Polygon Volvo Construction Equipment in Sweden

Writes Dmitry Chistoprudov:

As a child, every summer I spent in the village standard. He lived next door to Uncle Ivan tractor driver who worked for the K-700. Sometimes he entertained the kids and we rolled in the cockpit. We were delighted. I remember well the stifling and dusty cabin, which had to be good for something to hold on when the tractor is driving along a country road. It was still noisy. We windshield curled a swarm of flies.

If several decades ago the main requirements of such equipment were their power, maneuverability and performance, it is not the less attention given to driver comfort, environmental friendliness and safety. As in the automotive industry, progress in the development of construction machinery is not in place.

I recently attended a demo polygon Volvo Construction in Sweden, where I manage a large mining truck, loaded it with an excavator and worked on the truck. I did not know that to manage such huge monsters can be as comfortable as a passenger car ...
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1. Today, Volvo CE produces more than 220 different models of construction equipment. To meet market needs, are developed every year and leave dozens of new models. For example, in 2012 the lineup has replenished with 60 new models.

2. Articulated Haulers from afar like a conventional career trucks. But this is a completely different technique in their design. All the same, the clock with manual winding and a battery - like almost the same thing, but the filling is completely different.

3. So looked the world's first articulated hauler, which was issued in 1966. On it perfectly clear it, so to speak, the genesis. This is essentially a tractor without front wheels, plus body, connected controllable articulation.

4. This is about a cab I rode as a child in the fields.

5. And the cabin looks modern articulated truck Volvo CE.

6. These trucks are used as an alternative to dump to work in off-road conditions. They are used in the excavation and construction of roads, coal and ore mines.

7. The idea is that if a mining company relies in his work is not traditional karerniki, and sochlenenniki, it
significantly saving on construction of road engineering - for hauler roads may be uneven (at karernikov on these eventually destroyed the frame) and a twisted, narrow. At the close of mine workings and did sochlenenniki indispensable

8. Another plus side sochlenёnnikov - security. Even if the truck rolls over - due to improper loading, cross-country, or, as here, the backhoe, he flipped completely.

9. Flotation technology is impressive.


11. The usual dump truck - is a powerful frame, which is mounted on the engine, car body, cabin, and so on. From design flow sochlenennikov obvious advantages. They dolgovechnee (does not break the frame, which is not), maneuverability and cross. 30-40-ton sochlenennik comparable in price to a similar frame quarrying. The big plus is its portability - transfer from object to object much easier to have an articulated dump truck. For this reason sochlenenniki pushed subframe in Europe in the segment 30-40 tons.


13. The joint looks like. Here is the propeller shaft transmitting torque to the rear axle. Needless joint has every possible degree of freedom and is manageable from left to right.

14. Turn steering changes the pressure in the hydraulic cylinders and truck folds. The wheels are always exactly in their niches.


16. At the rear mounted video camera that transmits images to a monitor in the driver's cab.

17. By the way, the first dump trucks, which appeared suspension were just dump Volvo. This will not only keep back the drivers, but also significantly increase the rate of return of empty equipment. Also, the first belt was attached to the vehicle Volvo.

18. One of the variants of standard mining team looks like - a bulldozer, excavator and dump truck. The first moves the rock, the second ship in its body, the third exports. Now the three are often replaced with a pair of front loader + articulated hauler.

19. For example, the wheel loader L220G playfully raises cobblestone weighing 10 tons.

20. Wheeled Loader performs face trimming and loading of the rock mass in the dump.

21. Despite its size, very easy to control the truck. You can learn in a day, the main thing - to get used to the size.


23. counterpart Sergei tersan behind the wheel loader.


25. The Office of the truck is carried out by "break" frames, that is good for agility.

26. Maximum load trucks Volvo CE - 15 tonnes for the L350F (c bucket at work).

27. The interior of the cab truck. There is everything for a comfortable operator - panoramic windows, comfortable seats and controls, air conditioning, radio, curtains on the windows.


29. Once I was able to direct the excavator EC700C. With all the traffic out of habit more slowly, but in general it was found that control of such technology completely easy.

30. By the way, May 14, 2013 Volvo Construction Equipment celebrated the opening of a plant for the production of excavators in Russia - in the Kaluga region.

31. It turns out that when cornering better to rely on the bucket and not to rotate with different speed tracks - on loose ground excavator quickly buried.

32. When I pulled dashingly arms like a tank - one forward, the other back - Instructor gritted teeth. In theory, so it is possible, but better not. For harmful caterpillars slip on huge cobblestones, and so plainly will not turn, can only be dug into the rock.


34. In today's world each year sold 850,000 units of construction equipment. Russia accounts for 35 000 at the time, as the Chinese market sold nearly 200 000 units.

35. Many thanks to Volvo CE for the organization of the trip and provided the opportunity to direct the heavy machinery!



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