Round the World, Volvo Ocean Race

Ongoing ocean yacht race round the world Volvo Ocean Race 2008-2009. This regatta, with the participation of eight teams, divided into ten steps, with a total length of 37 thousand nautical miles. During the race Volvo Ocean Race for the first 9 months of planned visit 11 ports (Alicante, Cape Town, Cochin, Singapore, Qingdao, Rio de Janeiro, Boston (these steps are already completed), Galway, Marstrand, Stockholm, St Petersburg). The regatta is attended 70 yacht racing class length 21, 5 meters with a crew of 11 people. At the time when ships are in port, port races are held, as well as recreational activities for local residents. On Saturday, May 9, the last race in the port of Boston, and later, on May 16 to begin the seventh stage of the regatta, during which participants will go to the next port - Galway, Ireland. The final race will be held in late June in St. Petersburg. This collection contains photos of Oscar Kilborga, Ericsson Racing Team photographer with nearly 15 years of experience as a photographer on sailing ships.

The Russian team catches yacht Ericsson E3 during a race in the port of Alicante, Spain. (© Oskar Kihlborg)

Yacht ABN AMRO ONE comes out of the bay of Port Phillip. (© Oskar Kihlborg)

Ericsson team during a training swim in Lanzarote, Spain. (© Oskar Kihlborg)

Skipper Torben Grael (Torben Grael) (Brazil) from the yacht Ericsson 4. In the background is seen scolding Ericsson 4 boat Team Dragon. (© Oskar Kihlborg)


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