What was fashionable USSR (42 pics + text)

Cooked jeans

In place of the usual jeans, which have become much more affordable jeans came from the digested tissue. The degree was digested with different recipes and cooking chemicals needed name passed in secret. The most daring digested blue jeans to the limit, making them white. White jeans were riding foppery.

Wrappers and inserts

Miraculously appearing in children wrappers and inserts from zhevachek turned into a fetish object. And usually not stop collecting. In parallel with collecting came into fashion game pads. Slap of his hand on the pad had to turn it upside down. Surprisingly, this game was elevated to the rank of gambling, players caught in schools, selected collection materials and severely punished until you call the school parents.

The game "Monopoly».

Get this game was almost not real. I brought her out of Yugoslavia. Due to lack of knowledge of the Serbian, we came up with its own rules, which, I suspect, had little to do with the original. And these rules, we explain there was no one. And, nevertheless, the game "Monopoly" was surprisingly entertaining and gambling (in the best sense of the word).

Typewriter paper.

Kind of game in the ear. The only difference that game machines were made with his own hands made of paper and paint color ink. Two players were blowing in the machine, which encountered. If someone else's machine flips it getting any opponent.

Electronic naval battle

Amazing game, with sound and light effects. About any of polyphony, of course, it was not. The creaking sound simulated explosion of a torpedo.


At some point among girls in vogue skinny legs stockings made of thick material, which immediately became known as leggings (by name such as stockings, which in the Middle Ages were men and which were made of elk skin). It was a mandatory attribute of sexuality. Standard leggings were worn under a miniskirt or a elongated sweater. No one is bothered that in Europe leggings - Workwear prostitutes. Another (later) called "dolchiki" (commonly referred to as colored tights), seems to have its roots in the name of the company Dolce & Gabbana.


Special wristlets for weightlifters was taken to decorate metal studs and spikes. The result was an attribute of a man who presented himself as a "metalhead", ie music fan corresponding direction. However, after a while began to wear wristbands brutal everyone else. It looked very intimidating.

Electronic games Zelenograd plant.

Now it is difficult to surprise anyone portable game console. But then it was an accomplishment. And no one is bothered that had to play only one game on a small monochrome display (created the illusion of color, striking patterns over the display). The game cost 25 rubles, which corresponds to the value of certain bike models. Originally it was, "Well, wait a minute," then there were "Merry Baker", "Secrets of the Ocean" and others. Rumor that in recruiting thousands of points the device shows a cartoon. Apparently, the myth had at its core the idea that score as many points is simply impossible. Personally, I was disappointed when, after a set of numbers, I did not see any cartoon.


Personal vehicle has always been a dream of the boys, regardless of age. In my childhood, basic models were "Eaglet" (most democratic price, with a horizontal frame, which could carry a second passenger), "Salute" (which was considered the record for speed because of the size of the wheels), and inferior to him in speed, but wins and maneuverability "Kama". Of the children's models, I would note "Pal" and "Butterfly" - these casts an extra pair of wheels help keep your balance. Standard tuning for the bike were additional reflectors and Criocerinae, mounted on the wheels to give additional noise effect.


A simple design of a wooden foregrip, plastic tubing and rubber bands, which allowed to shoot the balls of plasticine. Reflection boyish passion for weapons. Called "crossbows»

Table hockey.

With all the screaming primitivism of this game, it was one of the most popular and sought after. Subdivided into ice flat metal players (they were in the form of the famous cartoon characters "washers, washer!" And more modern - with plastic, bulky players. We are with my classmates even spent whole tournaments. Winning was, of course, the USSR national team.


I do not know where, but took the fashion for pouring water on each other by means of bryzgalok and disposable syringes. Bryzgalok designs were very different. As a rule - a plastic bottle (if it was a large deficit - typically used bottle from the household chemicals), with inserted in her body of a ballpoint pen. However, the syringe allows for a much higher hit accuracy. Especially - syringe, even "charged" was actually carry to school in pocket form unnoticed.

Adidas sneakers.

Status indicator. The opportunity to buy such shoes has been a hallmark of the secured person with possibilities. These sneakers were terrible deficit. And this despite the fact that they were sewn in Moscow factory located in Beskudnikovo. It's amazing - sports shoes has become a front shoe, "Exit».

