Women, whom we envy: 10 winners time

Women over 70 who have an opinion, your style and your place in life. Some of them look younger than their years, and some don't. Some radiate sexuality, others elegance, and every single one is very confident. Envy!!

 Elina Bystritskaya


Born in 1928 in the family of a doctor, she studied in medical College, during the war worked as a nurse in a frontline mobile hospital. People's artist of the USSR. Honorary Cossack Colonel of Cossack troops, has the right to bear arms.

 Elizabeth II


She was born in 1926. It can even handkerchief to wear. And the special person pre-broken-in shoes style “farewell, youth”

 Julie Andrews


Was born in 1935. Barely reaching adulthood, became a Broadway star. Is Mary Poppins a Disney movie (by the way, “Oscar”). And the voice of a whole heap of brand new cartoons – where Queen Lillian, and where a Fairy godmother.

 Ursula Le GUIN


Was born in 1929. Queen of science-fiction and fantasy. The first woman declared in this genre of feminist issue. Intercultural conflict. Racism. Gender. Political violence. And people notice, hawala and Supplement requests, and award-winning literary and showers.


Tina Turner


Was born in 1939. Eight Grammy Awards. The official title of “Queen of rock-n-roll”. This is a woman who left her husband-abuser in exchange for a huge pile of problems (and debt), raised four children (including two husband, from his previous marriage) and again became a star, with new music, new team and its own fans. And God, How she moves!


Maggie Smith


Was born in 1934. A couple of days ago made out with Leo DiCaprio at the ceremony BAFTA award. So she had these prizes five Grand. With Laurence Olivier, she was Desdemona, with Peter Ustinov – Agatha Christie heroine, Minerva McGonagall, she was not with someone, and by itself.


Sophia Loren


Was born in 1934. Real name – Sofia Villani Shikolone, the same case when the name is still the coolest nickname! It was her role received the first ever Oscar for a film not in the English language. And in 1991 she was given the “Oscar” not for a specific movie, but in General. Because well it is impossible not to give.


Lyudmila Stefanovna Petrushevskaya

Was born in 1938. During the war, came to the orphanage. He returned to Moscow, worked in publishing and on television, and from 1972 began to be published. Laureate of several literary awards. The author of the most terrible women's stories. And she came up with a pig Peter.


Carmen del Oretic


Was born in 1931. Lived in poverty with divorced mother. In the class was considered an ugly duckling. And the first years of operation is also barely making ends meet... But just didn't give up.

 Helen Mirren


Youngest girl in our collection, just born in 1945! Actress with Russian roots, who played in the movie Hyams captain of the Russian spacecraft. And in the film “RED,” her love story with an elderly Russian spy – the best objection to anyone who believes that romance after 30 years funny. No, not funny. Real romance is always beautiful. published


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