How to update the facade of the country house for the summer

"Pie" for the stone house

Stone houses need less transformation, but even brick walls can look somewhat shabby. Product Manager of the company "Knauf" Denis Izotov notes that, in addition to the aesthetic qualities of the new home's shell must have good thermal insulation performance. It offers one of the most effective modern systems for warming of stone houses, which is a cake of glue, plaster, insulating material. This technology is known as the system of wet plaster facades, as there are processes of dilution water to dry mix. "With her help, we insulate the building, protect the facade from external negative factors of the environment and decorate it," — said the expert.

The house, lined stucturally start at the house wall by means of glue attached teploizoljatsionnyj material, either mineral wool or expanded polystyrene with a thickness of 15 to 50 millimeters. Previously, if necessary, if the house wall is uneven in places, they need to align with plaster-glue mixture. Further, the adhesive is applied on the insulation slab, and they are mounted on the base, instructs Izotov.

Choosing between EPS and mineral wool, remember that polystyrene foam "fuel" material, and mineral wool is not afraid of fire. In addition, mineral wool is vapor permeable, i.e., breathable material, it has good sound insulation properties, says the expert of the company "Knauf". But mineral wool is significantly heavier than foam, so not very durable designs it is better not to use. In addition, it is more expensive and it requires additional personal protective equipment that increases the cost of the work and the system as a whole.

Advanced design of disc insulation fasten the dowel. Further the insulation we put plaster-adhesive layer, which armorum fiberglass (it is pressed into a layer of plaster) and apply on top of the covering plaster layer. After the plaster dries, put on her colorless or white adhesive primer. And on top of the blend with a spatula a layer of plaster. It will just be a decorative element. On the market the most famous and common textures of decorative plaster are the "coat" and "beetle", emphasizes the expert.

And in the finale, he continues, the painted plaster paints for exterior works. This can be acrylic, silicone or silicate, the main thing when choosing a shop, see that the paint was a high water vapor permeability. If the paint has closed all the pores in the plaster, the surface layer will begin to crack.

The price "pie" Styrofoam without works, according to Izotova, will cost from 600 rubles per square meter (paint not included). And the system cost, which includes mineral wool, begins from 1 thousand roubles. Installation installation of wet facades ranged from 1,3-1,8 thousand rubles per 1 square meter, the expert adds "Knauf".

However, if you insulate the house owners do not want to, you can make the pie thinner. Masonry walls plastered, and when dry she applied the adhesive is white primer and the top has is the decorative plaster. In this case, the "pie" will cost 80 rubles per square meter without works.

Wooden house in a fur coat

Holders wooden country houses will have to take care of their facade regularly, as a tree at least needs to be protected from moisture. But if the house is painted, it will have to regularly repaint, as the paint eventually fade or flake off.

However, the specialists of "Knauf" offer to the owners to transform a wooden house and make it visually similar to stone. Experts suggest using cement Board, which are mounted on wooden bars or metal corners. The thickness of the bar depends on the thickness of mineral wool (in this system to use expanded polystyrene is not recommended).

Veneer cement pricemevacor the joints between slabs are sealed with a putty and reinforced with mesh, and the surface finished with cement plaster. After drying, the layer is primed and then either apply decorative plaster or glued clinker tiles under a brick. In principle you can use any other kind of ceramic tiles, the main limitation is that the coating should not exceed 50 kilograms per square meter.

The cost of 1 square meter of such a system without insulation, including finishing starts from 1 thousand rubles, and insulation from 1150 rubles. The cost of works on installation, according to the expert "Knauf", starts from 600 rubles, including the crate of bars and mounting plates.

Traditionally and cheerful

However, we should not forget about the most popular and budget types of cladding. Vinyl siding and wood siding with imitation timber, or block-house, imitation logs cut are very popular among gardeners who want to quickly and inexpensively update the facade of the house.

The lining is attached to the sheathing of wood, but the siding with smooth walls can be mounted directly to him or on the same crate of bars or metal profiles (for stone house).

Wooden wagonette for vinyl siding range from 180 to 700 rubles per square meter. The cost of lining depending on wood and type of predelah varies from 200 to 1500 roubles.

Vinyl siding installation work on both the siding and battens on average, are held at the level of 300 rubles. However, each time it is necessary to specify what goes into this amount. Some companies can additionally take 100-200 rubles per square meter crates, the cost increases depending on the complexity of the configuration of the facade (straight wall or with lots of Bay Windows, ledges and tiers). published


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