Ping Pong

Deficiency was all that was needed for this game. Rackets, balls, tables, mesh. The most accessible racket - "cracker." Most honorable - "Soft" (it can be "cool", and its quality was checked by conducting plane's hair). It was fashionable to paint the surface of the "soft" racket names of favorite bands. The simplest balls - domestic, "wooden". The most progressive - Chinese.

Colored bangs

Strike a new culture, which is called the "new wave" was so strong that it was able to overcome the "Iron Curtain." People who had no idea that this Duran Duran, using hydrogen peroxide itself bangs it lightens as the members of this group. It provides nearly one hundred percent success among girls around him. The girls also meet the "standing bang", the creation of which takes up a large amount of hairspray.

Jeans Pyramid.

Amazing views in form of denim pants that have won incredible popularity. Clothing ensemble of the "pyramids", together with loafers, white socks and branded T-shirt or white shirt was intended to signal that the person knows a lot about fashion.

Photos rock bands.

Images of the members of the band Kiss and photocopies of Iron Maiden album covers sold at a price of 50 cents to the ruble in the toilet of any school. The popularity of these pictures for me is still a mystery.

Tape "Electronics 302»

The main musical fetish of my generation. Surprisingly hardy, resistant to destruction by frequent falls, simple as automatic PCA, he was always the main participants of all companies and parties. With its help you can organize quite compact disco. Tape was placed on the floor, and who want to dance becomes a circle around it. The main criterion for the quality of the recording was its volume. Often, the recording was made directly - from the speaker of one another tape into the microphone. The main technological challenge interface of this device is the non-fixed fast forward or rewind. To solve this problem, a screwdriver and a fixed button. The most valuable is extremely scarce battery which (if there is a special "batareechnogo" PSU) were given the opportunity to make a mobile device. Tape great lay in arm bent at the elbow. Special glamor was walking with the company included a tape recorder.


Initially were terrible deficit, despite the fact that the price per cassette was 10 rubles. Cassettes were divided into domestic and imported, and playing time - 30 minutes, 90 and 120 (the latter was the most capricious - they film was thin and perishable from frequent listening). Then a large number of tents began to spawn, where you could buy a recorded tape. You could just hand over his tape to you it recorded the desired artist (artist lists with albums posted on the wall of the tent). There was, however, the risk is that you donated from a decent Denon cassette tape drive is removed from the film and instead push the cassette tape from the domestic. Then came the Polish recorded tapes, which were the hallmark of design "at home." Printing, which is applied to the picture with the official tape was horrible, but it was cool. If there was no outlet nearby to tape, then rewind the tape was carried out with a pencil - it is perfect hole was put on the tape drive. This saves extremely scarce batteries in the recorder.

Footage from the film

Also a rather strange hobby - collecting frames from the film "Guest from the Future." Somehow there was a film that was cut into frames. They could then look through the filmstrip projector. Somehow I was lucky enough to find a hiding place, which was a huge pack with pieces of film footage. It was a real joy.


The ability to charge a tape cassette with a film that you want to see at the moment, excited the minds of all. So now you have been independent of the official media resources, did not have to wait for them to show you what you want to watch right now. Not to mention the fact that most of the movies to wait on TV was virtually impossible. Perhaps it was the hardest hit by the official media. In fact, the device could not prohibit. Could find fault only to movies, which it is viewed. A favorite tactic of struggle with police watching the banned film production was an unexpected shutdown of electricity to the entrance (to get their tape recorder without current was impossible). After that fighters for morality broke into the apartment and the seizure of the cassette. And woe was owner of the device, if on this tape was something included in the list of forbidden films. More recently began to organize "video salon", which could see Western films - from 50 cents to one and a half rubles per-view. Special interest enjoyed films "with elements of eroticism." Salon was a small room with chairs standing in a row, before which stood more or less decent TV with a diagonal connecting a VCR.


At some point in the stalls and stalls started selling badges with images of movie stars and music idols and funny sayings. The most popular was the phrase "Strike while the iron until Gorbachev." Nobody saw anything bad to all your clothes were studded with these icons.


