How to insulate the dacha with his hands

With the onset of cold weather, many vacationers who have decided during the winter to admire beauty of the nature outside the city are seriously thinking about proper insulation of your country house with your own hands that will allow much increase in the energy saving of heat. As these works are not cheap, and the materials are sometimes sky-high prices – we offer information, using which you will be able to produce the insulation of the cottages with his own hands.

Yes, you can more thoroughly enjoy the warming of his country house, for example, heating, all Underfloor heating, etc. BUT it's more feasible to do when the house is built, or even earlier – while designing the garden, where will be included all the necessary communications. And what about those cottagers who recently bought a house where the heating system is not provided?


With our tips, you will be able to quickly, efficiently and inexpensively to make warm your house!

Thus, the insulation of the country house: where to start?The first thing you should carefully inspect your entire house and explore all the places through which heat can escape from your home. If not detected in time, and subsequently not resolve this problem, in this case, even the most expensive and high quality heating system will not be able to heat your home and make living in it as comfortable as possible!

Make set of measures that will help us to organize energy conservation in your home.

Insulation from outside with mineral wool under the siding, the Most popular materials used for building insulation are mineral wool, expanded polystyrene.

These insulating materials the entire house is outside, you can achieve excellent energy saving effect. However, it is not cheap! Nothing, get external insulation gradually. Even if this procedure will take a year and a half, the final result you definitely will be satisfied!


The technology of plating on the outside with polystyrene foam or mineral wool:

  • Create a sturdy frame, also called a crate, which will strengthen the insulation around a country house;
  • Treat the walls of a country house any antiseptikum designed for this purpose;
  • Attach a slab of Styrofoam to the walls and secure them there by using "mushrooms";
  • It's time to protect the insulation with wind insulation or vapour barrier (technologies use one or the other of the insulator depend on the selected insulation material);
  • Put the frame for the exterior and sew all the siding;
  • Good otshtukaturili insulated wall.

Many novice "builders" believe that the thicker the foam is, the better the insulation in the house! This is a misconception! In fact, the quality insulation will ensure strict adherence to the production process of insulating walls of the existing rules.

Many gardeners argue among themselves about how best to insulate the country from the outside or inside?

We will not go into disputes – in the end, each point of view has right to exist! Note that the interior walls any insulation will definitely take some useful space, but external, does not affect the space, but will necessarily entail some large monetary cost!

As always and everywhere, you decide which side you will produce a warming of his country house.

Warming of a private house insidethe Most affordable and popular upholstery insulation for the interior of your home is mineral wool. For example, we will look at detailed instructions on insulating the inside of the house with his own hands.

  • Original manufacture frame (metal profile or wooden reechek). In the manufacture of the frame should consider the width of the roll of mineral wool, the wool should be easy, but firmly to lie down between the rails or profiles.
  • To put mineral wool between the profiles;
  • Panel the walls with OSB plates, subsequently they can easily be covered with stain or paint in any color you want. Even more popular finishing material is drywall. It attaches easily, it is smoothly Wallpaper, tile, paneling, paint and many other finishing materials.
Insulation front door in a private housethe bulk of the cold air enters the room through the door when it is opening and closing. However, it frequently happens that the door is loosely attached to Luke, there are multiple cracks through which cold air enters the house, and the heat is constantly leaving.

To avoid this heat loss enjoy a warming of entrance doors do you have in the country.

Here are some of the materials successfully used as insulation:

• Rubber lining (glued at Luke on all four sides);
• Felt (also laid and nailed along the edge of the door).

These methods are applied successfully, if your doors are made of wood, and what to do to those cottagers who have installed a metal one?

For metal doors we offer to insulate the door.

How to insulate a door made of metal?

  • Cut several wooden boards (2 – 3 pieces). Long bars should equal the width of your front door. Beams fasten to the door through bolts, and head bolts should be exposed groans of the door;
  • Tightly inserted between the bars sheets of foam, breaking;
  • Cover the insulation with OSB sheet of the desired size (cut it to the exact size of door), fasten sheet with screws to the wooden boards.
That's all the insulation! Thanks to your efforts, now not only cold air will not be able to enter your home, but also warm you will not find any cracks through which to slip out. The house is maintaining a steady comfortable temperature!


Insulate Windows for the winter with your hands

Windows like doors can be used for cold air in your room. In order to protect themselves from such "unauthorized" penetration, you should take some measures, namely:

  • Identify Windows with broken or cracked glass and change the glass into a new and entire;
  • Using "antiquated" putty carefully gloss over the cracks in areas adjoining glass to a tree. By the way, new-fangled sealants are also able to cope with this task!;
  • Good prograsive frame and thereby even more reduce the chance the penetration of cold air;
  • Check for draughts under window frames, to remove them we will also help sealant.
However, if the gap is too large, it is better to use mounting foam, or just carefully plastered critical problem areas and their subsequent painting.
Our grandfathers in such cases, also used for insulation wool, folded paper, foam and sealed all of that special paper with the aid of dish soap!

Modern technology has given us Windows, which are conveniently inserted and provide the premises necessary for heat - and soundproofing. It's just not cheap!


Insulation of the floor on the dacha with his handsWarm floor – the guarantee of health of each household!

There are many different techniques for insulation of the floor with their hands. An example of the use of expanded clay, and the laying of pipes under the floor with hot water, I. one of the most easily accessible and cheap insulation Styrofoam plates.

Consider the method of insulating the floor with foam:

• Existing floor screed stuffed wooden frame corresponding to the size of foam plates;
• Tightly put foam plates in the formed wooden frame (foam can also be shredded and sleep, breaking and cutting, but the best way, after all, the first – firmly put the foam inserts in the grooves);
• On top of the insulation lay a batten or, in its absence, leaves of OSB (they can be painted, or lay on top of them linoleum, also with insulation and without, look at your finances).


Insulation of floor country house is not presented too difficult for you, since you already had a good workout on the walls of the villas front door!


The roof insulation country housewe All went to school and know that warm air is necessarily rises, and cold, on the contrary, is lowered. It follows that the insulation of the ceiling or attic of your country house should occupy a very important place in the insulation of all rooms of a country house.

Again, as insulation often used materials such as foam and mineral wool (for the attic). Insulation technology ceiling or attic is not especially different from the insulation of walls or floors of the building. A distinctive feature is desirable (but not mandatory) use as a frame of metal profiles, between which will meet foam plates and which, by means of screws, to gain a foothold in the drywall.


When used as insulation mineral wool, be sure to use goggles and gloves.

You theoretically familiar with all phases of the insulation of each part of the house, it remains only to fix the information received by the video and immediately begin to work with their hands. So we offer to your attention our video that will further reveal to you the "secrets" of construction and will help you to independently carry out thermal insulation work at his dacha. published

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