pretty strange looks in the country and urban. Oh right, not that you hid in the peaceful countryside to get to the interior piece of the city. With such success it was possible to stay in their multistory box.

Author: Vasily Mulk


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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