Personal portable source of music - it was something for which you can sell your soul. The ability to listen to your favorite music in any setting - in the subway, in the classroom, at home, on the street - it was an accomplishment. The opportunity to obtain a normal walkman not appear immediately. Initially had to use domestic products. Thing was heavy and confused. Headphones represented something terrifying. The housing is made of metal. But their function is the device performs.

Chewing gum

Officially, the Soviet Union could buy four types of chewing gum: mint, orange (with Dunno on the packaging), raspberry and most disgusting - "coffee flavor." Unofficially, chewing gum was imported from the visits of overseas travel (it was the best souvenir). Chewing was of surprisingly sacred meaning. In fact, the matter was that you chew (craftsmen worked from home-made gum toothpaste, bake it on a conventional radiator). The very fact that chewing symbolized your involvement in contemporary culture and fashion. Chew it was fashionable. No talking about the harmfulness of this action to the stomach and a comparison with ruminants was impossible to discourage chewing. Chewing gum itself (especially imported) is a universal currency, which could barter anything.

Canned beer

That was really cool. The realization that a normal beer can not be stored in the tin, came later. The very fact that the absorption of beer cans - it was a chance to indulge in the illusions of a beautiful life, I had seen only on video. There were all drinking from cans only. And it was decided to arrange the collection of cans of beer in the kitchen, on a special shelf.

Computer Microsha

A person born after 2000, it will be very difficult to prove that games can be downloaded to a computer via cassette tapes. Honestly, for me is still a mystery how this skripyasche-screeching cacophony from the speaker tape turned into a primitive (by today's standards) a computer game on a monochrome TV, which served as a monitor. For the opportunity to play such primitives in special "computer centers" pay a lot of money.


Pepsi-Cola was quite possible to buy in the store, although one was worth much more expensive than domestic lemonade - 45 kopecks against for Pepsi versus 18 cents for the same, for example, Pomerantseva Flora. But a bottle of Coca-Cola across much rarer, and therefore valued much higher. There were people who earnestly stated that they feel the flavor difference between these drinks.

Set "Young chemist».

A great opportunity to feel like an alchemist, mixing anything with it is unclear what. Instructions, of course, lost the first one. The process of mixing substances in test tubes, flasks and retorts was much more exciting than some instructions. As a result - prozhzhennaya acid-shirt and the first home-made lemonade powder.

Full-length cartoons

There were quite a bit, and they all enjoyed incredible success. "Time Masters" personally, I looked at the cinema 12 times, and each time the last frame of my breath away. In addition they were "King of the Bird" and "Vuk Pup", while more rare cartoon "Ghost Ship" was made to repeat at night as a "scary story».


Then it is not perceived as a domestic alternative to Coca-Cola bottling and sold in the tent or mobile tank. I could never afford to refuse the pleasure to drink more (beer) mug for 6 cents. And very sorry when kvass tents disappeared from the streets of Moscow. Brew was fresh, not pasteurized. And hash of it obtained the most delicious.

Racing game "Driving»

Manage magnet in the form of a car that moves in a circle, gave an indescribable pleasure. Special chic is the ability to slip through a small section of the road, not intended for traffic (who played one must remember). This required filigree own driving and feeling the moment.

Arab cigarettes

I can not imagine who came up to deliver to our market cigarettes from Arab countries, but I do know that they have been wildly popular among young people. The reason for this was a bright tutu (black or dark blue), which gives a feeling that you smoke "firm", that is deficient imported cigarettes. The charm of imported cigarettes was then very strong.

TV channel 2x2

It was a real breakthrough. A completely new approach to presenting information. Now it was not necessary to catch cartoons and music programs in the broadcasting schedule. They twisted the whole day. It was almost a dream. The first music videos shown on this channel. Savage, Duran Duran, Sabrina, Alphaville, Bachelor - first showed these videos is 2x2. Rotary emblem channel under vigorous classical music produced almost magnetic effects.


They were brought in as an expensive gift from somewhere in the Baltic States. Ride on them, few people knew how, but have a "skate" was the dream of every boy. From the modern, he was distinguished as "Lada" differ from "Mercedes". Immortalized in the cult film "Courier" Karen Shakhnazarov. It was on this ride there with Ivan Bazin.

Christmas candy set

Usually packed in a box in the form of one of the Kremlin towers. Contained a variety of sweets - from the banal butterscotch "kitty" to the most honorable - lollipops.


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