Volvo presented a concept for future V40 and XC40

Volvo showed the drawings V40 and XC40. These models will include version plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. They are developed based on the new compact modular platform CMA.


Peter Mertens, senior Vice President research and development Volvo:

Our modular approach to development and architecture of the new car allowed us to outpace many of our competitors in the premium segment. A new version of the motor opens another exciting Chapter in the development of VolvoПроизводство new models series 40 will begin in 2017, although the company did not confirm that this date is also valid for electrified models .


The fully electric version, the battery is in the bottom of the machine under the flat floor, and the engine will be installed on the front axle. In hybrid versions, the Twin T5 engine will be less powerful than a T8 Twin, which is currently installed in the XC90 and the battery will cover the whole tunnel of the underbody of the car. published

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