Facade cassette is a practical solution for home decor

The facade can be called the face of the building. It determines not only the impression given by a building on the others, but also "responsible" for heat retention and protection from the adverse effects of the environment. One of the most promising developments in the field of facades – ventilated construction. For their construction can be used various materials: natural or artificial stone, concrete tiles. However, the best option many consider metal tapes.

A decorative element is curved from a metal square design in the form of a thin box with an open base. Veneer is produced on modern equipment, which guarantees the geometric accuracy of the product. The size of the elements is calculated for each building individually, to avoid unwanted clipping of the material. However, you can find the standard options. At the customer's request can be manufactured radial and angular parts for clearance corners, or columns.

Facade cassettes can be made of various metals: brass, aluminum, copper or steel. There is a popular variety of metal products, coated with a protective layer of polymer. The basis for such panels becomes mostly aluminium or galvanized steel. The metal plate can be either solid or perforated. As a protective polymer is used polyester or plastisol. The color scheme can be very different, including different materials.

Installation of decorative veneers is done in two ways. Visible fasteners presupposes the existence of the curved side surfaces special holes that fit the screws. Such installation is considered the most simple, but not aesthetically pleasing. For flush fasteners applies a special kind of facade cassettes that have a special edge, with which the clutch of the previous row with the next. So it turns out the lining with no visible seams.

A great advantage of the metal elements can be considered as relatively small weight, which not only facilitates Assembly of the parts, but also significantly reduces the anticipated load on the supporting structures and Foundation. The building owner is not required to conduct additional work on their strengthening, which often is necessary when installing ventilated facades of natural or artificial stone.

Mounting system, which is mounted cassette facade, should also be designed for lesser loads, which somewhat reduces its cost. Veneer covers the walls of the house, so the amount of preparatory work will be minimal. You only need to eliminate the most significant structural defects such as spalls, cracks, and then you can proceed to the installation of a hinged facade.

Another "plus" system is that the insulation layer is placed continuously and evenly. All defective parts and seams are carefully overlapped by the insulation. Metal lining is moisture, so protects her from insulated material. Its service life is significantly extended. Thus, the use of cluster facade, thermal insulation of the building increases several times. A large part of the facing elements made of steel with polymeric coating. It is placed on the metal in several layers and can withstand severe thermal loads.

To remove the polymer film from the base is very difficult, even acting on it with a sharp object. The coating protects the steel base from corrosion. In addition, for the color of the tapes used, the composition with a polymer binder, which guarantees preserving the original tone, even if the panel will always act to direct sunlight. Due to the variety of colors, textures and patterns used in the design of products can be created the unusual design of the exterior of the building.

If the facade is decorated with panels of different types of metal without protective covering must be chosen carefully. In some cases, the contact elements and the presence of water may occur so-called electrochemical corrosion, which will quickly lead facing into disrepair. Another advantage of the cassette of the facade is that it is simple enough to fix. Damaged items gently removed and replaced with a new one.

Metal tapes are pretty easy to install. Interlock used with the hidden fasteners allow you to securely and quickly set elements. Metal parts is able to repeat almost any shape, allowing you to coat the plane with different configuration. Installation may be performed at any time of the year. In the process of installation of the cassette not in use is sensitive to the solidification temperature and humidity mixes. Compared with the stone cladding, the installation process is much faster.

Metal magazine is a practical solution for the decoration of the facade. Durable and eco-friendly coating will last a very long time, protecting the building from adverse atmospheric influences. Magazines made of metal are attractive in appearance. You can decorate the place with them, or you can create an original exterior, combining panels with a different decoration. In any case, the result is a high-tech facade that meets all the requirements of modern architecture. published


Source: www.stroitelstvo365.ru/oformlenie-fasadov/metallicheskie-kasseti-dlya-fasada


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